Kojo Entertainment forms Jv with Stampede Ventures

(L-r): Kojo group MD Dale Roberts; Stampede Ventures head of international content and worldwide content acquisitions Jp Sarni; Kojo Entertainment producer Kate Butler and Kojo executive director post and VFX Marty Pepper.

Adelaide’s Kojo Entertainment has formed a new joint venture with Greg Silverman’s Us-based Stampede Ventures, aimed at developing a range of internationally marketable features and TV projects based on Australian IP, to be fully produced locally with Australian creatives.

Kojo group managing director Dale Roberts and non executive-director Jamie McClurg connected with Silverman, who used to head up creative development and worldwide production for Warner Bros, on a visit to La. Finding both a strategic and creative fit, the two companies have spent around six to eight months negotiating a new 50/50 business.

“We are very proud to partner with Dale and his team at Kojo for this international partnership,” said Jp Sarni head of international
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Where The Wild Things Are-inspired Kangaroo Island ad prompts growth in searches

An ad by the South Australian Tourism Commission to promote Kangaroo Island has resulted in an increase in searches for the destination on South Australia’s tourism website.

Two weeks after ‘Let yourself go’ launched on 22 February, searches for Kangaroo Island on had increased by 208 per cent, the Satc told Mumbrella. However, it did not disclose what the actual number of searches was.

John Baker, managing partner of Kwp! Advertising, the Adelaide agency that made the ad, has called it “probably the most beautiful thing we’ve ever created.”

The TV ad, which is running on free to air and pay TV, is being supported by outdoor and indoor cinema, along with newspaper, magazine and digital.

David O’Loughlin, director of marketing and communications, South Australian Tourism Commission said in statement: “Our latest campaign shines the light on Kangaroo Island in a way that we haven’t before
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Two and a Half Men Review: "Warning, it's Dirty"

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It was Christmas Eve at the Harper household, and in typical Two and a Half Men fashion, we were just waiting for things to fall apart.  At the beginning of the episode, things actually seemed like they were going well.

Alan was preparing a nice feast, Evelyn headed over with a prospective client, and Berta was even staying over as a guest.  How could it go wrong?  That's when Charlie decided to take Jake under his wing and encourage him to cheat on Celeste.

You can find out exactly what happened in our recap of "Warning, it's Dirty."  We're just here to give you a review on what we though worked and what didn't:

We love Carl Reiner and appreciate all his meta jokes as Marty Pepper, a fictional television producer, however, he just wasn't given good enough material. Berta betting her bonus double or nothing, losing, and then Charlie giving her back the money?
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Review: Two and a Half Men - Warning. It's Dirty.

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(S07E11) The holidays are a time for family and reflection and cheer. Unless you're the Harper family and gathering in Malibu becomes a test to see who can screw up each others' life more. This was an interesting Christmas get together, especially with the guest visit from Marty Pepper, sitcom king. Was it the ultimate inside joke that everything passing before Marty's eyes was fodder for a TV show? Yes, I think so. At the end of the show, the final credit was "A Marty Pepper Production."

For more on Marty and Charlie's trouble making antics, read on.

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Two and a Half Men Preview: "Warning, it's Dirty"

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Christmas is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing... it's time for all the Holiday themed sitcoms!  This week we were already treated to a Christmas on Modern Family.

This upcoming Monday we'll be joining the Harper family as they celebrate Christmas in a way only Charlie and Alan can.  In traditional Two and a Half Men fashion, lots of odd balls will show up to the festival including a television producer, Marty Pepper played by Carl Reiner, brought to the festivites by Evelyn.

Our favorite member of the Two and a Half Men cast, Berta, will be attending as well, but not as a maid.  Berta will sit back and relax with Charlie while poor Alan does all the work.

Meanwhile, Jake's girlfriend, Celeste, will be going out of town for the holidays, and our favorite awkward teenager consults his Uncle Charlie for some advice
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