Other Works

  • (1907 - 1924) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1907) Stage Play: The Gay White Way. Musical revue. Music by Ludwig Englander. Book by Sydney Rosenfeld and Clarence Harvey. Lyrics by Sydney Rosenfeld and James Clarence Harvey. Featuring "Merry-Go-Round" by Louis A. Hirsch and E. Ray Goetz. Featuring "Somebody's Been 'Round Here" by John W. Bratton and Paul West. Featuring "If You Must Make Eyes at Someone" by Leo Edwards and Matt Woodward. Featuring "Dixie Dan" by Seymour Furth and Will D. Cobb. Featuring "My Irish Gibson Girl" by Jean Schwartz and William Jerome. Musical Director: Frank P. Paret. Dances arranged by Ralph Post. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Casino Theatre: 7 Oct 1907- 4 Jan 1908 (105 performances). Cast: Alexander Carr (as "Montgomery Bernstein Brewster"), Jefferson De Angelis, Frank Doane (as "Favvy Hackettsham"), Melville Ellis, Maud Raymond (as "Marion Marshmellow/A matinée girl/Alla Nazimova/Rose of the Rancho"), Blanche Ring (as "Mrs. Dane"), Flossie Bell, Katherine Bell, Kitty Bell, Charles Blackwell, Florence Blake, Elgie Bowen (as "Wee-bit/Minnie Dupree"), Hugh Brady. Edna Broderick, Joseph Carey (as "One of the Finest/Eddie Foy"), Estelle Christy , Eleanor Chrystie, May Clifford, Angela Conlin, Jean Crane, Edward Cutler, Louise De Rigney, Earl Dean, Maybelle Dean, Julia Douglas, Helen Doyle, Alfred Dubois, Mayme Dupont, Dottie Duval, Harriet Forsythe, Bessie Friganza, R.P. Galinde (as "David Belasco"), Joseph Galton, Daisy Greene, Laura Guerite (as "Anna Held"), Jack Hall, Joseph Herbert (as "Daniel Frohman"), Mollie Hoffman, Marie Hughes, Florence Lancaster, John Laughlin, Grace Lester, Lillian Loraine, A.V. MacDonald, Rita Mason, Harriet Merritt, J. Heron Miller, Gertrude Moyer, Post & Russell, Joseph Redmond, Flo Ridge, Herman Robie, Eugene Roder, Lillian Rogers, James Ryley, Thomas Shannon, Cissie Shotten, Nancy Simpson, Harold Smith, Maude Stanley, Mona Trieste, Luzerne Orden, Grace Walton, Dora West, John Wickes, Grace E. Wilson. Produced by Sam S. and Lee Shubert Inc.
  • (1907) Stage Play: Two Islands. Musical comedy. Libretto by Adolf Philipp and Mortimer M. Theise. Featuring "Aren't You the Girl I Met at Sherry's?" by Louis A. Hirsch and E. Ray Goetz. Featuring "Stephen (Was a Minister)" by Harold Orlob and Addison Burkhard. Circle Theatre: 14 Oct- 9 Nov 1907 (34 performances). Cast: Gulema Baker (as "Helen Hunt, an American soubrette"), Barney Bernard, Cady, Lottie Kendall, Rice, Jack Vincent, Lester Bernard, Michael Curran, Leila Remer. Produced by Mortimer M. Theise.
  • (1908) Stage Play: The Soul Kiss. Musical extravaganza. Music by Maurice Levi. Book by Harry B. Smith. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith. Featuring "My Diabolo Beau" by Kenneth S. Clark. Featuring "That Wasn't All" by Addison Burkhard, Louis A. Hirsch and Matt Woodward. Featuring "The Dollar Sign" by Jessie Villars and Fleta Ian Brown. Featuring "The Soul Kiss (Just for You from Above)" by Lewis Gates. Music for Mlle. Genee's divertissements by Cuthbert Clark. Orchestra under the direction of Max Schmidt. Featuring "Those College Yells" by Clarence M. Chapel and Cecil Lean. Aerial evolutions arranged by Herr H. Schultz. Mlle. Genee's divertissements arranged by Alexander Genee. Scenic Design by John H. Young, Ernest Albert, Frank E. Gates and Edward A. Morange. Costume Design by F. Richard Anderson and Pancaud of Paris. Costumes for Mlle. Genee's divertissements designed by Wilhelm. Directed by Herbert Gresham and Julian Mitchell. New York Theatre (from 28 Jan 1908- close): 28 Jan 1908- 23 May 1908 (122 performances). Cast: Barney Bernard, Adeline Genee, Ralph Herz, Florence Holbrook, Cecil Lean, Stella Tracey, R.A. Allen, Madelaine Anderton, Florence Ardell, Florrie Bacon, Miss Benton, Henry Bergman, Macklyn Arbuckle [credited as Maclyn Arbuckle], Mae Bevan, Irene Blair, Florence Burke, Clara DeBeers, Mildred DeBeers, Mae Doherty, Mildred Fay, Hattie Forsythe, Eva Francis, Albert Froom [credited as Albert Froome], Dorothy Furniss, Gretta Gleason, Elaine Gordon, Francesca Gordon, Jane Hall, May Harris, Lee Harrison, Laurie Hart, Marian Hartman, Dos Howard, Marguerite Lane, Freda Linyard, Belle Logan, Emily Nash, Billy Norton, Millie Peers, Emily Peters, Almeda Potter, Homer Potter, Grace Rankin, Ada Rickwell, Amelia Rose, Daisy Rudd, Elphye Snowden, Harry Stone, Cecil Sully, Kitty Underdale, Margaret Vingut, Florence Walton, Mortimer H. Weldon, Edith Whitney, May Willard, Ethelyn Wilmot. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1908) Stage Play: Nearly a Hero. Musical/farce. Book by Harry B. Smith. Lyrics by Edward B. Claypoole and Will Heelan. Music by Seymour Furth. Orchestra under the direction of Oscar Radin. Featuring "I Don't Want to Marry You" and "My Sahara Girl" by Edward B. Claypoole. Lyrics for "My Sahara Girl" by Harry B. Smith. Featuring "I'm So Particular" by Matt Woodward and Louis A. Hirsch. Featuring "I Was a Hero (Too)" by Egbert Van Alstyne and Harry Williams. Featuring "Mary! My Heather Belle" by John B. Lowitz. Featuring songs by Herman Avery Wade. Scenic Design by Arthur Voegtlin and Edward G. Unitt. Costume Design by Castel-Bert and Miss Finch. Men's costumes by Ritchie Harnden and Charles Swarns. Dances arranged by William Rock. Directed by George F. Marion and James C. Huffman. Casino Theatre: 24 Feb 1908- 6 Jun 1908 (116 performances). Cast: Neva Aymar, Burrell Barbaretto, Sam Bernard, Elizabeth Brice, Sam Edwards, Ethel Levey, Edgar Norton, Zelda Sears (as "Mrs. Doolittle"), Marian Alexander, Louis Austin, Jane Brown, Doris Cameron, Miss Carr, Cyril Chadwick, William Davis, Alice Eis, W.F. Fair, R. Franklyn, Edith Gervan, Robert Paton Gibbs, Fred Gray, Daisy Greene, Lillian Harris, Louis Helie, W.A. Hungerford, Josephine Kernell, Richard J. Kirkwood, Alice Knowlton, Dorothy Lancaster, Rita Lancaster, Ethel Lawrence, Victor Le Roy, Adelaide Lehr, Adah Baker Lewis (as "Gwendolyn Doolittle, a matinée girl of romantic dispositions"), Samuel Lindsay, Virginia Marshall, Violet Moore, Susan Pitt, Nancy Poole, Maxine Revillion, Franklyn Roberts, Katherine Robertson, Albertine Sargent, Vaughn Sargent, W. Slick, Edith Warner, Dorothy Watson, Ethel Wheeler. Produced by Sam S. and Lee Shubert Inc.
  • (1908) Stage Play: The Mimic World. Musical revue. Music by Ben M. Jerome and Seymour Furth. Book by Edgar Smith. Lyrics by Edward Madden and Addison Burkhard. Featuring "Mary Carey" by Benjamin Hapgood Burt and John B. Lovitz. Music for "When Johnny Comes March Home (From College) Again" and "Rag Man, Music Man" by Louis A. Hirsch. Music for "My Lady Wine" by Carl Rehman. Orchestra under the direction of Oscar Radin. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law and Arthur Voegtlin. Costume Design by William H. Matthews, Mme. Freisinger and Mme. Ripley. Musical numbers conceived and executed by Ned Wayburn. Directed by James C. Huffman. Casino Theatre (moved to The Grand Opera House on 29 Sep 1908 to close): 9 Jul 1908- 3 Oct 1908 (100 performances). Cast: Roy Atwell (as "Lord Dundreary, a ghost from the humorous past"), Irene Bentley, William Bonelli, Vernon Castle (as "Mrs. Guilford, a society leader"), Harry Corson Clark, Lotta Faust, Seymour Felix (as "George Cohan, a pop-up clip-up"), Charles King (as "Artie, an American college chap"), Walter Lawrence, Dave Lewis, George W. Monroe, Grace Tyson, Theresa Bercien, Doris Cameron, Gladys Claire, Sam Collins, Marjorie Cortland, Dorothy Davidson, Miss V. Earl, Etta Franklin, Lottie Franklin, Louis Franklin, Miss P. Franklin, Bert French (as "Henri Montmarty"), Elizabeth Gardner, Ada Gordon, Jack Gordon, Lillian Graham, Joe Hadley, Marian Hartman, Mazie King, Nellie King, Jack Laughlin, Hattie Lorraine, Frank Mayne (as "Richard Thief, a worthy gentleman"), Arthur McWaters, Gladys Moore (as "Salome/American Daisy"), William Moore, George C. Pierce, Miss H. Pillard, Grace Shannon, Charles Sharp, Sam Sidman, Bessie Stevens, Frank Thomas, Grace Van Studdiford, Bert Von Klein, Will West, Ellen Worth. Produced by Sam Shubert, Lee Shubert and Lew Fields.
