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Music Review – The Spectrum Works by Allister Brimble

Villordsutch reviews The Spectrum Works by Allister Brimble

If you asked most classic gamers if they would like to sit down and listen to the tunes of a Zx Spectrum for just under an hour, they’d probably look at you like you’re a fool. Expecting to be blasted in the ear with the migraine inducing screech which has been deemed as “method of torture” is sixteen countries; or possibly numerous Beep’s rising and falling in different tones. Yet what most people forget is that – thanks to people like Dave Rogers, Jonathan Dunn, Rob Hubbard and Tim Follin – this small black machine actually sang. And now thanks to the excellent technical skills of Allister Brimble some classics from days gone by are singing once again.

The Spectrum Works was initially conceived for Bitmap Books as a Kickstarter Backer reward for their Spectrum Visual Compendium Book, with it being
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The Top 100 Your Sinclair Zx Spectrum Games: #41 – Fantasy World Dizzy

From one classic to another, as we leave J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit – which followed Bilbo Baggins as he trekked across Middle-Earth with a group of Dwarves tackling Goblins, a Dragon and also claiming the ring with the essence of Sauron within – we now turn to a tale of an egg! Not just any egg mind you, as our next game in the Your Sinclair Top 100 – coming in at No.#41 – is Fantasy World Dizzy, from Codemasters.

Fantasy World Dizzy was the third tale in the Dizzy saga, created by the Oliver Twins back in 1989. This was also the final Dizzy game in this format delivered by the Oliver Twins until 2015. Here you control Dizzy in the Fantasy Land and your girlfriend Daisy has been kidnapped by the Troll King whilst out for a stroll in the forest. Now it’s up to you to rescue her, but it’s not
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The Top 100 Your Sinclair Zx Spectrum Games: #49 – Tetris

After the adrenaline, wheelie filled world of Enduro Racer we need a come down, and what better game to take with us to our quiet corner than the one resting at Number #49 in the Your Sinclair Top 100, which is Alexey Pajitnov’s classic Tetris.

Tetris is the game that quite possibly everybody on the face of this planet knows, even if they have never seen or played it. Though most will associate it with being the staple game with the original Nintendo Gameboy, few possibly know that it has also appeared on numerous other machines throughout its life, including the Zx Spectrum. Its official release (there were many clones) was handled by Mirrorsoft back in 1988, programmed by Peter Jones and the music being handled by the fantastic David Whittaker [listen to that here].

For those of you just leaving your caves that haven’t heard of Tetris, the rules are simple. A shape, consisting of 4 squares,
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The Top 10 Greatest Zx Spectrum Tunes Ever!

Going through the Top 100 Your Sinclair games [follow the countdown here] I’ve become aware of the rather brilliant – and also dire – tunes that were designed around the games – some hidden amongst levels, but most placed in a prominent spot as the game’s main theme.

Not wanting to be overly biased I strolled along to the Zx Spectrum & Retro Gaming community, initially with my own ten favourites giving them a poll to drop them in order of preference. However, this ten grew to forty-eight in a matter of hours with titles like The Last Ninja, Auf Wiedersehen Monty and the Great Giana Sisters making an appearance. Sadly however I could only pick the top ten from the now massive list, as this is what I set out to do.

10. Agent X II: The Mad Prof’s Back.

Agent X II was published by Mastertronic in 1987

Created by Software Creations – Steven Tatlock, John P. Tatlock,
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Shadow Of The Beast remake: new trailer




Late-80s action game Shadow Of The Beast is making a return to the PlayStation 4. Here's a trailer showing its new, ultra-violent gameplay.

For most of us, 1989's Shadow Of The Beast hangs like a spectre in the memory. Its graphics were stunning, with dev team Reflections crafting a startling fantasy world of depth and lush colour. The music, courtesy of David Whittaker, was both catchy and eerie. Then there was the packaging: Shadow Of The Beast came in a humongous, lovingly-designed box (artwork courtesy of the great Roger Dean) with a T-shirt inside it.

The game itself, meanwhile, was a curiously sparse platform adventure akin to Taito's Rastan. In the first scene you ran along a bit, punched a fantasy creature, and ran along a bit more. In other scenes you climbed ladders, ran along a bit, punched a fantasy creature and ran along a bit more.
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Doctor Who's missing episodes: a fan reaction

Feature Andrew Blair 11 Oct 2013 - 08:40

Andrew downloaded The Web Of Fear and The Enemy Of The World. Here's how it went...

