Playing House (2011)

Directed by: T. Vaughan

Starring: Sarah Prikryl, Craig Welzbacher, Matt Lusk and Mayra Leal

If there's one thing I will never grow tired of, it's the psycho-bitch/bastard genre of horror. Yes you heard that correctly, it's a two way street my friends. For some reason, films that showcase the insane psyche of a jealous, murderous and mentally ill boyfriend or girlfriend are some of the most entertaining films in history. Not greatest films mind you--but entertaining, oh yes. What is it about these films that tickles so many of us? My best educated guess is that these films read like Soap Operas except with tons of blood and stabbing. They are everything that we wanted Soap Operas to be plus more, which by most calculations equals winning. Playing House therefore is mostly winning with a few small exceptions that can be glossed over thanks to some superb craziness.

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