  • (1908) Stage Play: Miss Innocence. Musical extravaganza. Music by Ludwig Englander. Book by Harry B. Smith. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith. Featuring songs by Egbert Van Alstyne. Featuring songs with lyrics by Harry Williams. Featuring "My Post Card Girl" by Louis A. Hirsch and Addison Burkhard. Featuring "I'm Learning Something Every Day" by Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth. Featuring "I Have Lost My Little Brown Bear" by Rosamond Johnson and Bob Cole. Featuring "I'm Crazy When the Band Begins to Play" by Jean Schwartz and William Jerome. Featuring "What Kind of a Wife to Choose" by Gus Edwards. Musical Direction by Frank Darling. Produced under the direction of Julian Mitchell. Note: Production revived at The New York Theatre: 30 Nov 1908- 1 May 1909 (176 performances). Cast: Charles A. Bigelow, Edith Decker, Lawrence D'Orsay (as "Captain, The Hon. Roland Fitzmaurice Montjoy of the First Life Guards"), Eva Francis, Anna Held (as "Anna/Miss Innocence"), Emma Janvier, Shirley Kellogg, Lillian Lorraine, Edith St. Clair, Florence Walton, Gladys Zell, Charles Barry, James Barry, Edna Birch, Bertha Blake, Martha Bright, John S. Brush, Miss Burns, Daisy Carson, Edna Chase, Daisy Clark, James Clyde, Miss Davies, Edna Dodsworth, Ethel Donaldson, Faico, Alfred Fairbrother, Miss Fennell, Dorothy Follies, William Gammage, Robert Paton Gibbs (as "The Duke of Pomerania"), Mayble Gilmore, Elise Hamilton, Josephine Harriman, F. Stanton Heck, Maurice Hegeman, May Hopkins, Vonnie Hoyt, Violet Jewell, La Flamencia, Beatrice Learwood, Ruby Lewis, Lionel Lozier, Miss MacDonald, Selma Mantell, Leo Mars, Virginia Marshall, Dudley Oatman, Mae Paul, Grace Rankin, Alfred Rinehart, Pierre Roudil, Daisy Rudd, Mabel Snyder, Madlyn Summers, Peter Swift, Reina Swift, Lottie Vernon, Grace Washburn, John Wentzel, Blanche West, Vida Whitmore, Marion Whitney, Lillian Wiggins, May Willard, Anna C. Wilson, Ernest Wood, John A. Young. Replacement actors during run: Millie Baker (as "Ella Lee"), Lillian Devere (as "Carita"), Beatrice Gladstone (as "Zolo"), Camille Langhorne (as "Zarza"), Eunice Mackey (as "Marie"), Myrtle Marsh (as "Gabrielle"), Marie Merwin (as "Eugenie"), Max Scheck (as "An American"). Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.. Note: Mr. Hirsch wrote (with Addison Burkhardt) "My Post Card Girl" for this production.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Girl and the Wizard. Musical/romance. Music by Julian Edwards. Book by J. Hartley Manners. Lyrics by Robert B. Smith and Edward Madden. Additional lyrics by Melville Gideon, Will A. Heelan, Ned Wayburn and Percival Knight. Additional music by Louis A. Hirsch, George Dougherty, Seymour Furth and Jerome Kern. Musical Director: Cassius Freeborn. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Casino Theatre (moved to The West End Theatre from 27 Dec 1909- close): 27 Sep 1909- Jan 1910 (closing date unknown/104 performances). Cast: Frances Alain (as "Chorus"), Gladys Alexander (as "Chorus"), Daisy Anderson (as "Chorus"), Sam Bernard (as "Herman Scholz"), Blanche Brayton (as "Chorus"), Donald Buchanan (as "Carl Behrend"), Charles K. Burrows (as "Jake Juggers"), Sadie Carr (as "Chorus"), Harry Corson Clarke (as "Count Hochstetter"), Aimee Dalmores (as "Chorus"), Vinnie Danvers (as "Chorus"), Berna DeVore (as "Chorus"), Helen Edwards (as "Chorus"), Marguerite Faulkner (as "Chorus"), Estelle Francesca (as "Chorus"), Anita Francesca (as "Chorus"), Nedra Gage (as "Chorus"), Louise Gale (as "Chorus"), L. Garvey (as "Chorus"), Kitty Gordon (as "Murietta"), Percy Hammond (as "Captain of the Troop"), Henry Holt (as "Burgomaster/Chorus"), May Hopkins [credited as May Hopkins] (as "Chorus"), Olin Howland (as "Chorus"), Gertrude Jenkins (as "Chorus"), Samuel Keene (as "Chorus/Steiffel"), Ethel Kelly (as "Chorus"), Arline LaCrosse (as "Chorus"), Harry Law (as "Chorus"), Bert Lawrence (as "The Baron/Chorus"), Hattie Lorraine (as "Chorus/Gretchen"), Violet Marsden (as "Chorus"), Rita Mason (as "Chorus"), Gracie McMean (as "Chorus"), F.H. Meirose (as "Chorus"), Bertha Montague (as "Chorus"), Ray Mordecai (as "Chorus"), Audrey Munson (as "Chorus"), Blixie Murrie (as "Chorus"), Nellie Neil (as "Chorus"), Olive Norman (as "Chorus"), Flora Parker (as "Felicitas"), Thomas Reynolds (as "Sergeant/Chorus"), Max Robertson (as "Kurt/Chorus"), William Roselle (as "Paul"), Charles P. Scales (as "Chorus/Raoul"), Dorothy Scherer (as "Chorus"), Oscar Schwartz (as "Max Andressen/Chorus"), Cissie Shotten (as "Chorus"), Bessie Shrednecky (as "Mina/Chorus"), Edith Shrednecky (as "Chorus"), Harriet Stanton (as "Frantzi"), Oliver Sterling (as "Schwendemann/Chorus"), Anna Stone (as "Chorus"), Gladys Taylor (as "Chorus"), F. Trebbie (as "Chorus"), Harry Truelson (as "Chorus"), W. Ward (as "Chorus"), Sallie Webb (as "Chorus"), Dora West (as "Chorus"). Produced by Sam S. and Lee Shubert Inc.