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  • (February 1998) Appeared in the Ethel Merman Tribute concert "Doin What Comes Natur'lly".
  • Achieved fame as Barbra Streisand's understudy in the Broadway play "Funny Girl". At various times, people like Carol Burnett & Eydie Gormé auditioned to replace Lainie as Barbra's understudy but she lasted in the job. Finally, she was able to go on and left the show to pursue new horizons. She later became a major Las Vegas club singer & has talked about how the mob ran Vegas in those days.
  • In the early 1970s, she was in the Detroit, Michigan, try-out for the before-Broadway tour of the play "Seesaw". She was fired from the show while in Detroit and replaced by her then-New York City neighbor & close friend, Michele Lee, who went on to acclaim in that play.
  • (June 2006) Played "Tess LaRuffa" in "Bermuda Avenue Triangle", a play by Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna (Brentwood Theatre, West Los Angeles, California, USA).
  • Funny Girl (1964). Musical comedy. Book by Isobel Lennart. Music by Jule Styne. Lyrics by Bob Merrill. Based on an original story by Isobel Lennart. Musical Director: Milton Rosenstock. Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns. Vocal arrangements by Buster Davis. Dance arrangements by Luther Henderson. Assistant Vocal arrangements: Marvin Hamlisch [earliest Broadway credit]. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Robert Randolph. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Production Supervised by Jerome Robbins. Musical Staging by Carol Haney. Associate Director: Lawrence Kasha. Directed by Garson Kanin. Winter Garden Theatre (moved to The Majestic Theatre from 14 Mar 1966- 26 Nov 1966, then moved to The Broadway Theatre from 28 Nov 1966- close): 26 Mar 1964- 1 Jul 1967 (1348 performances + 17 previews that began on 10 Mar 1964). Cast: Sydney Chaplin (as "Nick Arnstein [from 10 Mar 1964- 19 Jun 1965], Barbra Streisand (as "Fanny Brice"), Roger De Koven (as "Florenz Ziegfeld Jr."), Joseph Macauley (as "Tom Keeney"), Kay Medford (as "Mrs. Brice"), Danny Meehan (as "Eddie Ryan"), Jean Stapleton (as "Mrs. Strakosh"), Prudence Adams (as "Showgirl"), Jose Ahumada (as "Dancer"), Joan Cory (as "Cathy/Showgirl"), Diane Coupé (as "Jenny/Showgirl"), Edie Cowan (as "Dancer"), Christine Dalsey (as "Dancer"), Shellie Farrell (as "Bubbles/Dancer"), Bud Fleming (as "Dancer"), Lydia S. Fredericks (as "Mrs. Meeker/Singer"), Larry Fuller (as "Paul/Dancer"), Ellen Halpin (as "Maude/Dancer"), Blair Hammond (as "Trombone Smitty/Dancer"), Victor R. Helou (as "Heckie/Singer"), Robert Henson (as "Workman/Singer"), Robert Howard (as "John/Stage manager/Workman/Singer"), Rosemary Jelincic (as "Dancer"), Marc Jordan (as "Stage Director/Singer/Mr. Renaldi"), Lainie Kazan (as "Vera/Showgirl"), Karen Kristin (as "Dancer"), John Lankston (as "Ziegfeld Tenor/Adolph/Singer"), Mary Louise (as "Singer"), Joan Lowe (as "Polly/Dancer"), Jeanne McLaren (as "Singer"), Buzz Miller (as "Snub Taylor/Ben"), Diana Lee Nielsen (as "One of Two Stunning Showgirls"), John Nola (as "Dancer"), Joyce O'Neil (as "Mrs. O'Malley/Singer"), Alan Peterson (as "Dancer"), Rose Randolf (as "Mrs. Nadler/Singer"), George Reeder (as "Ziegfeld Lead Dancer"), Stephanie Reynolds (as "Singer"), Sharon Vaughn (as "One of Two Stunning Showgirls/Mimsey"), Royce Wallace (as "Emma"), Alan E. Weeks (as "Five Finger Finney/Dancer"), Rosemary Yellen (as "Showgirl"), Albert Zimmerman (as "Singer"). Standbys: Lainie Kazan (as "Fanny Brice"), George Reeder (as "Nick Arnstein"). Understudies: Jose Ahumada (as "Snub Taylor"), Bud Fleming (as "Eddie Ryan"), Lydia S. Fredericks (as "Mrs. Strakosh"), Blair Hammond (as "Ziegfeld Lead Dancer"), Robert Howard (Tom Keeney), Marc