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Interviews (3)

https://www.filmink.com.au (AU) May 19 2019, by: Reuben Lazarus, "Joey Vieira: From LA to the Lost City of Gold"
https://tresamagazine.com (US) March 22 2019, "Joey Vieira"
https://occhimagazine.com (US) February 7 2019, "Actor Joey Vieira Shares News on "Wrigleton" and Live Action Film "Dora The Explorer""

Articles (13)

https://tyroneabone.wordpress.com/2019/09/20/short-film-review-confession-by-lark-lee/?fbclid=IwAR0J0yXlMn-NHATf7YHl3hCQCRooUstZcm-6veF9xIh7jWh8OBvApvMvOFE (AU) September 20 2019, by: Tyrone Bruinsma, "Short Film Review: CONFESSION [By Lark Lee]"
http://www.news.de/tv-aktuell/855757855/san-andreas-verpasst-wiederholung-online-prosieben-mediathek-film-von-brad-peyton-vom-21-4-2019-im-tv/1/ (DK) April 22 2019, ""San Andreas" am 21.4.2019 verpasst?: So sehen Sie den Spielfilm von Brad Peyton als Wiederholung"
https://www.gcfilmfestival.com/project/kids_workshop_acting_for_film/ (AU) April 12 2019, by: Rich Haridy, "KIDS WORKSHOP: ACTING FOR FILM"
https://www.gcfilmfestival.com/project/reellife-working-in-north-america/ (AU) April 12 2019, by: Rich Haridy, "REELLIFE PANEL: WORKING IN NORTH AMERICA"
https://tresamagazine.com/2019/03/22/joey-vieira/ (US) March 22 2019, by: TresA, "Joey Vieira"
https://occhimagazine.com/feature-actor-joey-vieira-shares-news-on-wrigleton-and-live-action-film-dora-the-explorer/ (US) February 7 2019, by: Occhimagazine, "Feature: Actor Joey Vieira Shares News on "Wrigleton" and Live Action Film "Dora The Explorer""
https://www4.fusionmovies.to/celebrity/EYicu63Lbn/joey-vieira (US) January 1 2019, "Joey Vieira"
https://simpsonswiki.com/wiki/Joey_Vieira (US) May 27 2018, "Joey Vieira"
https://www.tv.nu/medverkande/joey-vieira (NU) October 1 2017, "Joey Vieira"
https://www.nyfa.edu/film-school-blog/nyfa-gold-coast-campus-hosts-casting-director-ben-parkinson-actor-joey-vieira/ (AU) June 26 2017, by: Holly Judd, "NYFA Gold Coast Campus Hosts Casting Director Ben Parkinson & Actor Joey Vieira"
https://www.couriermail.com.au/ (AU) November 1 2016, "Queensland Business Monthly: Screen Queensland, Thor and the..."
https://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/entertainment/the-rock-sends-message-to-gold-coast-fans-as-celebrities-walk-the-red-carpet-for-queensland-premiere-of-san-andreas/news-story/2f6ff7599f1f06ac3054bd3f6165ae4c (AU) May 27 2015, by: Suzanne Simonot, "The Rock sends message to Gold Coast fans as celebrities walk the red carpet for Queensland premiere of San Andreas"
https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/kitchen-confidential/ (US) December 5 2005, "Kitchen Confidential"

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