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Enderby Entertainment Taps Cam Cannon as VP Production and Development (Exclusive)

Enderby Entertainment Taps Cam Cannon as VP Production and Development (Exclusive)
Enderby Entertainment, the production banner run by Rick Dugdale and Daniel Petrie Jr., has tapped Cam Cannon as vp production and development.

At the same time, the company promoted William Dugdale to vp operations. He is based at Enderby’s London office.

Cannon's hire is meant to bolster Enderby’s feature development as it seeks to drive six feature projects towards completion by the end of the year. Founded in 2006, the company has produced 17 feature films in under 15 years, working in international markets as well as servicing domestic pipelines.

Enderby is behind Lionsgate’s Intrigo Anthology ...
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Toy Soldiers Remake Reportedly In Development, Queen Latifah Eyed

Toy Soldiers Remake Reportedly In Development, Queen Latifah Eyed
The production company behind two of this month’s biggest reboots, Fantasy Island and The Invisible Man, are reportedly eyeing another blast from the past to modernize for today’s audience. According to our sources – the same ones who said a Swamp Thing movie is in the works, which Bloody Disgusting has since confirmed, and that a Scream reboot is happening, which we now know to be true – a remake of the 1991 film Toy Soldiers is in development, with Blumhouse at the helm.

The talented folks at Blumhouse Productions are known for putting out hit films like Get Out, Upgrade and successfully reigniting the Halloween franchise. Now, it looks like one of their next challenges will be bringing back Toy Soldiers. Jason Blum is set to produce the project, and negotiations are also underway with Queen Latifah to both star in and produce the remake.

For those who never saw it,
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Turner & Hooch TV Show Is Happening at Disney+

  • MovieWeb
The classic buddy comedy movie Turner and Hooch is getting a revival, as a TV series adaptation is in early development at Disney+. Released in 1989, the original starred Tom Hanks as a detective who partners up with a canine to fight crime. As part of a deal with 20th Century Fox TV, Matt Nix (The Gifted) has signed on to write and executive produce the series. Because the series is still in its very early stages, there aren't any additional details on the project at this time.

Turner & Hooch was originally supposed to be directed by Henry Winkler, who had a fued with Tom Hanks. Director Roger Spottiswoode stepped into replace Winkler, working with producer Raymond Wagner. Beverly Hills Cop writer Daniel Petrie Jr. also co-wrote and executive produced the movie. Along with Hanks, the movie starred Mare Winningham, Craig T. Nelson, Reginald VelJohnson, Scott Paulin, and Beasley the Dog as Hooch.
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Ben Kingsley war thriller 'An Ordinary Man' lands at Saban Films

Distributor plans second quarter theatrical release.

Saban Films has picked up North American rights to Brad Silberling’s An Ordinary Man starring Ben Kingsley and Hera Hilmar.

Silberling, whose credits include City Of Angels, directed from his screenplay about a war criminal in hiding who forms a relationship with his only connection to the outside world – his maid. Hilmar stars in Peter Jackson’s upcoming Mortal Engines.

Rick Dugdale produced An Ordinary Man for La-based Enderby Entertainment, alongside Kingsley and Silberling. Daniel Petrie Jr. serves as executive producer.

Saban Films plans a second quarter theatrical release. Ness Saban and Bill Bromiley negotiated the deal with Enderby on behalf of the filmmakers.

“Sir Ben Kingsley is the epitome of class, boldness, and exalting talent,” Saban Films’ Bill Bromiley said. “He has truly captivated us with An Ordinary Man.”

Saban Films acquired Craig William Macneill’s provocative period drama Lizzie starring Chloë Sevigny and Kristen Stewart in Sundance.