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Up and Down Broadway. Musical revue. Music by Jean Schwartz. Book by Edgar Smith. Lyrics by William Jerome. Additional music by Albert von Tilzer, Ted Snyder, Melville Ellis, Melville Gideon and Louis A. Hirsch. Additional lyrics by Edward Madden, Junie McCree and Irving Berlin. Musical Direction by Oscar Radin. Directed by William J. Wilson. Casino Theatre: 18 Jul 1910- 17 Sep 1910 (72 performances). Cast: Adelaide & Hughes (as "Special Dancing Feature"), Ricca Allen (as "Mrs. Shark"), George Anderson (as "Apollo"), Leota Armitage (as "Chorus"), Lillian Barnett (as "Chorus"), Edna Bates (as "Chorus"), Anna Berg (as "Chorus"), Irving Berlin (as "Entertainer at the Cafe d'Lobster"), Ammie Berry (as "Chorus"), Betty Best (as "Chorus"), Martin Brown (as "Erato"), Sara Carr (as "Chorus"), James B. Carson (as "Isadore Schlameil"), Emma Carus (as "Melpomene"), Bertha Caruthers (as "Chorus"), Sylvia Clarke (as "Lucius/Chorus"), Edward Cutler (as "Chorus"), Lillian Darlington (as "Chorus"), Mae Dealy (as "Mrs. Shopleigh/Euterpe"), Ray Dodge (as "Chorus/George Lushington"), Edna Dodsworth (as "Chorus"), May Donahue (as "Mrs. Bumpkin"), Florence Douglas (as "Chorus"), Helen Edwards (as "Chorus"), Marie Flood (as "Mrs. Shirkflat/Chorus"), Gene Foxcroft (as "Chu Gum"), Eddie Foy (as "Momus"), Lillian Gay (as "Chorus"), Phyllis Gordon (as "Thalia"), Jack Hagner (as "Chorus"), Frances Halliday (as "Chorus"), Patsy Hamilton (as "Chorus"), Ernest Hare (as "Vicius/Officer Casey"), Martha Hines (as "Chorus"), Henry Holt (as "Sing Hi"), Thea Howard (as "Chorus"), Ada Howell (as "Chorus"), Morien Huben (as "Chorus"), Maude Inglesby (as "Chorus"), Susie Kerwin (as "Chorus"), Ida Kramer (as "Chorus"), Irma La Pierre (as "Chorus"), Margaret Langhorne (as "Chorus"), Betty Lavalliere (as "Chorus"), George Lyman (as "Chorus"), Harry MacDonough (as "Nabba/Henry White/Jean Garcon"), Adele Marie (as "Chorus"), Blanche Marr (as "Chorus"), Blanche Mell (as "Chorus"), Peggy Merritt (as "Genus/Chorus"), Marguerite Meyers (as "Chorus"), Robert Milliken (as "Dutch McGee/Willie Run/An Umpire"), Nat Nazarro Jr., Gloria Pierce (as "Mazie Malborough"), Harry Potter (as "Chorus"), Frederick Powell (as "George Bumpkin"), Frankie Rice (as "Chorus"), Agnes Richter (as "Chorus"), Harold A. Robe (as "Gilligan/Chorus"), Hans Robert (as "Harry Soakem/Bunco Bill"), Mathilde Rodriguez (as "Chorus"), Beatrice Rose (as "Chorus"), Milbury Ryder (as "Chorus"), Oscar Schwartz (as "Chorus"), Ted Snyder (as "Entertainer at the Cafe d'Lobster"), Marguerite St. Clair (as "Pythagoras/Chorus"), Melissa Ten Eyck (as "Fan Tan"), Jane Warrington (as "Chorus"), Anna Wheaton (as "Miss Frite"), Vida Whitmore (as "Terpischore"), Eva Williams (as "Lazia"), Jesse Willingham (as "Chorus"), Jessica Worth (as "Caliope/Vivian Bumpkin"), Dorothy Wright (as "Chorus"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert and Lew M. Fields.
  • (1910) Stage Play: He Came from Milwaukee. Musical comedy. Music by Ben M. Jerome and Louis A. Hirsch. Book by Mark Swan and Edgar Smith. Lyrics by Edward Madden. Musical Director: Ben M. Jerome. Directed by Sydney Ellison. Casino Theatre: 21 Sep 1910- 31 Dec 1910 (117 performances). Cast: George Anderson, Leota Armitage, Louis Berg, Nella Bergen, Sam Bernard, Margaret Blackburne, May Borden, Martin Brown, Charles Burrows, Cletoce Caldwell, Adele Cheridah, Herbert Conner, Vera DeFord, Mae Donnelly, Estelle Francesca, Anita Francesca, Alice Gordon, Peggy Goulding, Billie Grant, Katherine Grant, Octavia Hague, Louis Harrison, Henry Holt, Evelyn Hope, Lillian Howell, Hortense Kelly, Bert Lawrence, Roselle Lyons, Monte Melman, Frank Meyrose, Mary Mooney, Paul Musreus, Henry Norman, Bertha Perkins, Homer Potts, Guy Premo, Vennetta Pressler, Adele Rowland, Dolph Ryan, Albertine Sargent, Frank Sargent, Joseph Starr, Virginia Steinhardt, Anna Stone, May Stone, Amelia Summerville, Edwin Tester, Daisy Thompson, Bernard Wallenstein, Ethel Weir, Rita White, Trixie Whiteford, Viola Williams, Winona Winter, Annette Woodman. Produced by Sam S. Shubert and Lee Shubert, Inc.
