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Print Biographies (4)

Bertha Westbrook Reid. Wallace Reid: His Life Story.
E.J. Fleming. Wallace Reid: The Life and Death of a Hollywood Idol. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2006. ISBN 0786428155
David Menefee. Wally: The True Wallace Reid Story. Boalsburg, PA: Bear Manor Media, 2011.
Paul Rothwell-Smith. Silent Films! the Performers. Nottingham: Cordelia Books, 2011. ISBN 9781907540325

Portrayals (1)

Articles (34)

Classic Images (US) May 1994, Iss. 227, pg. 49:3-50:1, by: George Katchmer, "Wallace Reid"
Classic Film Collector (US) 1970, Iss. 26 (Winter), pg. 12-13, by: Sam Peeples, "Wallace Reid: A Filmography"
Classic Film Collector (US) 1969, Iss. 25 (Fall), pg. 6-9, 51, by: Sam Peeples, "The Forgotten Idol"
Films in Review (US) April 1966, pg. 205-30, by: DeWitt Bodeen, "Wallace Reid... Was an Idol in the Age of Innocence with Feet of Clay"
Cinema Art (US) December 1927, pg. 45, "The Wallace Reid Memorial"
Cinema Art (US) October 1927, pg. 34, by: Nina Goodelman, "A Memorial to Wallace Reid; The Proposed Bay in the Cathedra of St. John the Divine Will Keep Alive the Memory of One of the Most Universally Beloved of Cinema Stars"
Variety (US) February 8 1923, "Reid Left $40,000; Waltman Joins Pal; Dead Screen Star's Estate Appraised--Claude Tynan Waltman Commits Suicide"
Moving Picture World (US) February 3 1923, pg. 434, "Convention Wires Condolence"
Variety (US) January 25 1923, "The Lesson of Reid's Death"
The New York Clipper (US) January 24 1923, pg. 34:1, "Wallace Reid"
New York Times (US) January 19 1923, pg. 17:5, "Wallace Reid Dies in Fight on Drugs; Motion-Picture Star Expires at Hollywood After Nervous Breakdown; He Had Held Out Gamely; Told His Wife He Was Winning--Gained Screen Fame After Stage Career"
The Times (GB) January 19 1923, pg. 8:1, "Wallace Reid"
Moving Picture World (US) January 17 1923, pg. 316, "Obituary"
Picture-Play Magazine (US) 1923, pg. 26-29, 90, by: Myrtle Gebhart, "Some Memories of Wallace Reid"
Mon Ciné (FR) November 16 1922, Vol. 1, Iss. 39, pg. 18-19, by: Frick, Jean, "Wallace Reid et son fils Bill"
Pantomime Magazine (US) March 4 1922, Vol. 2, Iss. 9, pg. 20, by: Wallace Reid, "My Start in Pictures"
Moving Picture World (US) October 29 1921, pg. 1066, "Paramount Stars Win in Contest [favorite of Scandinavians]"
Moving Picture World (US) July 30 1921, pg. 495, "Reid Does Not Think All-Star Casts Hurt Individual Player's Popularity"
Moving Picture World (US) March 26 1921, pg. 402, "Wallace Reid Given Ovation at Opening of Vancouver Theater"
Moving Picture World (US) March 19 1921, pg. 247, "Norma Talmadge and Wallace Reid Win National Star Popularity Contest"
Moving Picture World (US) May 29 1920, pg. 1223, "Wallace Reid Back in Hollywood"
Moving Picture World (US) April 17 1920, pg. 439, "Paramount Stars Lead in Rio de Janeiro Contest [most popular actor]"
Moving Picture World (US) August 16 1919, pg. 936, "Reid Signs New Contract with Famous Players-Lasky"
Moving Picture World (US) March 15 1919, pg. 1474, "Reid Company in Wreck"
Moving Picture World (US) December 29 1917, pg. 1973, "Wallace Reid in New York"
Moving Picture World (US) December 1 1917, pg. 1305, "Wallace Reid Coming East"
Motion Picture Classic (US) July 1916, pg. 30-32, by: Roberta Courtlandt, "Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Reid"
Photoplay Magazine (US) March 1916, Vol. IX, Iss. 4, pg. 76-77, by: Scollard York, "Wally the Wonderful"
Moving Picture World (US) November 27 1915, pg. 1666, ill, "Cleo Ridgley and Wallace Reid Cpo-Stars"
Moving Picture World (US) October 23 1915, pg. 591, ill, "W. Wallace Reid"
New York Dramatic Mirror (US) May 19 1915, pg. 24:1, by: W.E. Wing, "Along the Pacific Coast [Reid exonerated; auto accident killed one and injured two others]"
New York Dramatic Mirror (US) April 28 1915, pg. 22:3, "Ince Seriously Injured..."
Moving Picture World (US) November 29 1913, pg. 993, ill, "Universal Film Director Marries Leading Woman"
Moving Picture World (US) December 14 1912, pg. 1092, "W. Wallace Reid Joins Producing Staff of American"

Magazine Covers (1)

Motography (US) April 13 1918, Vol. XIX, Iss. 15

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