New DVD Blu-Ray: 'Snow White & The Huntsman,' 'Titanic 3D'

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Moviefone's New Release Pick of the Week "Snow White and the Huntsman" What's It About? In a mini-twist on the classic "Snow White" fairy tale, the fairest of them all is pursued by the evil Queen, who's possessed by jealousy over the young woman's beauty. See It Because: Besides the beautiful cinematography (which it's worth seeing for alone), it was a treat to watch Kristen Stewart in a non-"Twilight" role. Also, Charlize Theron kills it as the diabolical queen, who's set on conquering Snow White. Watch a Special Look at the Evil Queen From "Snow White and the Huntsman" - (Also Available on Amazon Instant Video | Netflix) Moviefone's Blu-ray Pick of the Week "Titanic 3D" What's It About? Rose. Jack. Big ship. Iceberg. Never let go. See It Because: Home entertainment systems are rapidly giving the theatrical experience a run for their money with bigger screens, hi-def sound and now a digital 3D experience.
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