  • (1911) Stage Play: The Kiss Waltz. Musical/operetta. Music by C.M. Ziehrer. Written by Edgar Smith. American Lyrics by Matthew Woodward. Based on the Viennese operetta "Liebeswalzer" by Robert Bodansky and Alfred Grunbaum. Musical Direction by Frank Tours. Featuring songs by Harry Gifford, Alfred Lawrence, Tom Mellor, Leslie Stuart, Louis A. Hirsch and Jerome Kern. Musical Staging by William J. Wilson. Dances staged by Gus Sohlke. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law. Costume Design by Melville Ellis. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Casino Theatre: 18 Sep 1911- 2 Dec 1911 (88 performances). Cast: Margaret Adair, Mae Allen, May Arnold, Anna Berg, Charles Bigelow, Josephine Bramdell, Martin Brown, Winifred Browne, Helen Clagett, Ethel Collinson, James Curran, Eva Davenport, Mae Dealy, Ethel Dennison, Claudia Esmond, Irving Feiner, Louis Finity, Elsie Froehlich, Marion George, Robert Gilbert, Lew Graham, George Gray, Estelle Grayce, Frederick Hamilton, Agnes Hebron, Frank Hempstone, Olga Hempstone, Helen Lloyd, Clarence Lutz, Florence Mallory, Mildred Manners, Blanche Marr, Violet Marsden, Cecile Mayo, Robert Milliken, Nemo Ormsden, George Pauncefort, LeRoy Pruette, William Pruette, Vivian Raymond, Adele Rowland, Elsa Ryan, Oscar Schwartz, Isador Snee, Florence Summerville, Frances Summerville, Camille Truesdale, May Von Sommerfeld, F.E. Walker, Robert Warwick (as "Guido Spini"), Ethel Weir, Lillian Wiggins, Annette Woodman, Sue Young, Flora Zabelle. Produced by Sam S. and Lee Shubert Inc.
  • (1911) Stage Play: Vera Violetta. Musical comedy. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Book by Leonard Liebling and Harold Atteridge. Based on the German of Leo Stein. Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Direction by Samuel Lehman. Additional lyrics by Melville Gideon, Edward Madden, Harry Pilcer and George M. Cohan. Additional music by George M. Cohan, Jean Schwartz and Louis A. Hirsch. Directed by Lewis Morton. Winter Garden Theatre: 20 Nov 1911- 24 Feb 1912 (112 performances/played in repertory with Undine). Cast: Maidie Berker (as "Ninon/Chorus"), Barney Bernard (as "Morris Cohen"), Eva Burnett (as "Chorus"), Helen Burnett (as "Chorus"), Jennie Callan (as "Chorus"), Doris Cameron (as "Margot"), Jennie Cannar (as "Chorus"), James B. Carson (as "Professor Otto von Gruenberg"), Kathleen Clifford (as "Mlle. Angelique"), Jose Collins (as "Mme. von Gruenberg"), Babe Dakin (as "Chorus"), George Dellett (as "Chorus"), Gaby Deslys (as "Mme. Adelle de St. Cloche"), Florence Douglas (as "La Duchesse/Lulu"), Melville Ellis (as "Paul Voison"), Harry Fisher, Charmain Furlong (as "Chorus"), James Georgi (as "Chorus"), Charmain Furlong (as "Chorus"), The Gordon Brothers (as "Chorus"), Ernest Hare (as "Pierre"), Clarence Harvey (as "Marquis de Tivoli"), Al Jolson (as "Claude"), Betty LaBoulaye (as "Chorus"), Marie Lachere (as "Chorus"), Jane Lawrence (as "Susanne/Chorus"), Stella Mayhew (as "Mme. Elise"), Harry Pilcer (as "Andrew Mason"), Lew Quinn (as "Manager of the Skating Rink"), Dorothy Scherer (as "Chorus"), Billee Taylor (as "A Rounder"), Camille Truesdale (as "Chorus"), Mae West, Van Rensselaer Wheeler (as "Aristide de St. Cloche"). Produced by The Winter Garden Company.
  • (1912) Stage Play: A Night with the Pierrots/Sesostra/The Whirl of Society. [Joint production. Mr. Hirsch was involved with A Night with the Pierrots]. A Night with the Pierrots: musical/vaudeville. Musical Director: Samuel Lehman. Featuring songs by Irving Berlin, Louis A. Hirsch and Harry von Tilzer. Featuring songs with lyrics by Irving Berlin, Louis A. Hirsch, Al Jolson and William Jerome. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law. Winter Garden Theatre: 5 Mar 1912- 29 Jun 1912 (136 performances for all 3 productions). Cast: Barney Bernard (as "Tambo"), Martin Brown Florence Cable, Doris Cameron, Kathleen Clifford, Jose Collins, The Courtenay Sisters, Edward Cutler, Mildred Elaine, Laura Hamilton, Ernest Hare, Clarence Harvey, Al Jolson (as "The Humpback/Bones"), Stella Mayhew (as "Sumurun"), Cecil Ryan, Blossom Seeley, Billee Taylor (as "Interlocutor"), Melissa Ten Eyck, Barney Thornton, Harry Wardell, George White. Produced by The Winter Garden Company.
