"Perry Mason" Plays The Long Game

Della, I’ve just run into something that’s a Perry Mason case if ever I saw one.”

We begin with one of the best theme songs (by Fred Steiner) outside the big screen. Perry Mason (1957-66) stars Raymond Burr as the man himself, a Los Angeles defense attorney who is always engaged by an innocent suspect in a murder case. He’s aided by investigator Paul Drake (William Hopper) and assistant Della Street (Barbara Hale). Mr. Mason then digs deeply into four others related to the case and goes through the trial for long enough until true culprit to confess from the gallery. If you’re looking for calls of “Hearsay!” or “Character Evidence!” you’ve missed your mark. If courtrooms actually practiced in this fashion, I daresay there’d be a backlog deeper than it already is. Instead, we’re typically treated to something like a half measure
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