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  • (1924 - 1934) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1924) Stage Play: Dear Sir. Musical comedy. Music by Jerome Kern. Book by Edgar Selwyn. Lyrics by Howard Dietz. Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Music orchestrated by Allan K. Foster. Choreographed by David Bennett. Directed by David Burton. Times Square Theatre: 23 Sep 1924- 4 Oct 1924 (15 performances). Cast: Joseph Allen (as "Peters"), June Baldwin, Ida Berry, William Boren, Hazel Bunting, Betty Campbell, Helen Carrington, Walter Catlett (as "Andrew Bloxom"), Austin Clark, Ritchy Craig, Clifford Daly, Regina Daw, Marion Donnelly, Josephine Dunn (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Victoire Dutel, Dorothy Fitzgibbon, Raymond Hall, Madeline Janis, Norman Jefferson, Janearl Johnson, Katherine Kohler, Trudy Lake, Ainsley Lambert, Lovey Lee, Arthur Lipson (as "Louis, Maitre d'Hotel at Sherry's"), Clair Lipton, Claire Luce (as "Clair"), Kathlene Martyn, Margery Martyn, John McCullough, Beth Meakins, Francis Murphy, Helen Orb, Evelyn Plumador, Geraldine Reavard, Dorothea Richmond, Rita Royce, Frank Schulze, Oscar Shaw (as "Laddie Munn"), Allen Stevens, George Sweet, Genevieve Tobin (as "Dorothy Fair"), Julia Warren, Peggy Watts, William Wilder, Billy Wilson, Devah Worrell. Produced by Philip Goodman.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Take a Chance. Music by Nacio Herb Brown and Richard A. Whiting. Additional songs by Vincent Youmans. Material by Buddy G. DeSylva and Laurence Schwab. Additional Dialogue by Sid Silvers. Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva. Music orchestrated by Stephen Jones, Edward Powell, Robert Russell Bennett and William Daly. Vocal Arrangements for Miss Merman's songs by Roger Edens. Musical numbers directed by Bobby Connolly. Material directed by Edgar J. MacGregor. Apollo Theatre: 26 Nov 1932- 1 Jul 1932 (243 performances). Cast: Louise Allen, James Ardell, Jack Armstrong, Lee Beggs (as "Actor, in Kenneth Raleigh's Revue, "Humpty Dumpty"/Mr. Krankel, "Blackmail"/Boss, "Eadie"), Gerry Billings, Chet Bree, Lucille Brodin, Flo Brooks, Andrew Carr, Louise Carr, Jean Carson, Edward Delridge, Marian Dixon, Al Downing, Josephine Dunn, Neil Evans, Helen Fairweather, Emily Fitzpatrick, John Fleming, Arline Garfield, Robert Gleckler, Frances Gordon, John Grant, Ethel Green, Jack Haley, Marion Herson, Sara Jane, Julie Jenner, Dorothy Kal, Budd Kehlner, Gloria Kelly, Henry King, Paula King, June Knight, Tommy Land, Jane Lane, Evelyn Laurie, Clark Leston, Florence Mallee, Mitzi Mayfair, Frances McHugh, Anna Marie McKenney, Ethel Merman (as "Wanda Brill"), Dorothy Morgan, George Pauncefort, Paul Peque, Blanche Poston, Oscar Ragland (as "Actor"), Adelaide Raleigh, Louise Seidel, Sid Silvers, William Stamm, Mildred Webb, Jack Whiting (as "Kenneth Raleigh"), Douglas Wood. Produced by Laurence Schwab and Buddy G. DeSylva.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Between Two Worlds. Drama. Written by Elmer Rice. Scenic Design by Aline Bernstein. Directed by Elmer Rice. Belasco Theatre: 25 Oct 1934- Nov 1934 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Osceola Archer (as "Rose Henneford"), Edilou Bailhe, 'Samuel Bonnell' (as "The Photographer's Assistant"), Elmer Brown, Joe Brown Jr., Rose Burdick (as "Eunice Stafford"), John Cambridge, Francis Compton (as "The Smoke-room Steward"), Polly De Loos, Josephine Dunn (as "Vivienne Sinclair") [final Broadway role], Lee Ellsworth, Buddy Farley, Gladys Feldman, Clyde Fillmore (as "Captain John Whalley"), Janet Fox, Ned Glass (as "A News-Photographer"), Rachel Hartzell, Alfred Hesse (as "The Deck Steward"), Jack Leslie, Lester Lonergan III, Tucker Maguire, Nelly Malcolm, Thomas H. Manning, Frank Marino, Constance McKay, Sue Moore, Diantha Pattison (as "Hilda Bowen"), Leonard Penn, Sara Peyton, Buddy Proctor, R. Birrell Rawls, Wells Richardson, Cledge Roberts, Ralph Sanford, Joseph Schildkraut (as "N.N. Kovolev"), James Spottswood, Ruth Tomlinson, Anne Tonett. Produced by Elmer Rice.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Pickwick. Comedy. Written by Cosmo Hamilton and Frank C. Reilly. From "The Pickwick Papers", by Charles Dickens. Directed by Campbell Gullan. Empire Theatre: 5 Sep 1927- Nov 1927 (closing date unknown/72 performances). Cast: Guido Alexander (as "Mr. Ben Allen/First Usher"), Frank Andrews (as "Sergeant Snubbin"), Ralph Bunker (as "Nathaniel Winkle, Esq"), John Cumberland (as "Samuel Pickwick, Esq"), Dickens Trio (as "Carol Singers"), Maureen Dillon (as "The Lady in the Sedan Chair/Gamekeeper's Boy/Old Mrs. Wardle/The Debtor's Granddaughter"), Malcolm Duffield (as "Mr. Trundle/Second Usher"), Josephine Dunn (as "Second Housemaid"), Walter Edwin (as "Mr. Wardle"), Edward Garbett (as "The 'Ead "Ostler at the White Hart"), Claude Gouraud (as "The Elderly Gallant/Martin, Clerk of the Court"), Arthur Hains (as "Chairbearer"), Marshall Hale (as "Waiter/Mr. Phunky"), Ruby Hallier (as "Housekeeper/Mrs. Cluppins"), Basil Hanbury (as "Mr. Bob Sawyer/Jackson, The Gentleman in Black"), Sheelagh Hayes (as "Miss Arabella Allen"), Edward Jephson (as "Mr. Skimpin"), Olga Katzin (as "Miss Rachael Wardle"), Tom McKay (as "Stable-Boy"), Charles McNaughton (as "Sam Weller"), Hugh Miller (as "Mr. Alfred Jingle"), Fred Monti (as "Cabman/Mr. Dodson"), Marie Paxton (as "Mary"), Harry Plimmer (as "Tracy Tupman, Esq"), Maxime Pomada (as "Joe"), Pauline Porter (as "Mrs. Sanders"), John A. Regan (as "Organ Grinder/Roker"), John Rogers (as "Mr. Perker"), Sol Solomon (as "Coach Guard/Link-Boy/Mr. Justice Starleigh"), Albert Somers (as "Butler"), Alice Southern (as "Betsy/First Housemaid"), George Spelvin (as "A Poor Debtor"), Katherine Stewart (as "Mrs. Martha Bardell"), Elaine Temple (as "Miss Emily Wardle"), MacKenzie Ward (as "Augustus Snodgrass, Esq"), Henry Waters (as "Chairbearer"), Jill Willis (as "Miss Isabella Wardle"), Bruce Winston (as "Tony Weller/Sergeant Buzfuz"). Produced by Frank C. Reilly.

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