  • (1912) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1912. Musical revue. Written by Louis A. Hirsch, Earl Carroll, Harold Orlob and Irving Berlin. Lyrics by George Bronson Howard. Music orchestrated by Oscar Radin and Frank Saddler. Ballet Choreographed by Theodore Kosloff. Choreographed and directed by Ned Wayburn. Winter Garden Theatre: 22 Jul 1912- 16 Nov 1912 (136 performances/Note: In rotation with The Ballet of 1830). Cast: Adelaide & Hughes, Emile Agoust, Isabel Barclay, Dorothy Barnett, Fred Bates, Mabel Beck, Alma Braham, Bertie Britton, Nellie Brown, Florence Cable, Celeste Campbell, Hilarion Ceballos, Rosalie Ceballos, Jerry Childs, Helen Clagett, Austin Clark, Marie Corty, Charlotte Cushman, Edward Cutler, Roger Davis, May Dealy, Elinore Dell, Ethel Dennison, Marie Earle, Harry Fox, Lottie Franklin, Etta Franklin, Trixie Friganza, Edward Gordon, Edward Grant, Fannie Grant, Sydney Grant, Bessie Gray, Charlotte Greenwood, Agnes Hall, Grace Hall, Herbert Hall, Ernest Hare, Lillian Harris, Clarence Harvey, Olga Hempstone, Margie Herman, Henry Holt, Eugene Howard, Willie Howard, Jobyna Howland, Albert S. Howson, Kathryn Humphreys, Isabelle Jason, Alex Keene, Shirley Kellogg, Fanny Kidston, Kitty Kyle, L'Aerolia, Jack Laughlin, Clara Lloyd, Helen Lloyd, Vivian MacDonald, Louise MacFarlane, Maurie Madison, Connie Magnet, George Moon, Hazel Mooney, Greville Moore, Daniel Morris, Frances Morris, Lotta Morse, Ralph O'Brien, Alleyne Pickard, Ester Pierce, Charles J. Ross, Gertrude Rutland, Edward Scanlin, Oscar Schwartz, Betty Scott, Bessie Shannon, Esther Shannon, Clara Stanton, Ray Strath, Harry Sulkins, Lola Taylor, May Tormey, Billie Townley, Stanley Vickers, Marie Wallace, Anna Wheaton, Edith Whitney, Winona Wilkins, Maudie Worden, Emil Zajah, F. Zanfretta. Produced by The Winter Garden Company.
  • (1915) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1915. Musical extravaganza. Music by Louis A. Hirsch and Dave Stamper. Based on material by Channing Pollock, Rennold Wolf and Gene Buck. Lyrics by Rennold Wolf, Channing Pollock and Gene Buck. Musical Director: Frank Darling. Featuring songs by Charles Elbert, Irving Berlin, Seymour Furth and Bert Williams. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ward Wesley, Irving Berlin and Will Vodery. Directed by Julian Mitchell and Leon Errol. New Amsterdam Theatre: 21 Jun 1915- 18 Sep 1915 (104 performances). Cast: Helen Barnes, Lucille Cavanaugh, Ina Claire, Peggy Dana, Ethel Davies, Emil Dwyer, Phil Dwyer, Marcelle Earle, Leon Errol, Gladys Feldman, W.C. Fields, Dorothy Godfrey, Bernard Granville, Flo Hart, May Hennessy, Justine Johnstone, Evelyn Kerner, Kay Laurell, Gladys Loftus, Muriel Martin, Mae Murray, Oakland Sisters, May Paul, Ann Pennington, Carl Randall [Broadway debut], Helen Rook, John Ryan, Dorothy St. Clair, Margaret St. Clair, Melville Stewart, Olive Thomas, Miss Touraine, Lottie Vernon, Nancy Wallace, Dottie Wang, Bunny Wendell, Rose Werts, Will West, George White, Edith Whitney, Bert Williams, Miss Wilson, Ed Wynn. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1917) Stage Play: The Grass Widow. Musical.
  • (1917) Stage Play: Going Up. Musical comedy.