Jordan (as "Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.), Mary Louise (as "Emma"). Replacement cast during Winter Garden Theatre run: Robert Avian (as "Dancer"), Jackie Cronin (as "Dancer"), Johnny Desmond (as "Nick Arnstein"), Sheila Dowling (as "Mrs. Meeker"), Singer"), Mimi Hines (as "Fanny Brice"), Richard Ianni (as "Heckie/Singer"), Barbara London (as "Showgirl"), Alan Manson (as "Florenz Ziegfeld Jr."), Janet Moody Morris (as "Singer"), George Reeder (as "Nick Arnstein"). Understudies: Robert Avian (as "Snub Taylor"), Sheila Dowling (as "Mrs. Strakosh"). Replacement cast during Majestic Theatre run: Lynette Bennett (as "Cathy, One of Two Stunning Showgirls"), Larry Brucker (as "Adolph/Ziegfeld Tenor"), Fritzi Burr (as "Mrs. Brice"), Edie Cowan (as "Maude"), Karen Ford (as "Mrs. Meeker"), Phil Ford (as "Eddie Ryan"), Larry Fuller (as "Snub Taylor"), Beulah Garrick (as "Mrs. Strakosh"), Mimi Hines (as "Fanny Brice"), Linda Jorgens (as "Jenny/Showgirl"), William Larsen (as "Florenz Ziegfeld Jr."), Jeanne McLaren (as "Mrs. O'Malley"), Donna Monroe (as "Vera"), Barbara Rhoades (as "Mimsey, One of Two Stunning Showgirls/Showgirl"), Bud Spencer (as "Trombone Smitty/Dancer"), Albert Zimmerman (as "Workman"). Replacement cast during Broadway Theatre run: Rosemarie Barre (as "Dancer"), Phyllis Bash (as "Singer"), Lynette Bennett (as "Cathy/Jenny, One of Two Stunning Showgirls/Showgirl"), Larry Brucker (as "Adolph/Singer/Ziegfeld Tenor"), Fritzi Burr (as "Mrs. Brice"), Pamela Burrell (as "Showgirl"), Joan Cory (as "Showgirl"), Pat Dalsey (as "Dancer"), Gerry Dalton (as Dancer"), Johnny Desmond (as "Nick Arnstein"), Dorothy D'Honau (as "Showgirl"), Iris Elliott (as "Showgirl"), Shellie Farrell (as "Bubbles/Dancer"), Bud Fleming (as "Dancer"), Karen Ford (as "Mrs. Meeker/Singer"), Phil Ford (as "Eddie Ryan"), Beulah Garrick (as "Mrs. Strakosh"), Mimi Hines (as "Fanny Brice"), Robert Howard (as "John/Singer/Workman"), Virginia Kerr (as "Mimsey, One of Two Stunning Showgirls/Showgirl"), Mary Beth Kurdock (as "Dancer"), William Larsen (as "Florenz Ziegfeld Jr."), Harriet Lawyer (as "Singer"), Michael Loman (as "Dancer"), Joan Lowe (as "Dancer/Polly"), Joseph Macauley (as "Tom Keeney"), Donna Monroe (as "Showgirl/Vera"), Elizabeth Moore (as "Mrs. Strakosh"), Shirley Nelson (as "Dancer/Maude"), John Nola (as "Dancer/Paul/Trombone Smitty"), Hal Norman (as "Workman"), Jimmy Pompeii (as "Dancer"), Rose Randolf (as "Mrs. Nadler/Singer"), Jim Ray-James (as "Mr. Renaldi/Singer/Stage Director"), George Reeder (as "Ziegfeld Lead Dancer"), Stephanie Reynolds (as "Mrs. O'Malley/Singer"), Ken Richards (as "Heckie/Singer"), John D. Richardson (as "Dancer/Five Finger Finney"), Jimmy Smock (as "Dancer"), Bud Spencer (as "Snub Taylor"), Ted Sprague (as "Dancer/Trombone Smitty"), Terry Violino (as "Dancer"), Royce Wallace (as "Emma"), Barbara Ann Walters (as "Singer"), Albert Zimmerman (as "Singer/Workman"). Standbys: Barbara Minkus (as "Fanny Brice"), George Reeder (as "Nick Arnstein"). Understudies: Phyllis Bash (as "Emma"), Bud Fleming (as "Snub Taylor"), Karen Ford (as "Mrs. Strakosh"), Beulah Garrick (as "Mrs. Brice"), Robert Howard (Tom Keeney"), Jim Ray-James (as "Eddie Ryan"), Jimmy Smock (as "Ziegfeld Lead Dancer"), Ted Sprague (as "Ziegfeld Lead Dancer"), Albert Zimmerman (as "Florenz Ziegfeld Jr."). Produced by Ray Stark. Produced in association with Seven Arts Productions. Associate Producer: Al Goldin. Note: Filmed as Funny Girl (1968).
  • (2012) Appeared in an infomercial, hosted by Carol Burnett, for TimeLife's "The Best of the Carol Burnett Show" DVD collection.
  • (November 2008) Appeared at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, California.

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