The company
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The Academy Announces Winners of the Prestigious Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship

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The Academy Announces Winners of the Prestigious Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship
With the abundance of labs and fellowships designed to give up-and-coming filmmakers a much-needed boost, the Nicholl Fellowship — launched in 1986 — still stands above the fray as being one of the most important opportunities for entry into the industry. Each of the winners receives a $35,000 prize with the understanding that they will complete a feature-length screenplay during their fellowship year. Just as important, their winning project instantly becomes a must-read by every agency in Hollywood.

The global competition has awarded 152 fellowships to date. Recent scripts by Nicholl Fellowship alumni include “The Glass Castle” and “Holy Rollers;” additional program veterans have gone on to receive plum writing assignments in film (Pixar’s “Cars 3”) and television (Netflix’s “The Punisher”).

Nine individuals and one screenwriting team were selected as 2017 fellowship recipients from more than 7,000 submissions; the winners are listed in bold:

Vigil Chime, “Bring Back Girl”

Sj Inwards, “Jellyfish Summer”

Max Lance and Jen Bailey,
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Horror Highlights: Phantasm: Ravager on Shudder, Clive Barker Reel Fear Contest, Piff After Dark, Slasher.Com, Atomica, The Eyes, A Haunting At Silver Falls II

The latest horror flick filled with immense badassery to be added to Shudder's library is the fifth sequel in the Phantasm franchise, Phantasm: Ravager. Also in today's Highlights: details on the Clive Barker Reel Fear Contest, Portland International Film Festival's After Dark program, release details for Slasher.com and The Eyes, a new poster for Atomica, and production news and photos for A Haunting at Silver Falls II.

Phantasm: Ravager Comes to Shudder: "Joining Shudder is Phantasm: Ravager- the final installment of the long-running Phantasm series.

In addition to Phantasm: Ravager, streaming exclusively on Shudder is the remaster of Don Coscarelli’s 1979 classic Phantasm, as well as its sequels Phantasm III and Phantasm IV.

Phantasm was recently restored by J.J. AbramsBad Robot and Coscarelli, and given both a new 4K remaster and a 5.1 surround sound mix, which will be the version presented exclusively on Shudder."


Clive Barker Reel
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Horror Highlights: Wolf Creek Screamfest Screening, Redwood, The Similars, Blood in the Snow 2016, A Haunting At Silver Falls II

Live in Los Angeles and want a little Mick Taylor in your life? Pop TV presents a two-episode screening of the Wolf Creek series at this year's Screamfest on Wednesday, October 19th. Also: Redwood details, trailer, and poster, a new trailer for The Similars, Blood in the Snow 2016 lineup revealed, and A Haunting at Silver Falls II production news.

Wolf Creek Screamfest Screening Details: Press Release: "Pop and Screamfest invite horror fans across Los Angeles out for a night of mayhem and murder with Wolf Creek’s infamous crazed killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) at Screamfest 2016 on Wednesday, October 19th. Get your free tickets here while supplies last. More details below!

What: A special two-episode screening of Pop’s television event and primetime limited series “WolfCreek.” A pre-screening reception will include specialty cocktails, fan photos, and trivia hosted by journalist (Blumhouse.com, ComingSoon.net) and author (Curious Goods: Behind the
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Cobra: Sylvester Stallone's Underrated Vanity Action Movie

Kieran Fisher May 22, 2019

Was there ever a better '80s tagline that "Crime is a disease. Meet the cure?" If you haven't seen Sylvester Stallone's Cobra, you should.

Had Sylvester Stallone had his way, the now cult classic Beverly Hills Cop would have been a much different film. Before Eddie Murphy was cast in the role that would define his acting career, the part of Axel Foley was offered to Sly. Yet the Italian Stallion had other ideas in mind for what he wanted the film to be, so he took it upon himself to rewrite the script, moulding it to suit his strengths as a white-knuckled mortal terminator. As screenwriter Daniel Petrie Jr. told Den of Geek UK, while it was "considered a coup to have written a script to attract a movie star of that caliber," it was nonetheless "a daunting experience."