  • (1918) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1918. Musical revue. Music by Louis A. Hirsch and Dave Stamper. Book by Rennold Wolf and Gene Buck. Lyrics by Rennold Wolf and Gene Buck. Interpolations by Irving Berlin and Viktor Jacobi. Musical Director: Frank Darling. Featuring songs with lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva, Arthur Jackson, Harry Ruby, Eddie Cantor, Sidney D Mitchell and Edgar Leslie. Featuring songs by Buddy G. DeSylva, Arthur Jackson, Harry Ruby, Eddie Cantor, Archie Gottler and Edgar Leslie. Scenic Design by Joseph Urban. Costume Design by Schneider-Anderson Company. Lighting Design by Ben Beerwald. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre (moved to The Globe Theatre from 7 Oct 1918- close): 18 Jun 1918- unknown (note: although exact closing date is unknown it is estimated to be on or near 5 Nov 1918/151 performances). Cast: Marie Ahearn, Miss Allo, Florence Atkinson, Miss Baker, Helen Barnes, Miss Baron, Miss Barrett, Leonard Barton, Miss Bell, Dorothy Betts, Miss Blue, John Blue, Katherine Brady, Alma Braham, Jay Brennan, Eddie Cantor, Frank Carter, Viola Clarens, Mr. Cody, Florence Cripps, Mr. Davis, Rose Dolores, Doris Eaton, Sylvia Ellias, Carolyn Erwin, Miss Evans, The Fairbanks Twins, Miss Farnworth, Gladys Feldman, W.C. Fields, Miss Fiore, Joe Frisco, Pauline Hall, Minnie Harrison, Edith Hawes, Annette Herbert, Mr. Hicks, Clay Hill, Miss. Jordan, Harry Kelly, Allyn King, Miss LaBarre, Charlotte LaGrande, Nancy Larned, Kay Laurell, Miss Mack, Martha Mansfield, Miss Masso, Miss Mathewes, Lillian McKenzie, Muriel Miles, Miss D. Miller, Marilyn Miller, Gus Minton, Miss Morton, Irene Nilson, Olive Osborne, Peter Ostrander, Bee Palmer, Ann Pennington, Kathryn Perry, Miss Pompan, Miss Poole, Miss Reed, Miss Reynolds, Dorothy Richardson, Mildred Richardson, Billie Ritchie, Miss Robinson, Mr. Rogers, Will Rogers, Julia Ross, Miles Rubins, Theresa Rubins, Miss Savage, Bert Savoy, Mildred Shelly, Heloise Sheppard, Mr. Smith, Miss Swayne, Miss V. Taylor, Ruth Taylor, Miss Thropp, Miss Ullman, Lottie Vernon, Mr. Vickers, Agnes Virginia, Marie Wallace, Miss Walsh, Hazel Washburn, Mary Washburn, Martha Wood, Mr. Young, Addison Young, Carol Young, Virginia Young, Gladys Zielian. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1918) Stage Play: Oh, My Dear! Musical. Book by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse. Music by Louis A. Hirsch. Directed by Robert Milton and Edward Royce. Princess Theatre (moved to The 39th Street Theatre on 21 Apr 1919 to close): 27 Nov 1918- May 1919 (closing date unknown/189 performances). Cast: Joseph Allen, Roy Atwell, Dorothy Bailey, Helen Barnes, Marjorie Bentley, Georgia Caine, Clara Carroll, Gene Carroll, Frances Chase, Helen Clarke, Miriam Collins, Frank Conlan (as "Joe Plummer"), Juliette Day, Evelyn Dorn, Sven Erick, Robert Gebhardt, Patricia Gordon, Frederic Graham, Dorothy La Rue, Alfa Lanee, Victor Le Roy (as "Willie Love"), Rene Manning, Florence McGuire, Victoria Miles, Bessie More, Joseph Santley, Ivy Sawyer, Jennifer Sinclair, Jacques Stone. Produced by William Elliott and F. Ray Comstock.
  • (1919) Stage Play: See-Saw.
  • (1920) Stage Play: Mary.
  • (1921) Stage Play: The O'Brien Girl.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1922. Musical revue. Music by Victor Herbert, Louis A. Hirsch and Dave Stamper. Lyrics by Ring Lardner, Gene Buck and Ralph Spence. Based on material by Ring Lardner, Gene Buck and Ralph Spence. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Additional music by Herbert Reynolds, James F. Hanley, Jimmie Duffy, Henry Creamer and Turner Layton [credited as J. Turner Layton]. Scenic Design by Joseph Urban. Costume Design by Charles Le Maire, Evelyn Law, Ada Fields, James Reynolds and Cora MacGeachy. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre: 5 Jun 1922- 23 Jun 1923 (424 performances). Cast: Babs Aitlen, Jean Arundel, Leonora Baron, Michel Barroy, Clara Beresbach, Eva Brady, Margery Chapin, Marjorie Chapin, Thelma Connor, Velma Connor, Dorothy Conroy, Dolly Daggars, Marie Dahm, Peggy Dana, Audrey Darrell, Nellie Davage, Ellen de Lerches, Hazel Donnelly, Alma Drange, Betty Dudley, Marcelle Earle, Mary Eaton, Pearl Eaton, Dolly Evans, Victoria Gale, Ed Gallagher, Helen Gates, Alexander Gray, Gilda Gray, Ivy Halstead, Netta Hill, May Howard, Frances Howden, Virginia Howell [Broadway debut], Ada Hughes, Sonia Ivanoff, Beatrice Jackson, Brooke Johns, Naomi Johnson, Virginia King, Teddy Knox, Frank Lambert, Evelyn Law, Helen Lee, Phoebe Lee, Mary Lewis, Doris Lloyd, Jean Lloyd, Martha Lorber, Alma Mamay, Pansy Maness, Hallie Manning, Irene