‘Carver’ #1- Masked Villains and Lantern Jawed Heroes

Carver: A Paris Story #1

Written and drawn by Chris Hunt (Backup story by Paul Pope)

Published by Z2 Comics

With its sweeping black and white art and “man’s man” hero , Carver #1 by writer/artist Chris Hunt definitely wears its debt to Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese on its sleeve. However, its white hooded villain Stacker Lee seems like a rogue from the classic The Spirit comic strips, who happens to talk like a gangster from Tarantino film with his long, meandering monologues filled with pop philosophy. (If he’s not too old at the time, Samuel L. Jackson would be a perfect choice to play him in a Carver film.) These mix of influences, both European and American, collide in a simple, striking story about a supposed good man named Francis Carver, who has done some bad things and is willing to do anything to be with the woman he loves,
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