Movie Review - Computer Chess (2013)

Computer Chess, 2013.

Directed by Andrew Bujalski.

Starring Kriss Schludermann, Tom Fletcher and Wiley Wiggins.


Various programmers come together at a hotel in the early 1980s for a tournament in which they pit their computer software against each other in games of chess.

‘Mockumentary’ is a term that, while not quite pejorative, creates a pretty solid set of expectations. To read a synopsis of Computer Chess you’d be forgiven for expecting this tale of competing programmers all attempting to produce software capable of beating a human at chess to lean heavily on its 1980s setting, but those familiar with director Andrew Bujalski shouldn’t expect a wild departure in tone from any of his previous films. The setting of a weekend computer chess tournament in which programmers pit their software against each other for the chance to test it against a real life Grandmaster (and win $7,500) would, in most hands,
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