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  • (1944 - 1955) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1944) Stage Play: Decision. Drama. Written by Edward Chodorov. Directed by Edward Chodorov. Belasco Theatre (moved to The Ambassador Theatre 28 Mar 1944- close): 2 Feb 1944- 17 Jun 1944 (160 performances). Cast: Gwen Anderson (as "Harriet Howard"), Georgia Burke (as "Virgie"), Jean Casto (as "Miss Baines"), Matt Crowley (as "Masters"), Paul Ford (as "Sergeant Carey") [Broadway debut], Raymond Greenleaf (as "Riggs"), Len D. Hollister (as "Anderson"), Paul Huber (as "Fitzgerald"), Laurence Hugo (as "Tommy Riggs"), Herbert Junior (as "Jim Morgan"), Rusty Lane (as "Bennett") [Broadway debut], Merle Maddern (as "Mrs. May Howard"), Homer Miles (as "Brown"), Grace Mills (as "Mrs. Bowen"), Lee Sanford (as "Peters"), Howard Smith (as "Allen"), Dick Van Patten (as "Felix") [credited as Dickie Van Patten]. Produced by Edward Choate.
  • (1944) Stage Play: Lower North. Comedy. Written by Martin Bidwell. Scenic Design by Raymond Sovey. Directed by David Burton. Belasco Theare: 25 Aug 1944- 2 Sep 1944 (11 performances).
  • (1947) Stage Play: Bathsheba. Drama. Written by Jacques Deval.
  • (1947) Stage Play: Galileo. Music by Hanns Eisler. Written by Bertolt Brecht. Translated by Charles Laughton. Lyrics by Albert Brush. Choreographed by Lotte Goslar. Directed by Joseph Losey. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 7 Dec 1947- 14 Dec 1947 (6 performances). Cast: Wesley Addy (as "Old Cardinal"), Capt. Sidney Bassler, Leonard Bell, Harris Brown, Frank Campanella (as "Senator II/A Scholar"), Mary Grace Canfield (as "Elderly Lady"), John Carradine (as "Inquisitor"), Michael Citro, Taylor Graves, Don Hanmer, Pitt Herbert, Harry Hess, Werner Klemperer (as "Infuriated Monk"), Rusty Lane (as "Barbarini"), Charles Laughton (as "Galileo"), Richard Leone, Iris Mann, Dwight Marfield, Allen Martin, Joan McCracken, Earl Montgomery, Elizabeth Moore, Thomas Palmer, Nehemiah Persoff (as "Andrea"), Philip Robinson, Larry Rosen, Lawrence Ryle, Hester Sondergaard (as "Sarti"), Warren Stevens (as "Informer"), Fred Stewart (as "Priuli"), John Straub, Philip Swander, Donald Symington, Albert Tavares. Produced by The Experimental Theatre, Inc., ANTA (Alfred de Liagre Jr: executive producer. Jean Dalrymple: executive director) and T. Edward Hambleton.
  • (1954) Stage Play: Stockade. Drama. Written by Mark J. Appleman. Based on the novel "From Here to Eternity" by James Jones. Incidental music by Jay Chernis. Directed by Robert H. Gordon. President Theatre: 4 Feb 1954- 6 Feb 1954 (4 performances). Cast: Tige Andrews (as "Cpl. Oliver"), Cam Applegate, Jay Barney, Barnett Biro, Don Gordon (as "Angelo Maggio"), George Hall, Murray Hamilton (as "Robert E. Lee Prewitt"), Ted Jordan, Norman Keats, Rusty Lane (as "Jack Molloy"), Gerald Milton, Stephen Pluta, Tom Poston (as "Pvt. Turnispeed"), William Thourlby. Produced by Paul Butler and Diana Greene.
  • (1955) Stage Play: The Desperate Hours. Melodrama. Written by Joseph Hayes. From the novel of the same name by Joseph Hayes. Directed by Robert Montgomery. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 10 Feb 1955- 13 Aug 1955 (212 performances). Cast: Nancy Coleman, Karl Malden (as "Dan Hillard"), Paul Newman (as "Glenn Griffin"), George Matthews, Wyrley Birch (as "Mr. Patterson"), Malcolm Brodrick (as "Ralphie Hillard"), Kendall Clark (as "Harry Carson"), Fred Eisley, James Gregory (as "Jesse Bard"), George Grizzard (as "Hank Griffin"), Rusty Lane (as "Lt. Carl Fredericks"), Mary Orr (as "Miss Swift"), Patricia Peardon, Judson Pratt. Produced by Howard Erskine and Joseph Hayes. Note: Filmed as The Desperate Hours (1955).
  • (1948) Stage Play: Mister Roberts. Comedy. Written by Thomas Heggen (based on his novel) and Joshua Logan. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Joshua Logan. Alvin Theatre: 18 Feb 1948- 6 Jan 1951 (1157 performances). Cast: Henry Fonda (as "Lieutenant (jg) Roberts"), William Harrigan (as "The Captain"), Robert Keith (as "Doc"), David Wayne (as "Ensign Pulver"), Tige Andrews (as "Ensemble"), Robert Baines (as "Wiley"), Fred Barton (as "Gerhart"), Joe Bernard (as "Ensemble"), Jocelyn Brando, John Campbell (as "Reber"), Ellis Eringer (as "Ensemble" , Murray Hamilton (as "Shore Patrol Officer"), Steven Hill (as "Stefanowski"), Marshall Jamison(as "Military Policeman"), John Jordan, Mikel Kane, Brian Keith [credited as Bob Keith Jr.] (as "Ensemble"), Lee Krieger (as "Schlemmer") [Broadway debut], John Kullers (as "Ensemble"), Rusty Lane (as "Chief Johnson"), Harvey Lembeck (as "Insignia"), Karl Lukas (as "Lindstrom"), Joe Marr, Ralph Meeker (as "Mannion"), Walter Mullen, Jack Pierce, James Sherwood, Len Smith Jr., Sanders Turner, Casey Walters (as "Doltan"). Replacement actors: Tige Andrews [credited as Tiger Andrews] (as "Schlemmer"), Larry Blyden (as "Ensign Pulver/Shore Patrol Officer"), Bart Burns, Don Fellows (as "Ensemble'), Murray Hamilton', Henry Hull (as "Doc"), Robert Keith (as "Mannion"), Mary Malone (as "Lieutenant Ann Girard"), Jan Merlin, Alvy Moore (as "Ensign Pulver"), Mickey Schiller, Philip Schuyler (as "Ensemble"), Rufus Smith (as "Shore Patrol Officer"), Paul Stewart (as "Doc"), Dick Van Patten (as "Ensign Pulver"), Eli Wallach (as "Stefanowski"). Produced by Leland Hayward. Note: Filmed by Warner Bros./Orange Productions [distributed by Warner Bros.] as Mister Roberts (1955) [a smash hit].

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