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  • (1929 - 1970) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1929) Stage Play: Divided Honors. Drama. Written by Winnie Baldwin. Directed by William B. Friedlander. Forrest Theatre: 30 Sep 1929- Nov 1929 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Richard Bowler (as "Police Officer"), Jeanne De Me, Glenda Farrell (as "Vina Chase") [Broadway debut], Doris Freeman, Philip Heege, Edgar Henning, Jane Kim, Guido Nadzo. Produced by K.A.L.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Recapture. Drama. Written by Preston Sturges. Directed by Donn Mullally. Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre: 29 Jan 1930- Feb 1930 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Ann Andrews, Meyer Berenson, Stuart Casey, Melvyn Douglas (as "Henry C. Martin"), Glenda Farrell(as "Gwendoliere Williams"), Cecilia Loftus (as "Mrs. Stuart Romney"), Louza Riane, Joseph Roeder, Gustave Rolland, Hugh Sinclair (as "Rev. Outerbridge Smole"). Produced by A.H. Woods.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Love, Honor and Betray. Drama. Written by Fanny Hatton and Frederic Hatton. Adapted from the French of Andre Antoine. Directed by Donn Mullally. Eltinge 42nd Street Theatre: 12 Mar 1930- Apr 1930 (closing date unknown/45 performances). Cast: Alice Brady (as "The Woman"), George Brent (as "The Chauffeur") [only Broadway role], Glenda Farrell (as "The Young Girl"), Clark Gable (as "The Lover") [final Broadway role], Wilton Lackaye (as "The Doctor" [final Broadway role], Mark Smith (as "The Husband"), Robert Williams (as "The Young Man") [final Broadway role]. Produced by A.H. Woods.
  • (1930) Stage Play: On the Spot. Melodrama. Written by Edgar Wallace. Directed by Lee Ephraim and Carol Reed. Forrest Theatre: 29 Oct 1930- Mar 1931 (closing date unknown/167 performances). Cast: John Adair (as "Interne"), Glenda Farrell (as "Marie Pouliski"), John Gallaudet, George Drury Hart, John M. Kline, Mike Sullivan, Suezo Tckero, Arthur R. Vinton, Alan Ward, John Wheeler, Crane Wilbur (as "Tony Perrelli), Jeanne Winters, Anna May Wong (as "Minn Lee"), Stanley Wood (as "Capt. Harrigan"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with Edgar Wallace and Lee Ephraim.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Life Begins. Drama. Written by Mary M. Axelson [credited as Mary Macdougal Axelson]. Directed by Joseph Santley. Selwyn Theatre: 28 Mar 1932- Apr 1932 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Mary May Bell (as "Mrs. Hamby-Smith"), Helen Brooks (as "Mrs. Paley"), Alan Bunce (as "Jed Sutton"), Lucile Charles (as "Peggy Banks"), Clayton Collyer (as "Dr. Alfred Brett"), Mildred Dunnock (as "Miss Pinty") [Broadway debut], Glenda Farrell (as "Florette Darian"), Edwin Fleming (as "Ringer Banks"), Jean Fullarton (as "Mrs. Brown"), Darley Fuller (as "Rita"), Winifred Harris (as "Mrs. Tubby"), Eleanor Hicks (as "Mrs. West"), Ellen Lowe (as "Woman in a Purple Kimono"), Douglas MacPherson (as "Mr. Hamby-Smith"), Joseph Marra (as "Tony"), Lewis Martin (as "Dr. Cramm"), William McFadden (as "Medical Student"), Edward Pawley, Antoinette Rachte (as "Mrs. Riggs"), Dean Raymond (as "Dr. Lee"), Earl Redding (as "Mr. Potter"), Joanna Roos (as "Grace Sutton"), Ruthelma Stevens (as "Rose Lorton"), Elaine Troy (as "Mrs. Potter"), Elizabeth Von Nardroff (as "Miss Bowers"), Frank Wilcox (as "Dr. Tubby"), Valerie Ziegler (as "Estelle"). Produced by Joseph Santley. Note: Filmed by First National/Vitaphone [Warner Bros.] as Life Begins (1932) starring Loretta Young [in the role originated by Joanna Roose here].
  • (1940) Stage Play: Separate Rooms. Comedy. Written by Alan Dinehart and Joseph Carole. Directed by William B. Friedlander. Maxine Elliott's Theatre (moved to The Mansfield Theatre from 15 Apr 1940- 10 Jun 1940 then moved to The Plymouth Theatre on 10 Jun 1940 to close): 23 Mar 1940- 6 Sep 1941 (613 performances). Cast: Alan Dinehart (as "Jim Stackhouse"), Glenda Farrell, Lyle Talbot, Mozelle Britton (credited as Mozelle Brittonne), Edmond Dorsey, Austin Fairman, Madora Fairman, James Robbins, J. Scott Smart. Produced by Bobby Crawford.
