Ian McNaught-Davis obituary

One of the first British climbers to ascend Muztagh Tower in 1956 who went on to present the BBC TV series The Computer Programme

In the spring of 1956, the Manchester climbing star Joe Brown had just put his feet up after a taxing weekend in north Wales, when there was a knock at the door. Waiting on the step was a bearish man with a curly mop of hair and thick glasses. Without preamble, he introduced himself as Ian McNaught-Davis and explained that he was leaving in a fortnight with a friend for the Karakoram to climb a mountain called Muztagh Tower. Would Joe like to join him?

The idea was preposterous on many levels. If any mountain encapsulates the notion of inaccessibility it is Muztagh Tower, a tapering fortress of rock and ice reaching 7,276m on the border between Pakistan and China. Equipping and supplying such a logistically awkward expedition
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