Alan Elliott: The Other Side of the Story

Editor’S Note: This article was first published at Film Music Magazine in response to Bruce Broughton’s comments published with Chris Alpiar’s article “What I Hope, Want and Expect from a Composers Union”.

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Jai Meghan: Are You “Pro”, Union? Bruce Broughton: An Amcl Response


We need to make plain one fundamental fact and then let’s start the debate:

The WGA Agreement Has Nothing To Do With AMPTP Negotiations — They Are Completely Separate.

The Amcl committee does its supporters no good by confusing the WGA with the AMPTP and this must stop.

This parsing of words hides a potential cancer which can eat up what we have worked 4+ years to help organize. When we parse words instead of explaining positions, we sow the seeds of disloyalty and mistrust.

We must create a union that does what is right, not merely what is convenient.
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