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Film Journal International (US) November 12 2014, by: Frank Lovece, "Film Review: The Toy Soldiers"
afterellen.com (US) July 3 2014, Vol. http://www.afterellen.com/movies/220935-anatomy-of-a-love-seen-reveals-a-complicated-backstage-drama, by: Dana Piccoli, ""Anatomy of a Love Seen" reveals a complicated backstage drama"
Gornoblonde (US) June 7 2014, by: Haren Yong, "Oscar Worthy Performance in Constance Brenneman"
gornoblonde.wordpress.com (US) June 7 2014, Vol. https://gornoblonde.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/dances-with-films-2014-spotlight-rising-starlet-constance-brenneman/, by: Haren D D Yong, "Dances With Films 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Constance Brenneman"

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