Review of "Out of the Blue" ("La Surprise")

Out of the Blue (La Surprise) proves once again that the French do melodrama well. A heartfelt film about the complications and joys of finding love in unexpected places, the movie is a well-paced treat for fans of a good “kitchen sink” drama/romance.

Directed by Alain Tasma and written by Dominique Garnier, the film is currently making the rounds of the independent film festival circuit.

The drama begins in the very first scene, as we watch Marion (Mireille Perrier), an attractive middle-aged woman, leave her husband quite permanently instead of carry on with their evening plans.

Paul (Robin Renucci) is an unappreciative jerk from the get-go, though Marion's decision is complicated by the protests of their teenage daughter Justine (Chloé Coulloud), who doesn’t take the news well.

Marion herself is a high school drama teacher (Justine is even in her class), and she begins her single life with
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