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  • Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1928) Stage Play: Earl Carroll's Vanities. Musical revue. Lyrics by Grace Henry. Music by Morris Hamilton. Based on material by W.C. Fields, Paul Gerard Smith, Joe Frisco, Robert T. Tarrant and Herman Meyer. Additional music by George Bagby, G. Romilli, Michael H. Cleary, George Whiting, Louis Alter, Mario Savino, Jesse Greer, Ernie Golden and Abner Silver. Musical Direction by Ray Kavanaugh. Additional lyrics by Paul Jones, Ned Washington, Joe Burke, Raymond Klages, Ernie Golden, Jack LeSoir and Roy Doll. Choreographed by Busby Berkeley. Staged by Edgar J. MacGregor. Machinery Ballet created and staged by the Marmein Sisters. Assembled and Directed by Earl Carroll. Earl Carroll Theatre: 6 Aug 1928- 2 Feb 1929 (200 performances). Cast: Fay Adler, Peggy Andre, Violet Arnold, Faith Bacon, Hazel Bailey, Barto & Mann, Bonnie Blackwood, Peggy Blake, Richard Bold, Lilian Bond, Ted Bradford, Dorothy Britton, Louise Brooks, Marian Carew, Ernest Charles, Catherine Clark, Elsie Connor, Frances Delacy, Gordon Dooley, Ray Dooley, W.C. Fields, Dorothea Frank, Joe Frisco, Edward Graham, Beryl Halley, Edyth Hansen, Marion Harke, Angeline Hassel, Rita Jason, Alyce Johnson, Naomi Johnson, Frances Joyce, Ruth Kent, Nelda Kincaid, Dorothy Knapp, Maurice Lapue, Vincent Lopez Band, Polly Luce, Dorothy Lull, Brian MacDonald, Dana Merrill, Martha Morton, Jean Murray, Marion O'Day, Ruth Patterson, Peggy Purcell, Joey Ray, Lillian Roth, Blanche Satchell, Wanda Stevenson, Bobby Storey, Elizabeth Surran, Jean Tennyson, Katherine Vercelle, Louise Vercelle, Beryl Wallace, Florence Ward, Eileen Wenzel, Rose Wenzel, Diana White, Vivian Wilson. Produced by Earl Carroll.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Murder at the Vanities. Drama/mystery. Book by Earl Carroll and Rufus King. Additional dialogue by Eugene Conrad. Lyrics by Edward Heyman. Additional lyrics by Ned Washington, Paul Francis Webster and Herman Hupfeld. Music by Richard Meyers. Additional music by Victor Young, John J. Loeb, Herman Hupfeld and John W. Green. Musical Direction by Ray Kavanaugh. Music orchestrated by Edward Powell and Hans Spialek. Dialogue staged by Burk Symon. Dances by Chester Hale. Additional dance arrangements by Ned McGurn. Directed by Earl Carroll. New Amsterdam Theatre: (moved to The Majestic Theatre from 10 Mar 1934 to close): 12 Sep 1933- 10 Mar 1934 (207 performances). Cast: James Rennie, Sybil Aarons, Janet Abbott, Ednamay Adair, Jean Adair (as "Madame Tanqueray, Wardrobe Mistress"), Wiley Adams, Ernestine Anderson, Renee Armour, Charles Ashley, Olga Baklanova, William Balfour (as "Noomhouse, Night Watchman"), DeDon Blumier, Mickey Braatz, Eileen Burns, Marion Callahan, Earl Carroll (as Cameo appearance; his only time on stage as an actor), Eunice Coleman, Amby Costello, James Coughlin, Robert Cummings, Sylvia Curry, Dorothy Dawes, Nancy Dolan, Patsy Drew, Lew Eckles (as "Mr. Kerrick, Assistant District Attorney"), Caja Eric, Muriel Evans (as "[one of]The Most Beautiful Girls in the World"), William Fay, Betty French, Paul Gerrish, Dolores Grant, Flo Harris, Patricia Hayward, Ruth Hillard, Billy House (as "Walter Buck, Assistant Stage Manager"), Charles G. Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Constance Jordan, Elise Joyce, Marie Kahrkahn, Evelyn Kelly, Irene Kelly, Alice Kerwin, Frank Kingdon (as "Mr. Martin, the General Manager"), Evalyn Knapp (as "[one of] The Most Beautiful Girls in the World"), Ben Lackland (as "Billy Slade"), Al Lee, Sari Leone, Ben Lewis, Lewis & Van, Bela Lugosi (as "Siebenkase"), Mackie & Lavallie, Helen Madison, Francis X. Mahoney, June Mahr, Ruth Mann, Adeline Martin, Ruth Miller, Woods Miller, Villi Milli, Pauline Moore (as "Liane Ware, a Vanities Girl"), Kay Murphy, Martha Murray, Alice Nelson, Hazel Nevin, Gay Orlova, Anita Patterson, Dorothy Plant, Martha Pryor, Helena Rapport, Naomi Ray, F. Raymond, June Raymond, Lorna Rode, Elsie Rossi, Ann Rothey, Alma Saunders, Leone Sedalle, Marion Semler, Samuel Shaw, Phil Sheridan (as "Winchester"), Laurie Shevlin, Lisa Silbert, Francine Sinclaire, Anya Taranda, Walker Thornton, Edwin Vickery, Una Vilon, Emily Von Hoven, Beryl Wallace (as "Hope Carol, a Vanities Girl"), Ferne Ward, Marie Warren, Al Webster, Joan Webster, Barbara Winchester, Evelyn Witt. Produced by Earl Carroll. Note: Produced by Paramount as Murder at the Vanities (1934).
  • (1933) Stage Play: Blackbirds of 1933. Musical revue. Music by Mann Holiner, Alberta Nichols, Joseph Young, Ned Washington and Victor Young. Book by Nat N. Dorfman, Mann Holiner and Lew Leslie. Lyrics by Mann Holiner, Alberta Nichols, Joseph Young, Ned Washington and Victor Young. Directed by Lew Leslie. Apollo Theatre: 2 Dec 1933- Dec 1933 (closing date unknown/25 performances). Cast: James Thomas Boxwill, Pike Davis' Continental Orchestra, Eddie Hunter, Brady Jackson, John Mason, Blue McAllister, Lionel Monagas, Kathryn Perry, Speedy Smith, Slappy Wallace, Henry Williams, Edith Wilson, Worthy & Thompson. Produced by Sepia Guild Players, Inc.

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