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  • Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • John Murray Anderson's Almanac (1953). Musical revue. Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. Lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. Additional music by Cy Coleman, Michael Grace, Joseph McCarthy, Henry Sullivan, John Rox, Bart Howard and Harry Belafonte. Sketches by Jean Kerr, Sumner Lock-Elliot, Arthur Macrae, Herbert Farjeon, Lauri Wylie and Billy K. Wells. Additional lyrics by Cy Coleman, Michael Grace, Joseph McCarthy, Henry Sullivan, John Rox, Bart Howard and Harry Belafonte. Musical Director: Buster Davis. Music orchestrated by Ted Royal. Vocal arrangements by Buster Davis. Dance arrangements by Gerald Alters. Assistant to Mr. Davis: David Sackson. Dances and Musical Numbers staged by Donald Saddler. Production staged by John Murray Anderson. Directed by Cyril Ritchard. Imperial Theatre: 10 Dec 1953- 26 Jun 1954 (229 performances). Cast: Harry Belafonte (as "Singer") [Broadway debut], Polly Bergen (as "Meg") [Broadway debut], Billy De Wolfe (as "David/Mrs. B./Laurie/Cornelius/The Butler"), Hermione Gingold (as "Miss Reingold/The Cellist/Mrs. A./Singer (of "Which Witch?")/The Lady/Bobo"), Orson Bean (as "Mike Hammer/The New Manager/Singer"), Jimmy Albright (as "Butler/Pierrot Ensemble/Guest at Ball"), Lee Becker (as "Train Bearer/Pierrot Ensemble/Singer"), Hank Brunjes (as "Pierrot Ensemble/Bridegroom/Singer"), Carleton Carpenter (as "Harlequin/The Pierrot of 1953/Man/The Song Plugger/Singer/Dancer"), Ronald Cecill (as "Pierrot Ensemble/Bridegroom/Butler"), Deane Crane, Nanci Crompton, Imelda De Martin, Elaine Dunn (as "The Pierrot of 1953/Jo/Singer/Dancer") [Broadway debut], Dorothy Dushock, Jay Harnick (as "Bridegroom/Chrous/The Man in the Box/Sedan Chair Bearer/Singer"), Colleen Hutchins, James Jewell, Larry Kert, Bob Kole, Gerard Leavitt, Celia Lipton, Greb Lober, Tina Louise (as "Queen/Chorus/Guest at Ball/Lady"), Ralph McWilliams, Kay Medford (as Pierrette Ensemble/Marmee/First Secretary/Fifi"), Jacqueline Mickles (as "Queen/Chorus/The Autumn Bride/Lady"), Harry Mimmo, Illona Murai, Margot Myers, Gwen Neilson, George Reeder (as "Bridegroom/Guest at the Ball/Dancer"), Siri (as "Chorus/Guest at the Ball/The Summer Bride"), Gloria Smith, Millard Thomas (as "Guitarist"), Kenneth Urmston, Monique Van Vooren, Toni Wheelis. Understudies: Imelda De Martin, Kenneth Harvey, Larry Kert, Gwen Neilson, Alice Pearce, Toni Wheelis. Produced by Michael Grace, Stanley Gilkey and Harry Rigby.
  • Catch a Star! (1955). Musical revue.
  • Pal Joey (1963). Comedy (revival). Book by John O'Hara. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Musical Director: Pem Davenport. Conducted by Pem Davenport. Choreographed by George Martin and Ethel Martin. Directed by Gus Schirmer. City Center: 29 May 1963- 9 Jun 1963 (15 performances). Cast: Art Barnett (as "Mike Spears"), Nancy Baron (as "Dancer"), Charles Basile (as "Victor"), Emory Bass (as "Ernest"), Gerard Brentte (as "Dancer"), Carol Carlin (as "Dancer"), Shelia Cass (as "Dancer"), Alan Castner (as "Dancer"), George Church (as "Commissioner O'Brien"), John Coyle (as "Escort/Dancer"), Larry Davids (as "Dancer"), Dorothy D'Honau (as "Iris/Dancer"), Marilyn D'Honau (as "Francine/Dancer"), Hamp Dickens (as "Dancer"), Elaine Dunn (as "Gladys Bumps") [final Broadway role], Jack Durant (as "Ludlow Lowell"), Dorothy Dushock (as "Diane/Dancer"), Mercedes Ellington (as "Sandra/Dancer"), Shellie Farrell (as "Dottie/Dancer"), Bob Fosse (as "Joey Evans"), Rita Gardner (as "Linda English"), Judith Haskell (as "Dancer"), Jim Hovis (as "Dancer"), Daniel Jasinski (as "Dancer"), Carole Kroon (as "Mickey/Dancer"), John Lankston (as "Louis, The Tenor"), Jann Le Prade (as "Adele/Dancer"), Viveca Lindfors (as "Vera Simpson"), Betty Hyatt Linton (as "Valerie"), David Lober (as "Dancer"), Sigyn Lund (as "Dancer"), Kay Medford (as "Melba Snyder"), Carmen Morales (as "Dancer"), Barbara Richman (as "Dancer"), Paul Reid Roman (as "Dancer"), Bentley Roton (as "Dancer"), John D. Seymour (as "Mr. Hoople"), Patricia Sigris (as "Dancer"), Roy Smith (as "Dancer"), Pat Turner (as "Kid"), Babs Warden (as "Dancer"), Lester Wilson (as "Lester"), George Zima (as "Schultz/Dancer"). Understudies: Charles Basile (as "Joey Evans"), Anne C. Russell (as "Melba Snyder/Vera Simpson"), Pat Turner (as "Gladys Bumps"). Produced by New York City Center Light Opera Company (Jean Dalrymple: Director).

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