Great LezBritain: Our Picks for the Pink List

It’s Pink List time again, and it’s been more exciting than ever because The Independent On Sunday, the British newspaper that compiles the list of the country’s 101 most influential Lgbt people, have, for the first time, invited people to send in nominations. These votes will then be considered by the judging panel, which features the likes of Diva magazine editor Jane Czyzselska, Conservative MP Margot James, Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas and Tamsin Omond, founder of the environmental campaign group Climate Rush.

Last year, there were 31 of our kind on the list, which is still quite a few steps from equality, but this was nine more than in 2009. So, by our reckoning, there should be at least 40 women on this year’s list.

Because we love a vote and writing lists, we’ve combined the two and we’ve written a list of the ten women that we would vote for.
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