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Fox News Channel Re-Ups With Democratic Contributor Jehmu Greene

Fox News Channel has renewed its contract with its Democratic contributor Jehmu Greene. She will continue to offer analysis on social justice and politics across Fnc and sibling Fox Business Network's daytime and primetime programming. "Since joining Fox News nearly eight years ago, Jehmu has built a strong relationship with our viewers, and we value her insight across all of our programming," Fnc President of Programming Suzanne Scott said in making the announcement…
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Tucker Carlson Blasts Guest: ‘Why Do You Always Bring It Back to Race?’ (Video)

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson and DNC chair candidate Jehmu Greene got heated on Monday night over her using the word “alleged” to describe the election in which Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and repeatedly invoking race when discussing the Democratic party. Carlson asked, “Did you mean that it’s an election that didn’t actually take place? Or we should pretend didn’t happen? What did you mean?” Greene said, “Americans, something happened in this election with Russia. Something happened that was so significant that Democratic members of congress who got that briefing stormed out of that room… we may never know.
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Bill O’Reilly Thinks Black Lives Matter Is Pulling ‘Radical Gestapo Tactics,’ Says He’s Covered Black Murder the Most (Video)

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Bill O’Reilly teed off on the growing Black Lives Matter movement on Wednesday, and accused the group of trying to intimidate reporters with “gestapo tactics.” “Their message means nothing if they do these gestapo tactics — they lose all credibility,” the Fox News primetime host said to guest Jehmu Greene. O’Reilly was peeved by an event where organizers of the group told a white reporter to move to the back. Greene said she understands the group’s anger, as the media and politicians don’t focus an equal amount of attention on black people who are murdered, compared to white people.
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Hannity Panel Fights Over Oprah’s Trayvon Remarks, Hannity Admits ‘I Like Her’ But…

Sean Hannity continued to express his disappointment tonight with Oprah Winfrey for her comments comparing Trayvon Martin's case to Emmett Till's, saying that he personally likes and admires the daytime talk show host but found these racially-charged remarks of hers to be discouraging. Niger Innis found her remarks to be a "disservice to the civil rights revolution," while Jehmu Greene insisted both of them were misunderstanding what Winfrey said.
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On Fox, Democratic Strategist Blames Republicans And Congress: ‘What’s Happening In D.C. Is Piss Poor’

Jehmu Greene, Democratic commentator and Fox News contributor, said Tuesday that "what is happening in D.C. is piss poor and pathetic." She slammed House Republicans for forgetting their "serious responsibility of making government work." The blame, she said, "doesn't end with Republicans" but it does start with them. Greene cited the news media, freshman members of Congress, and even voters for putting "insurgents" in our legislative body.
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Megyn Kelly Panel Goes Nowhere When Contributor Refuses To Debate How Much Of A Jerk Barbara Boxer Is

You know what it's like when you're trying to discuss a momeYou know what it's like when you're trying to discuss a moment on a TV show you watched the night before and the person you're talking to just keeps saying, "Oh, that show sucks. That show sucks." It becomes clear pretty quickly that the conversation really just ain't going anywhere. That's the same feeling one could get watching a recent Fox News "debate" on comments made by Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer. It appeared to me, Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene felt she was there to discuss the merits of what Boxer said whereas her sparring partner David Webb and anchor Megyn Kelly seemed to think that the topic was actually how much of a stupid jerkface Boxer is. Whoops!nt on a TV show you watched the night before and the person you're talking to just keeps saying, "Oh,
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Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad Causes Furor

Do you think it should air on Super Bowl Sunday?

For many, the Super Bowl commercials are even more exciting than the actual game itself. But one ad (that reportedly cost $2.5 million to air) has many people vowing to shut off their TVs.

The controversial spot stars Tim Tebow, the famed Florida quarterback, and is sponsored by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. They say it's a pro-family spot with Tim and his mom, Pam, sharing their pro-life views. She ignored a doctor's advice to have an abortion after falling sick during a trip to the Philippines, and the son she gave birth to was Tim.

Do the abortion debate and Sunday football mix? Many say No.

"An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year -- an event designed to bring Americans together,
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CBS Under Fire for Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

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CBS has come under fire for its plans to air a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl featuring football star Tim Tebow. What's the big deal? Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is the perfect time to shed light on highly controversial political issues. In-between all the booze and the chicken wings.Groups that have spoken out against the ad include the Women's Media Center, the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority. Jehmu Greene, the president of the Women's Media Center, said, "An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year - an event designed to bring Amer ...
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