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  • (1921) Playwright: "Frisco Kate". Later co-wrote with Victor McLaglen the screenplay for director Raoul Walsh's Klondike Annie (1936), in which she also appeared.
  • (1911) Stage: Appeared (as "Maid") on Broadway in "A La Broadway". Musical/burlesque. Produced by William LeBaron.
  • (7/3/1911-2/24/1912) Stage: Appeared in "Vera Violetta" on Broadway. Musical comedy show set in Paris, France. Music / lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Book by Leonard Liebling and Harold Atteridge. Based on the German of Leo Stein. Musical Director: Samuel Lehman. Additional lyrics by Melville Gideon, Edward Madden, Harry Pilcer and George M. Cohan. Additional music by George M. Cohan, Jean Schwartz and Louis A. Hirsch. Directed by Lewis Morton. Winter Garden Theatre: 112 performances/played in repertory with "Undine". Cast: Maidie Berker (as "Ninon" / "Chorus"), Barney Bernard (as "Morris Cohen"), Eva Burnett (as "Chorus"), Helen Burnett (as "Chorus"), Jennie Callan (as "Chorus"), Doris Cameron (as "Margot"), Jennie Cannar (as "Chorus"), James B. Carson (as "Prof. Otto von Gruenberg"), Kathleen Clifford (as "Mlle. Angelique"), Jose Collins (as "Mme. von Gruenberg"), Babe Dakin (as "Chorus"), George Dellett (as "Chorus"), Gaby Deslys (as "Mme. Adelle de St. Cloche"), Florence Douglas (as "La Duchesse" / "Lulu"), Melville Ellis (as "Paul Voison"), Harry Fisher, Charmain Furlong (as "Chorus"), James Georgi (as "Chorus"), The Gordon Brothers (as "Chorus"), Ernest Hare (as "Pierre"), Clarence Harvey (as "Marquis de Tivoli"), Al Jolson (as "Claude"), Betty LaBoulaye (as "Chorus"), Marie Lachere (as "Chorus"), Jane Lawrence (as "Susanne" / "Chorus"), Stella Mayhew (as "Mme. Elise"), Harry Pilcer (as "Andrew Mason"), Lew Quinn (as "Manager of the Skating Rink"), Dorothy Scherer (as "Chorus"), Billee Taylor (as "A Rounder"), Camille Truesdale (as "Chorus"), Van Rensselaer Wheeler (as "Aristide de St. Cloche"). Produced by The Winter Garden Company. NOTE: In the second number in Act I, backed by the chorus, Mae, as Mademoiselle Angelique, sang "Angelique of the Opera Comique," a song whose lyrics were written by Melville Gideon to music composed by Louis A. Hirsch.
  • (1912) Stage: Appeared (as "Daffy") in "A Winsome Widow" on Broadway. Musical comedy/farce. Music by Raymond Hubbell. Based on "A Trip to Chinatown" by Charles Hale Hoyt. Musical Director: Frank Darling; Additional numbers by John Golden, Jerome Kern, Nathaniel D. Ayer, Jean Schwartz, Stanley Murphy, Henry I. Marshall and Griffin and Murtagh. Additional lyrics by Robert B. Smith and William Jerome. Additional music by Franz Lehár. Directed by Julian Mitchell. Moulin Rouge: 11 Apr 1912-7 Sep 1912 (172 performances). Cast: Ida Adams (as "Tony"), Marie Baxter (as "Mrs. Flippant" / "Chorus"), Julia Beaubien (as "Chorus"), Etta Bellaire (as "Chorus"), Florida Bellaire (as "Chorus"), Rita Bellaire (as "Chorus"), Marjorie Bonner (as "Chorus"), A. Brannigan (as "Chief of Police"), Elizabeth Brice (as "Isabel"), Evelyn Carlton (as "Chorus"), Eleanore Christy (as "Chorus"), Kathleen Clifford (as "Willie Grow"), Harry Conor (as "Welland Strong"), Fawn Conway (as "Mrs. Gadder" / "Chorus"), Helen Curzon (as "Chorus"), Natalie Dagwell (as "Mrs. Duer" / "Chorus"), Peggy Dana (as "Chorus"), Jennie Dolly (as "Jenny"), Rose Dolly (as "Rosie"), Leon Errol (as "Ben Gay"), Estelle Francesca (as "Chorus"), Anita Francesca (as "Chorus"), Ida Gabrielle (as "Chorus"), Lola Hilton (as "Chorus"), Sidney Jarvis (as "Bryton Early"), Ethel Kelly (as "Flirt"), Harry Kelly (as "Slavin"), Elba Kenny (as "Chorus"), Charles King (as "Wilder Daly"), George Kirner (as "Fancy Skater"), Adele LaPierre (as "Chorus"), Miss LeRoy (as "Chorus"), Betty Lewis (as "Chorus"), Hazel Lewis (as "Chorus"), Jessie Lewis (as "Chorus"), Ruby Lewis (as "Chorus"), J. McDermott (as "Officer O'Mara"), Charles Mitchell (as "Proprietor of The Cliff House"), Nana & Alexis (as "Mlle. Nana" / "Mons. Alexis"), Miss Newell (as "Chorus"), Diane Oste (as "Chorus"), Cynthia Perot (as "Chorus"), Cathleen Pope (as "Fancy Skater"), Alice Randolph (as "Chorus"), Charles J. Ross (as "Rashleigh Gay"), Cissie Sewell (as "Chorus"), Katherine Smythe (as "Mrs. Noyes" / "Chorus"), Eleanor St. Clair (as "Chorus"), Frank Tinney (as "Noah"), Lottie Vernon (as "Mrs. Noyes" / "Chorus"), Ella Warner (as "Chorus"), Jane Warrington (as "Chorus"), Emmy Wehlen (as "Mrs. Guyer"), Mae West (as "Daffy"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham and Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1918) Stage: Appeared in "Sometime" on Broadway. Musical. Written by Rida Johnson Young and Rudolf Friml. Additional lyrics by Ed Wynn. Musical Director: Herbert Stothart. Musical Staging by Allan K. Foster. Directed by Oscar Eagle. Shubert Theatre: 4 Oct 1918-Jun 1919 (closing date unknown/283 performances). Cast: Harrison Brockbank, Frances Cameron, Charles DeHaven, William Dorrian, George Gatson, Mildred La Gue, Francine Larrimore, Virginia Lee, John Merkyl, Francis Murphy, Fred Nice, Albert Sackett, Betty Stivers, Beatrice Summers, Harold Williams, Ed Wynn. Produced by Arthur Hammerstein.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared in "The Mimic World" on Broadway, in the roles of Cleopatra, a Shimmy Dancer, and La Belle Madelon. Musical revue. Book / lyrics by Harold Atteridge, Jimmy Hussey [credited as James Hussey] and Owen Murphy. Lyrics by James Hussey and Owen Murphy. Music by Jean Schwartz, Lew Pollack and Owen Murphy. Musical Direction by Alfred Goodman. Additional lyrics by Sidney Clare and Howard Johnson. Additional music by Archie Gottler. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Directed by Allan K. Foster. Century Promenade: 17 Aug 1921-10 Sep 1921 (26 performances). Cast: Helen Armstrong, Bert Best, Gladys Blair, May Blair, Virginia Blair, El Brendel, Jane Brown, Peggy Brown, Flo Burt, Alice Burton, Marjorie Carville, Elaine Courtney, Jeanne Danjou, Gene Delmont, Ginnette Dorval, Cliff Edwards, Lou Edwards, Clarence Harvey, Ruth Hazelton, C.L. Henderson, Ed Hickey, Lebanon Hoffa, Portland Hoffa, Marjorie Hope, Frank Hurst, Jimmy Hussey, Gladys James, Thelma Johns, Jimmy Kirk, Estelle Lang, Zella Lenney, Mae LeRoux, Evelyn Martin, Frank Masters, Dorothy McCarthy, Margaret McCarthy, Miriam Miller, Anita Miramar, Gladys Montgomery, William Moran, Elizabeth Morgan, Helen Nelidova, Betty Palmer, Lucille Pryor, Hazel Rix, Madeline Smith, Beth Stanley, May Sullivan, Anna Toddings, Vivien West, Albert Wiser, Margaret Wood. Produced by The Shuberts.
  • (4/26/26-3/27) Stage: Stage: Wrote / produced / directed / appeared (as "Margie LeMont") in "Sex" on Broadway.
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared in "The Wicked Age" on Broadway.
  • (1928) Stage: Wrote and appeared in "Diamond Lil" on Broadway
  • (1928) Stage: Wrote and appeared in "Pleasure Man" on Broadway.