Stallone proposed a lot of changes.
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"Dawn Patrol" On Blu-ray and DVD

Take a look @ director Daniel Petrie Jr.'s romantic thriller "Dawn Patrol" (aka 'Stranded"), starring Scott Eastwood, Rita Wilson and Jeff Fahey, available on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment, March 22, 2016:

"...after the death of his beloved brother, a small-town surfer seeks revenge against a gang of thugs he holds responsible.

"However, when another tragedy brings him face to face with the consequences of his actions, he must seek forgiveness from the very people he despises most..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Dawn Patrol"...
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Daniel Petrie Jr interview: Toy Soldiers, Dawn Patrol, Turner & Hooch




From writing Beverly Hills Cop to directing Toy Soldiers and Dawn Patrol, we have a chat with writer/producer/director Daniel Petrie Jr.

Daniel Petrie Jr comes from a family with movies in its blood.

His father, Daniel Petrie Sr, directed films such as Resurrection, Cocoon: The Return and A Raisin In The Sun. His mother, Dorothea, produced movies, wrote novels and acted. And then his brother, Donald Petrie, directed Cocoon: The Return, Miss Congeniality and Grumpy Old Men.

Yet Daniel Petrie Jr is just as busy. His screenplays include Turner & Hooch and Beverly Hills Cop (for which he earned an Academy Award nomination), whilst his directorial debut was the much-loved (by us especially) Toy Soldiers.

As his new film as director, Dawn Patrol (starring Scott Eastwood) lands on DVD, he spared us some time for a chat about his career. Starting with what he's up to right now.
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Interview: Daniel Petrie Jr. Talks Dawn Patrol (Exclusive)

  • ShockYa
Interview: Daniel Petrie Jr. Talks Dawn Patrol (Exclusive)
Taking charge of your destiny as you actively set out to shape your future into the life you want can be both a harrowing and deeply rewarding experience. The new thriller ‘Dawn Patrol,’ which was produced by director Daniel Petrie Jr. and his production company, Enderby Entertainment, chronicles a family that’s on the cusp of fame and fortune, as their son’s surfing career begins gaining national attention. But their lives unexpectedly take a turn for the worst after a tragic accident, leaving them to ponder how they can move forward. While not as nearly distressing as the loss of a loved one, the filmmaker’s professional life also made a drastic [ Read More ]

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LatinoBuzz: See Julie Carmen in 'Dawn Patrol' Opening Friday June 5th

Directed by Daniel Petrie Jr., "Dawn Patrol" marks the return to the big screen of one of the most important Latino talents of the past few decades, Julie Carmen.

Scott Eastwood stars as a young surfer-turned-Marine who must confront the consequences of his terrible decisions. In her "Dawn Patrol" portrayal as the enigmatic Laura River, Julie Carmen holds Scott Eastwood hostage as he recalls the twists and turns of how and why he murdered her son. Throughout the film they give alternate Rashomon-like accounts exposing the xenophobia and racism that rips a remote, multicultural surf city apart. Laura explodes with the rage and confusion of a mother confronting her child's killer, and plots a haunting, lasting revenge.

"I was directed in a style inspired by Latin American magical realism and that contrasts with how Scott Eastwood, Rita Wilson, Jeff Fahey, Kim Matula, and Chris Borchu tell their story, in an ultra realistic way. " said Julie Carmen about working on "Dawn Patrol.

"During times such as ours, we need movies like 'Dawn Patrol' to dissect the consequences of killing rather than just use death as a plot point. We're hoping to open a dialogue about xenophobia, racism, revenge and misogyny, which are dealt with head on. There are four fabulous female roles, all broken by violence but my character carries the rage." she concluded.

