Mad Love (U.S.A 1935) Movie Review

Reviewed by Colleen Wanglund,

Mad Love (U.S.A 1935) Movie Review

Director: Karl Freund

Based on the novel The Hands of Orlac by Maurice Renard and a remake of the original 1924 silent film (with the same title as the novel), Mad Love stars Peter Lorre as Doctor Gogol, a surgeon who is obsessed with stage actress Yvonne Orlac (Frances Drake). Yvonne is listening to her husband’s piano concert on the radio after her last show when Gogol comes to see her. Gogol is distressed to learn that Yvonne is leaving the stage to be with her husband Stephen (Colin Clive). Dr. Gogol is so obsessed with Yvonne that he pays the moving men a large sum of money to have her wax statue delivered to his home.

Yvonne goes to the train station to meet Stephen, who is coming home after a tour, but there has been a terrible train accident.
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