Call me cynical, but I don't know if embargoes work terribly well, relying as they do on the much loved 'Trust' system of responsibility. As a result, Doctor Who fans spent much of yesterday sifting through social media's ever-shifting barrage of information, with every new find immediately verified, debunked, then re-assessed.

It was like the nineties all over again. It was like my relationship with the Colin Baker era. It was like looking for a ring in the deserts of Aridius. Except that last one. That wasn't real. Sorry everyone, to shatter the previously-unimpeachable verisimilitude of The Chase like that. It's been a stressful few days.

The return of the missing episodes was definitely real. It was happening. The BBC was doing a secret press conference and everything.
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Screen Editors’ Guild announce award nominees

The Australian Screen Editors’ Guild has added a new category to include online and new content streams to its awards night and announced the nominees for the 2012 Ase Awards.

The announcement:

The Australian Screen Editors’ (Ase) Guild is dedicated to the pursuit and recognition of excellence in screen editing across all its forms. It aims to highlight the often invisible art of editing to the public while supporting the people who construct our screen narratives frame by frame.

In 2012 the Ase expanded its activities by opening a new Committee in Brisbane, growing the membership base already established in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, and expanding its year-round program of seminars, screenings, masterclasses, training days and mentorships. This year the Ase also celebrated its 10th anniversary of Accreditation, the highest honour the Guild can bestow on an editor.

The culmination of the Guild’s year happens at the annual Ase Awards,
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Clems wins agency of the year at Madc Awards

Clemenger Bbdo Melbourne was named agency of the year at the Melbourne Advertising & Design Club Awards tonight.

The agency won top honours for the second year running. However, rival Gpy&R Melbourne – which won more lions at Cannes this year than any Australian agency – did not enter for the second consecutive year. Last year, Patts Ecd Ben Coulson cited cost reasons for not supporting the event, which is Melbourne’s top awards show.

The awards list in full:

The Adstream Award for Agency of the Year


Clemenger Bbdo Melbourne

The Madc Award for Best in Show


Guilt Trips V/Line Agency McCann

The Madc Award for Lifetime Achievement


Scott Whybin, Whybin Tbwa

The Blackley Award for Creative Leader of the Year


Jason Williams, Leo Burnett

The Madc Award for Client of the Year


Carlton United Brewers

The Exit Films Award for Best Junior


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Domestos: Phill is strong, lucky this toilet cleaner is even stronger

Droga5 has released a commercial for Unilever toilet cleaning brand Domestos.

The ad, which first aired around Australia’s Got Talent on Wednesday night, was put on YouTube, and has amassed more than 180,000 views. It features Phill Pace, a contender for the Mr Australia bodybuilder title.

Caroline Gregory, brand manager at Unilever, said: “Domestos is known for being a hospital grade disinfectant, so for the launch of Domestos toilet cleaner we wanted to start the campaign with something that would disrupt and truly engage consumers, with something a bit different for the category”.

David Nobay, Droga5 Creative Chairman added: “The Domestos team wanted to approach this category differently, and that’s what we’ve done. It’s our first real content work for Unilever, and I’m impressed with the courage the client has shown us.”

Writer/Art Director: David Nobay

Production Company: Goodoil Films

Director: Fiona McGee

Producer: Claire Richards
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Australian Screen Editors’ Guild nominates Blame, Hawke and The Ball among nominees

The Australian Screen Editors’ (Ase) Guild has announced its nominees for the 2011 Ellie Awards.

Across seven categories, the Ase Guild recognises achievements in editing across feature film, television, documentary, music videos, commercials and short films.

Blame, Mad Bastards, Oranges and Sunshine and Tomorrow When the War Began, are all up for an award. So to is East West 101, Jandamarra’s War, Spirited, short film Something Fishy, Carlton Draught’s Slo Mo ad and Tim and Jean’s music video for Don’t Stop.

The awards are nicknamed the Ellies after the bronzed elephant statues.

Actor Rob Carlton (Underbelly, Paper Giants) is to host the night. Carlton said he feels the pressure to nail the night: “If you’re an actor, hosting the Awards night for the Screen Editors is a high-stakes business. Get it right and I’m assured lots of smouldering close-ups. Get it wrong and all you
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