Alchemy will release the film in select theaters on June 5th and it'll hit iTunes a couple weeks after the theatrical release
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Skate Bros Face Murder Drama in Dawn Patrol

Skate Bros Face Murder Drama in Dawn Patrol
In a laughable scene in Dawn Patrol, John (Scott Eastwood) passes a joint to his brother (Chris Brochu) while riding a skateboard, and director Daniel Petrie Jr. stages the moment in drawn-out slow motion, as if he expected it to appear as a SportsCenter highlight. This kind of tacky, on-the-nose treatment is representative of Petrie’s choices throughout the movie — though, in his defense, the screenplay he’s working from (co-written by Rachel Long and Brian Pittman) is a mess in its own right.

Following a clumsy opening in which John, clad in Marine clothing, recounts his story to a woman (Julie Carmen) as she holds him at gunpoint, the movie flashes back to the summer of 2008. Petrie takes his time detailing the habits of John’s bea...
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[Re-release] Toy Soldiers Blu-ray Review

Director: Daniel Petrie Jr.

Starring: Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton, Keith Coogan, Andrew Divoff, R. Lee Ermey, Denholm Elliott, Louis Gossett Jr.

Running Time: 111 minutes

Certificate: 15

Hitting cinema screens in 1991 Toy Soldiers was the directorial debut of Daniel Petrie Jr., and it’s finally making its way to Blu-Ray and DVD. Graced with the cult classic title, the film delivers a balance of action, adventure and a hint of comedy. There are some off the wall moments, but it all adds to the charm of a 90s teen movie.

Set in The Regis School, or “Rejects” School as it’s known by its misfit students, is the last stop boarding school for rebellious teens. Dean Parker (Louis Gossett, Jr.) manages to keep these disorderly boys in check, with the exception of Billy Tepper (Sean Astin) and his friends; Joey (Wil Wheaton), Snuffy (Keith Coogan), Ricardo (George Perez), Hank (T.E. Russell), and
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‘Toy Soldiers’ Blu-ray Review

  • Nerdly
Stars: Sean Astin, Louis Gossett Jr., Wil Wheaton, Keith Coogan, Andrew Divoff, R. Lee Ermey, Denholm Elliott, George Perez, T.E. Russell, Shawn Phelan, Michael Champion, Mason Adams | Written by Daniel Petrie Jr., David Koepp | Directed by Daniel Petrie Jr.

Regis High School, an exclusive prep school for delinquent teenage boys, becomes the target of a terrorist attack from Columbian drug lord and terrorist Louis Cali, who has travelled to the Us to free his drug kingpin father. With a team of ruthless mercenaries, Cali invades Regis High School in an attempt to capture the son of the federal judge presiding over his father’s trial. As Cali takes the students hostage, the FBI and Us Army remain helpless. Within the school, however, is a group of rebellious and mischievous students, led by Billy Tepper and Joey Trotta, who decide to put their expertise in avoiding authority to good use. Now
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Winners Announced For 2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowships Competition

Three individual writers and one writing team have been selected as winners of the 2014 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition.

Each individual winner and the combined writing team will receive a $35,000 prize, the first installment of which will be distributed at an awards presentation on Thursday, November 13, at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills.

For the second consecutive year, the event will also feature a live read of selected scenes from the fellows’ winning scripts by members of the Academy.

This year’s winners are (listed alphabetically by author):

Sam Baron, Cambridge, United Kingdom, “The Science of Love and Laughter”

Alisha Brophy, Los Angeles, CA, and Scott Miles, Austin, TX, “United States of Fuckin’ Awesome”

Melissa Iqbal, London, United Kingdom, “The Death Engine”

Sallie West, Charleston, Sc, “Moonflower”

The winners were selected from a record 7,511 scripts submitted for this year’s competition. Eight individual screenwriters and
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Daniel Petrie Jr's 'Dawn Patrol' to Premiere at the Austin Film Festival

Daniel Petrie Jr..'s film "Dawn Patrol" tells the story of a surfer-turned-Marine (Scott Eastwood) held at gun point tells his tragic story of ‘revenge gone wrong’ to stall his execution.The film will premiere on October 25th at the Austin Film Festival.

