Review: Wenn Deramas' This Guy's In Love With U Mare!

There is this one particular scene in Wenn Deramas' This Guy's in Love with U Mare! That sums up the film's curious and confused take on gender politics. Lester (Vice Ganda) and Gemma (Toni Gonzaga) arrive at a comedy club. True to the culture of local comedy clubs, the trio, composed of two tactless gays and a similarly crude woman, hosting the night's program suddenly take turns in pouncing on the club's new guests with supposedly funny insults. Their specific target is Lester, whose fervent pretensions of being a heterosexual male are not very effective against the hosts' especially keen senses. In unison, the hosts naughtily chant "bakla," (a derogatory term for gays) generating much laughter from the audience at the expense of poor Lester....
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