  • (1931) Stage: Appeared in "The Constant Sinner" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1944) Stage: Wrote / appeared in "Catherine Was Great" on Broadway. Choreographed by Margaret Sande. Directed by Roy Hargrave. Shubert Theatre (moved to The Royale Theatre on 2 Dec 1944 to close): 2 Aug 1944-13 Jan 1945 (191 performances). Cast: Reginald Allen (as "Usher"), George Anderson (as "Guard"), Joel Ashley (as "Cpl. Joe" / "Prince Potemkin"), Gene Barry (as "Lt. Bunin"), Frank Baxter (as "Vanya"), Albert Bayne (as "Councillor"), Carl Bensen (as "Soldier"), Michael Bey (as "Ivan VI"), Harry Bodin (as "Innkeeper"), Ray Bourbon (as "Florian"), Gerry Brent (as "Lady-in-Waiting"), Jack Burke (as "Soldier"), Eden Burrows (as "Guard"), John Colby (as "Soldier"), Owen Coll (as "Ambassador Choiseul"), Elinor Counts (as "Varvara"), Boyd de Brossard (as "Soldier"), Don De Leo (as "Ambassador Murad Pasha"; Broadway debut), Edna Eckert (as "Lady-in-Waiting"), Dick Ellis (as "Usher"), Victor Finney (as "Semyonev" / "Chamberlain"), Antony Fortune (as "Soldier"), John Frederick (as "Guard"), Charles K. Gerrard (as "Count Panin"), Don Gibson (as "Capt. Danilov"), Coburn Goodwin (as "Count Nikolai Mirovich"), Milton Gordon (as "Soldier"), Eddy Grove, Leon Hamilton (as "Maurice"), Charles Hart (as "Councillor"), Bern Hoffman (as "Pugacheff"), Phillip Huston (as "Greg" / "Gregory Orloff"), Philip Cary Jones (as "Capt. Dronsky"), Hubert Long (as "Jim" / "Alexis Orloff"), Jerry Lucas (as "Guard"), Dayton Lummis (as "Chechkofski"), William Malone (as "Adm. Semechkin"), Joseph R. Mann (as "Councillor"), Michael Mauree (as "Lady-in-Waiting"), Buddy Millard (as "Page Boy"), Dickie Millard (as "Page Boy"), Robert G. Morse (as "Councillor"), Mila Niemi (as "Lady-in-Waiting"), John Parrish (as "Marshal Suvorov"), Gloria Pierre (as "Lady-in-Waiting"), Mary Reid (as "Lady-in-Waiting"), William Skelton (as "Soldier"), Carl Specht (as "Soldier"), Richard Spohr (as "Guard"), Michael Spreder (as "Chamberlain"), Ramond Stenzi (as "Guard"), John Stephen (as "Chief Chamberlain"), Frank Stevens (as "Councillor"), Robert Strauss (as "Mike"; final Broadway role), Mischa Tonken (as "Roy"), Lester Towne (as "Chimneysweep"), William Tubbs (as "Councillor"), Henry Vincent (as "English Ambassador"). Produced by Mike Todd.
  • (1949) Stage: Wrote / appeared in "Diamond Lil" on Broadway. Comedy/melodrama (revival).
  • (1951) Stage: Wrote / appeared in "Diamond Lil" on Broadway. Comedy/melodrama (revival).
  • (1959) Unsold pilot: She starred in an unsold pilot set during the Alaskan Gold Rush days, called "Klondike Lou".
  • (1927) Stage: Wrote / directed "The Drag", produced in Paterson, NJ. NOTE: The play, about homosexuality, was a hit in Paterson but she was warned not to bring the show to New York City--which was where it was to be presented after it had closed in Paterson--or she would be arrested. She took the advice.
  • (1947) Stage: Appeared in the US tour of "Come On Up, Ring Twice";
  • (1987-88) Stage: Wrote "Diamond Lil," adapted by Paul Blake (also director) and Dennis Powers in an American Conservatory Theatre production San Francisco, CA.
  • (6/30/29) Stage: Wrote / appeared (as "Diamond Lil") in "Diamond Lil," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH.
  • (11/23/30) Stage: Wrote / appeared in "Sex," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH.
  • (4/6/45) Stage: Wrote / appeared in "Catherine was Great," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH.
  • (11/18/46) Stage: Appeared in the play, "Come on Up," at the Hanna Theater in Cleveland, OH.
  • (2/27/50) Stage: Wrote / appeared in "Diamond Lil," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH.
  • Stage: Appeared in "Demi-Tasse Revue" on Broadway. Produced by Ned Wayburn.
  • Stage: Appeared in "The Mimic World" on Broadway.
  • (12/99) Stage: Wrote "Sex" (revival). Off-Broadway.
  • (4/26/26) Stage: Wrote / appeared in "Sex" on Broadway. Daly's 63rd St. Theatre.
  • (Summer 1952) She acted in Miles Mander, Fred Schiller and Thomas Dunphy's play, "Come on Up, Ring Twice," in a Kenley Players production in York and Lakewood Park Theatre in Barnesvile, Pennsylvania. John Kenley was artistic director.
  • (Summer 1961) She acted in her play, "Sex-Tette," in a Kenley Players production at the Veterans Memorial Theatre in Columbus and Packard Music Hall Theatre in Warren, Ohio. John Kenley was artistic director.

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