With the screenplay originating out of Austin Film Festival’s Screenplay Competition,”Dawn Patrol” was acquired by Daniel Petrie Jr. and Rick Dugdale at Enderby Entertainment. The story will make its way back to Texas this October for its World Premiere

Julie Carmen describes her character in “Dawn Patrol” as,“Every woman who loses a child to violence.”She calls the film,“A West Side Story set among the turf and surf wars of 'locals only' beaches.”Scott Eastwood and Julie Carmen tell their stories from parallel perspectives.Julie says,“it feels like ‘Rashomon’-the way we co-narrate the twists and turns of this complex, contemporary tragedy of racism,revenge and reconciliation.” To read more about the actress visit Here

Who is attending the premiere:(Director) Daniel Petrie Jr.,(Writers) Brian Pittman, Rachel Long,(Producer)Rick Dugdale,(Cast) Scott Eastwood, Rita Wilson, Julie Carmen, Jeff Fahey, Chris Brochu, Kim Matula, Dendrie Taylor, Matt Meola.
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aGLIFF and Aff Reveal Lineup Details

The Austin Film Festival has announced its first wave of film screenings, including Centerpiece Film Black and White (directed by Mike Binder and starring Kevin Costner), documentary 21 Years: Richard Linklater, and Dawn Patrol, directed by Aff regular Daniel Petrie Jr. This initial list is a mix of world and regional premieres and provides glimpses of a diverse program; among other things, festivalgoers will have the chance to see a Texas-based political documentary, a pioneer drama with an all-star cast, and Benedict Cumberbatch playing the role of Alan Turing.

The writer-focused festival runs Oct. 23-30 and includes feature films, short films, film competitions and conference panels. See below for a list of the titles announced so far, and find out more about attending Aff here. 

If you're ready to get festival season started already, don't forget that the 27th Anniversary Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF) takes place in
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Winners Announced For 2013 Academy Nicholl Fellowships

Four individual writers and one writing team have been selected as winners of the 2013 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting competition. Each winner will receive a $35,000 prize, the first installment of which will be distributed at an awards presentation on Thursday, November 7, at 7:30 p.m. at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills.

For the first time, the event will also feature a live read of selected scenes from the fellows’ winning scripts.

This year’s winners are (listed alphabetically by author):

Frank DeJohn & David Alton Hedges, Santa Ynez, CA, “Legion”

Patty Jones, Vancouver, BC, Canada, “Joe Banks

Alan Roth, Suffern, NY, “Jersey City Story”

Stephanie Shannon, Los Angeles, CA, “Queen of Hearts

Barbara Stepansky, Burbank, CA, “Sugar in My Veins”

The winners were selected from a record 7,251 scripts submitted for this year’s competition.

Fellowships are awarded with the understanding that the recipients will each complete
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Academy Announces Finalists in Screenwriting Competition

Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting 2013 finalists announced (photo: post-’Twilight’ Ashley Greene 2013 in ‘Random’) The finalists for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting 2013 competition, selected from a record 7,251 scripts, have been announced. Next, their scripts will be read and judged by the Academy Nicholl Fellowships Committee, which, according to the Academy’s press release, may award as many as five $35,000 fellowships. This year’s finalists, the majority of which hail from California, are the following (listed alphabetically by author): Scott Adams, Menlo Park, CA, "Slingshot" William Casey, Los Angeles, CA, "Smut" Frank DeJohn and David Alton Hedges, Santa Ynez, CA, "Legion" Brian Forrester, Studio City, CA, "Heart of the Monstyr" Noah Thomas Grossman, Los Angeles, CA, "The Cupid Code" Patty Jones, Vancouver, BC, Canada, "Joe Banks" Erin Klg, New York, NY, "Lost Children" Alan Roth, Suffern, NY, "Jersey City Story" Stephanie Shannon, Los Angeles,
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