  • (1942) Stage Play: The Life of Reilly (1942). Comedy. Written by William Roos. Directed by Roy Hargrave. Broadhurst Theatre: 29 Apr 1942- 2 May 1942 (5 performances). Cast: Charita Bauer (as "Mildred Walker"), Theodora Bender (as "Miss Collins"), John Call (as "Snake Foote"), Guerita Donnelly (as "Harriet"), Glenda Farrell (as "Jackie Moultrie"), Peter Hobbs (as "Rocket Reilly"), Len Hollister (as "Hankins"), George Mathews (as "Johnny Ramsay"), Francis Nielsen (as "Frank"), John Shellie (as "Smitty"), Howard Smith (as "Cooper"), Loring Smith (as "Horace Moultrie"), Norman Tokar (as "Mike"), Polly Walters (as "Miss Hook"). Produced by Day Tuttle and Harald Bromley.
  • (1945) Stage Play: The Overtons. Written by Vincent Lawrence. Directed by Elisabeth Bergner. Booth Theatre (moved to The Forrest Theatre from 12 Mar 1945- 23 Jun 1945 then moved to The National Theatre from 25 Jun 1945 to close): 6 Feb 1945- 7 Jul 1945 (175 performances). Cast: Glenda Farrell (as "Judith Bancroft"), Arlene Francis (as "Cora Overton"), Walter Greaza (as "James Lawson"), Don Kohler (as "Tommy"), Charles Lang (as "Minot"), Mary Lawrence, Jack Whiting (as "Jack Overton"). Produced by Paul Czinner.
  • (1949) Stage Play: Mrs. Gibbons' Boys. Written by Will Glickman and Joseph Stein. Scenic Design by John Root. Costume Design by John Robert Lloyd. Directed by George Abbott. Music Box Theatre: 4 May 1949- 7 May 1949 (5 performances). Cast: Edward Andrews (as "Woodrow Grupp"), Loïs Bolton (as "Mrs. Peggy Gibbons"), Richard Carlyle (as "Francis X. Gibbons"), Francis Compton (as "Lester MacMichaels"), Royal Dano (as "Ernie "Horse" Wagner"), William David (as "Coles"), Glenda Farrell (as "Myra Ward"), Tom Lewis (as "Rudy Gibbons"), Helen Mayon (as "Pearl"), Richard Taber (as "Mr. Rausch"), Ray Walston (as "Rodla Gibbons"). Produced by George Abbott.
  • (1954) Stage Play: Home Is the Hero. Written by Walter Macken. Directed by Worthington Miner. Booth Theatre: 22 Sep 1954- 16 Oct 1954 (30 performances). Cast: Glenda Farrell (as "Daylia"), Frances Fuller (as "Mrs. Green"), Peggy Ann Garner (as "Josie"), Donald Harron (as "Willie O'Reilly"), Loretta Leversee (as "Lily Green"), Walter Macken (as "Paddo O'Reilly"), J. Pat O'Malley (as "Dovetail"), Christopher Plummer (as "Manchester Monagham"), Art Smith (as "Trapper"), Ann Thomas (as "Bid"). Produced by The Theatre Guild and Worthington Miner. Note: Filmed as Home Is the Hero (1959).
  • (1959) Stage Play: Masquerade. Comedy. Written by Sigmund Miller. Incidental music by Sol Kaplan. Directed by Jed Horner. John Golden Theatre: 16 Mar 1959 (1 performance). Cast: Glenda Farrell (as "Isabel Chamberlain"), Jack Cannon, Donald Cook (as "Oliver Casey"), Anne Ives, Cloris Leachman (as "Amy Grenville"), Gene Lyons, Peter Mark Richman. Produced by Richard W. Krakauer. Produced in association with Louis D'Almeida.
  • (1968) Stage Play: Forty Carats. Comedy. Written by Pierre Barillet and 'Jean-Pierre Gredy'. Adapted by Jay Presson Allen [credited as Jay Allen]. Directed by Abe Burrows. Morosco Theatre: 26 Dec 1968- 7 Nov 1970 (780 performances + 2 previews). Produced by David Merrick. Associate Producer: Samuel Liff. Produced in association with Beresford Productions Ltd.
  • (1939) She acted in S.N. Behrman's play, "Brief Moment," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Douglass Montgomery in the cast.
  • (1963) She acted in the play, "A Gift Horse," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Bert Wheeler in the cast. David Pressman was director.
  • (August 27, 1939) She acted in Austin Packer's play, "With All My Heart," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine.
  • (Summer 1948) She acted in George Kelly's play, "Fatal Weakness," in a Kenley Players production in Deer Lake, Pennsylvania. John Kenley was artistic director.

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