Marcellus, Pauline Mason, Lulu McConnell, Mary McDonald, Beulah McFarland, Blanche Mehaffey, Kathryn Mehaffey, Madge Merritt, Hilda Moreno, Madelyn Morrissey, Polly Nally, Cora Neary, Jimmy Nervo, Al Ochs, Olive Osborne, Rita Owin, Annie Patron, Serge Pernikoff, Miss Ray, Jessie Reed, Betsy Rees, Betty Rees, Anastasia Reilly, Frances Reveaux, Marion Rich, Will Rogers (as "Performer"), Addie Rolfe, Rita Royce, Nellie Savage, John Scott, Gertrude Selden, Sonia Shand, J.J. Shannon, Al Shean (as "Performer"), Marie Shelton, Grant Simpson, Beatrice Singleton, Nellie Smith, Miss Starhill, Kathryn Stoneburn, Muriel Stryker, Avonne Taylor, The Follies Four, Frank Tierney, The Tiller Girls, Irene Todd, Andrew Tombes (as "Performer"), George Truscott, Brandon Tynan, Vangie Valentine, Albertina Vitak, Irene Wales, Madeline Wales, Marie Wallace, Betty Webb, Hazel Webb, Fay West, Edna Wheaton, Miss Whittington, Elsie Woodall, Lillian Woods, Helen Lee Worthing. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Greenwich Village Follies. Musical revue. Music by Louis A. Hirsch. Book by George V. Hobart. Lyrics by John Murray Anderson and Irving Caesar; Additional music by Irving Caesar and Harry Ruby. Additional lyrics by Bert Kalmar. Musical Director: Alfred Newman. Choreographed by Jack Manning, Carl Randall and Alexander Yakovleff. Directed by John Murray Anderson. Shubert Theatre: 12 Sep 1922- 10 Mar 1923 (209 performances). Cast: Dorothy Arnold, Elsie Bartlett, Frieda Berkoff, Louis Berkoff, Jay Brennan, Lucille Chalfonte, Azeada Charkouie, George Christie, George Clifford, Ruth Conley, Dinarzade, Mollie Doherty, Fortunello and Cirillano, Yvonne George, Harriet Gimbel, Doris Green, John Hazzard, Frankie Heath, Paul K. Herbert, Jeanne La Mont, Josephine MacNicol, Helen McDonald, Lucila Mendez, Edythe Nedd, Madge North, Marjorie Peterson, Carl Randall, George Rasely, Eugenia Repelsky, Virginia Roche, Bert Savoy, Michel Schiapiro, Ula Sharon, John Sheehan, Julia Silvers, Amund Sjovik, Tarzanne, Linn Van Vorhees, Della Vanna, Alice Weaver, Grace Kay White, Cricket Wooten, Stella Wooten, Alexander Yakovleff, Marguerite Young. Produced by The Bohemians Inc.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1923 [Summer Edition]. Musical revue. Sketches by Ralph Spence and Eddie Cantor. Music by Victor Herbert, Louis A. Hirsch and Dave Stamper. Lyrics by Gene Buck. Musical Direction by Oscar Radin. Additional music by Charles Tobias, Eddie Cantor, Jean Schwartz, Ernest Breuer, Walter Donaldson and Turner Layton [credited as J. Turner Layton]. Additional lyrics by Charles Tobias, Eddie Cantor, Chic Johnson, Ole Olsen, Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young, Henry Creamer and Buddy G. DeSylva. Scenes by Joseph Urban. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre: 25 Jun 1923- 15 Sep 1923 (96 performances). Cast: Babs Aitlen, Leonora Baron, Michael Barroy, Clara Beresbach, Emma Beresbach, Nina Byron [Broadway debut], Erla Calame, Eddie Cantor, Betty Carsdale, Dorothy Clarkson, Thelma Connor, Velma Connor, Dolly Daggars, Ethel Dale, Helena D'Algy, Eleanor Dana, Audrey Darrell, Mae Daw, Alma Drange, Marcelle Earle, Mary Eaton, Pearl Eaton, Dolly Evans, Victoria Gale, Ed Gallagher, Joan Gardner, Alexander Gray, Gilda Gray, Ivy Halstead, Netta Hill, May Howard, Ada Hughes, Sonia Ivanoff, Beatrice Jackson, Hazel Jennings, Brooke Johns, Naomi Johnson, Simeon Karavaeff, Kello Brothers, Lily Kimari, Virginia King, Julia Kingsley, Sylvia Kingsley, Teddy Knox, Frank Lambert, Evelyn Law, Mary Lewis, Kitty Littlefield, Jean Lloyd, Martha Lorber, Pansy Maness, Hallie Manning, Irene Marcellus, Ilsa Marvenga, Pauline Mason, Beulah McFarland, Constance McLaughlin, Janet Megrew, Madge Merritt, Hilda Moreno, Polly Nally, Cora Neary, Jimmy Nervo, Al Ochs, Joe Opp, Olive Osborne, Elaine Palmer, Annie Patron, Ann Pennington, Serge Pernikoff, Elsa Peterson, Pearl Prosser, Jesse Reed, Anastasia Reilly, Frances Reveaux, Marion Rich, Addie Rolfe, Nellie Savage, Jack Scott, Gertrude Selden, J.J. Shannon, Al Shean , Marie Shelton, Grant Simpson, Beatrice Singleton, Nellie Smith, Kathryn Stoneburn, Muriel Stryker, The Follies Four, Tiller Girls, Irene Todd, Andrew Tombes, Brandon Tynan, Ruth Urban, Vangie Valentine, Miriam Vandergriff, Shirley Vernon, Vivian Vernon, Blossom Vreeland, Irene Wales, Marie Wallace, Betty Webb, Hazel Webb, Madlyn Wells, Fay West, West and McGinty, Edna Wheaton, Margie Whittington, Lois Wilde, Betty Williams, Willy, Elsie Woodall. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1923) Stage Play: The Greenwich Village Follies. Musical revue.

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