Oscar voters help us … and sometimes we help them

Oscar voters help us … and sometimes we help them
Michael Musto, who writes for the Daily Beast and is a member of the Gold Derby panel of Experts, has just published an interview with an Oscar voter who he declined to name, and though his subject’s predictions are in line with most of ours, it’s always good to hear from someone on the inside.

Those of us journalists who’ve covered the industry in its home town have known many members of the academy and have always called on them during awards season to get whatever inside dope they might have on voter sentiments.

I covered Hollywood with a close eye on the Oscars from the late ‘70s to the early ‘90s for Knight-Ridder, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, and I was on the phone with academy members from October to March. It wasn’t by any stretch a scientific poll I was conducting, but so far,
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How The Vanishing changed the Oscar rules

Simon Brew Jul 19, 2017

Spoorloos - the original The Vanishing - led to the Academy having to change its ways...

People sometimes come to this site in search of a film to watch, that they’ve not heard of. Sadly, the late George Sluizer’s stunning thriller Spoorloos has been infected by its tepid 1993 Hollywood remake, that Sluizer himself directed. But the original is one of the best, darkest thrillers of the 1980s. It’s an amazing piece of work.

It’s also a piece of work that led to the Academy having to rewrite the rules for one of its Oscar categories.

The film’s country of origin was the Netherlands, and when it came to Oscar time, it was put forward as the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Feature Academy Award. Yet the film was deemed ineligible, in spite of the fact that not a word of English is spoken in it.
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