Rights Roundup AFM 2008 - Sample

This is a small sample of what FilmFinders' clients and contributors receive now and will soon be receiving both before and after the major international film markets in Berlin, Cannes, AFM, Sundance and the major fall festivals of Venice, Toronto, Pusan, Locarno and other upcoming markets and festivals.

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AFM 2008, Santa Monica California RIGHTS ROUNDUP

6 SALES licensed 'The Narrows' to Koba for France and Movie Bank for Benelux after its premiere showing in Toronto. 'Wave' went to ARD Degeto for free TV in Germany and Kino Swiat for Poland.

ARTHOUSE FILMS licensed 'The Universe of Keith Haring' to Pretty Pictures for France and Germany. ARTHOUSE FILMS acquired international sales rights to 'Chuck Close'. Arthouse plans a theatrical release early 2009. Arthouse Films acquired 'Herb & Dorothy' which recently won best documentary and the audience award at the Hamptons International Film Festival for North American and world rights.

ASPECT licensed 'The Utopian Society' to Scanbox for Scandinavia, Globcom for Romania, and Front Row for the Middle East. 'Familiar Strangers', 'Drawn, In Memory of My Father', and 'The Clan' were licensed to Front Row for the Middle East. 'The Peter Green Story: Man of the World' was licensed to Scanbox for U.K., Ireland and Scandinavian distribution.

ATRIX FILMS licensed 'Buy, Borrow, Steal' to Anchor Bay for Austrialia/New Zealand. First Look Studios will release in North America.

ATLAS INTERNATIONAL FILMS licensed '(Cheeky Girls' 'Freche Madchen') to Swift for France, and Film Depot for CIS.

BAC FILMS licensed 'Silent Wedding' to Vendetta Films for New Zealand, Syrena Entertainment Group for Poland, and IMO Vision for Brazil. They are also in advanced discussions for Italy, Spain and Bosnia. Their film 'Jasper' to Daisy for Korea and Eagle Films for India. 'Back Soon' was licensed to Ripley for Italy, and MCF MegaCom for Bosnia. 'Melody Smile' was licensed to Nueva Era for Mexico. Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia also picked up rights to 'Jasper', 'Lascars' and 'Journey to Saturn'.

BANKSIDE FILMS licensed 'The Baker' to Panorama Entertainment for U.S. for a spring 2009 theatrical release.

BAVARIA licensed 'Moscow, Belgium' to NeoClassics for North America.

BETA CINEMA licensed 'La Boheme', Robert Dornhelm's film version of the Puccini opera to Wild Bunch Benelux,' to Axiom for UK and Star Sands for Japan, Palace for Australia and New Zealand and Hollywood Classics for Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is currently in release in Germany and Austria through NFP/Warner and Constantin Film, respectively. 'Il Divo' went to MPI Media Group for U.S., Delphi Films for Germany, Folkets Bio for Sweden, Sunrise Film for Denmark, Against Gravity and HBO Poland (Pay TV) for Poland, David Matous Communications for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Best Hollywood for Hungary. 'North Face' went to Lady Film for Italy, and Mars Productions for Turkey. 'Machan' has been sold to UGC for France, Alliance Atlantis for Canada, and Rialto Film for Switzerland. 'Berlin Calling' was sold to Best Hollywood for Hungary, and David Matous Communications for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 'Run for Your Life' was licensed to Best Hollywood for Hungary, and Pa-Dora for Croatia/Bosnia/Serbia. BETA CINEMA acquired international sales rights to 'Ayla' a feature debut of Su Turhan. BETA CINEMA acquired international sales rights to 'Bride Flight'. The Dutch film which made over $1.5 million in its first two weeks of release.

CELLULOID DREAMS licensed 'A Year Ago in Winter', 'When a Man Comes Home', 'Still Walking', 'White Night Wedding', to IFC Festival Direct. Plans are to release through the Festival Direct VOD service as well as theatrical release via upcoming festivals.

CELSIUS licensed 'Crusade: A March Through Time' to Focus Cultural Media Co. for distribution in China.

CINEMA MANAGEMENT GROUP licensed 'Zambezia' to Televisa for Mexico, RCV for Benelux, VC Multimedia for Portugal, Vision Film for Poland, Film Pop for Turkey, and Front Row Entertainment for the Middle East.

CINEMAVAULT acquired international sales rights to 'The Hammer'. CINEMAVAULT licensed 'IOUSA' to MercuryMedia for U.K. television for BBC's current affairs strand This World for IOUSA. It will be released theatrically in the UK from November 14 in Picturehouse Cinemas as part of the joiningthedots.tv programme backed by The Independent newspaper and Sheffield Doc/Fest. MercuryMedia's slate also includes 'Sea Point Days', 'Dominick Dunne: After The Party', 'How Ohio Pulled It Off' and 'Loose Change Final Cut'.

CJ ENTERTAINMENT licensed 'Mother' to Bitters End for Japan and to Diaphana for France. 'Thirst' went to Palisades Tartan U.K. for U.K. and to Diaphana for France. Diaphana will release 'Mother' and 'Thirst' in spring 2009. 'Hello Schoolgirl' 'Lost and Found' and 'A Portrait of Beauty' were licensed to Rose Media for Thailand. 'Four Horror Tales', 'Wide Awake', and 'Black Cows' were licensed to Catchplay for Taiwan. Also 'Public Enemy Returns' was licensed for Turkey.

This is a partial compendium from the major trade magazines of rights acquired from international sales agents and other sales representatives during the recent American Film Market. The complete Rights Roundup Report was just issued to our clients and contributors this week.

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