Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Rom-coms’ changing attitudes toward interracial relationships

Nobody’s turning to romantic comedies for an exploration of progressive ideals or experiments with the cinematic form. Rather, rom-coms tend to serve as a symbol of any given generation’s sentimental ideals while also exuding a normality in terms of both personality and desire to encourage self-identification among its audience. In other words, they cast a wide net. That so many forthcoming rom-coms center around interracial relationships is an affirming thing, as it shows an effort on Hollywood’s part to tell love stories about diverse characters without their relationships having to hinge on racial issues.

We’ve been seeing this phenomenon unfold on TV for a while now. Shows like Master Of None, The Mindy Project, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend have all had their fair share. Now, in a new piece for The Guardian, writer Ellen E. Jones details about how we’re seeing this trend manifest on film
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