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16 Good Movie Pick-Me-Ups on Netflix Right Now

Why so glum, chum? Movies are fun and they need watching.

In the immortal words of Shane Black via Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight, “Life is pain. Get used to it.” These days life has been really painful though, and it’s not so easy to get used to it. Thankfully movies are always here to pick us up when we need it, or bring us down if we’re looking to wallow. This month we’ve made a list of movies that will leave you smiling and feeling good about humanity after you watch them — at least for a little while. Click on their titles to be taken to their Netflix pages.

Pick of the Month: Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

It’s possible that Big Trouble in Little China might be the stupidest movie ever made. It’s about a fast-talking, rock-stupid, man-child truck driver battling Asian mystics over the fate of his
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A Movie Marathon for Sports Films Lovers

Some of the quintessential movies of all time are sports themed, and they are memorable for a good reason. Many of these films include suspense, excitement, and a good moral lesson to tug on the heartstrings. Below you will find a good place to start your next sports movie marathon, a list of some iconic sports films:

RushThe first movie in our marathon is about the sport of Formula One Racing. Rush stars Daniel Bruhl, Chris Hemsworth, and Olivia Wilde and tells the story of a 1970’s racing rivalry in Germany. Bonus point for this movie because it is based on a true story.

Million Dollar Baby – Starring Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood, and Morgan Freeman, this popular movie is about a persevering woman who wants to be trained to be a professional boxer and the life changing results for both her and her trainer.

Silver Linings Playbook – This 2012 movie stars Bradley Cooper,
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Watch: Vincent Piazza in Crime Story 'The Wannabe' Official Trailer

"Now one told you to go rob the Blockbuster, you were on your own." Entertainment One has unveiled an official trailer for Nick Sandow's The Wannabe, starring Vincent Piazza as Thomas, a kid who set out to fix the 1992 trial of John Gotti. It's essentially a wacky little story about a kid who wants to be a part of the mob glory involving Gotti, and devises a crazy, bold plan to get himself in the center of everything. Patricia Arquette co-stars, Martin Scorsese executive produces; the cast includes Domenick Lombardozzi, Michael Imperioli, Doug E. Doug, Nick Sandow, Vincenzo Amato, and Joseph Siravo as John Gotti. This honestly doesn't look that memorable, but if you're into mob films maybe you should take a look. Here's the official trailer for Nick Sandow's The Wannabe, found on YouTube (via The Film Stage): Obsessed with mob culture, and desperate to fit in,
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Popular Disney Actor and Broadway Performer Jones Dead at 84

Dean Jones: Actor in Disney movies. Dean Jones dead at 84: Actor in Disney movies 'The Love Bug,' 'That Darn Cat!' Dean Jones, best known for playing befuddled heroes in 1960s Walt Disney movies such as That Darn Cat! and The Love Bug, died of complications from Parkinson's disease on Tue., Sept. 1, '15, in Los Angeles. Jones (born on Jan. 25, 1931, in Decatur, Alabama) was 84. Dean Jones movies Dean Jones began his Hollywood career in the mid-'50s, when he was featured in bit parts – at times uncredited – in a handful of films at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer In 2009 interview for Christianity Today, Jones recalled playing his first scene (in These Wilder Years) with veteran James Cagney, who told him “Walk to your mark and remember your lines” – supposedly a lesson he would take to heart. At MGM, bit player Jones would also be featured in Robert Wise's
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6 Frigid Films to Beat the Heat

Summer is (blissfully) upon us and as much as the heat is appreciated by all the sun-worshippers, there are still days when we wish it were just a bit cooler. In the spirit of getting your mind over matter, here are six films set in cold climates to bring down your mental temperatures. “Frozen”This Oscar-winning animated smash hit of 2014 will have you “letting go” of your focus on the summer heat and singing all its catchy tunes along with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf; featuring the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad as their respective characters, this now Disney classic will at least keep you in your air conditioned apartment, if nothing else. “Cool Runnings”Based on a true story, this ’90s classic follows the first ever Jamaican bobsled team on their journey to the Olympics. Four athletes, led by a disqualified sprinter and a dishonored coach,
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Jim Norton, Rachel Dratch and David Alan Grier Among Upcoming ‘Friends of the People’ Guest Stars (Exclusive)

Jim Norton, Rachel Dratch and David Alan Grier Among Upcoming ‘Friends of the People’ Guest Stars (Exclusive)
TruTV’s first-ever sketch comedy series “Friends of the People” is getting a whole bushel of guest stars for the second half of its inaugural season, a list that TheWrap has learned exclusively. Upcoming guests include “In Living Color’s” David Alan Grier (pictured above), “Double Dare” host Marc Summers, the New York Giants’ Jay Bromley, pro wrestlers Mick Foley and X-Pac, “Cash Cab” host Ben Bailey and comedian Jim Norton. Ellen Cleghorne (“SNL”), Rachel Dratch (“SNL”), Butterbean (boxer), Ed Lover (radio personality) and Doug E. Doug (rapper) will also make appearances. Also Read: 'Saved by the Bell' Spoof Follows
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Halfway across you’ll turn off the light: An analysis of the Sony/Marvel Spider-partnership

  • Comicmix
And so another of the items on the world’s “This will never happen” list can be crossed off. Sony and Marvel Studios have come to an accord on the use of Spider-Man in proper Marvel films, and of other Marvel characters in upcoming Spider-movies.

While this initially sounds like a stellar win, I can see a number of ways that it won’t live up to the expectations of the fans.

Marvel hasn’t “gotten Spider-Man back” – This is very much a “two guys with half the map” scenario. A great deal of cooperation will have to occur between the companies, with permitted uses and appearances strictly defined. It seems much like the partnership between the various studios in the Lord of the Rings / Hobbit franchise, each hanging on to their piece for dear life to score a taste of that sweet profit stream.

While I’m sure Marvel
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Indie Spotlight: The Projectionist Starring Russ Russo and Doug E. Doug

On this holiday weekend edition of Indie Spotlight, I'm happy to bring you The Projectionist.  From writer-director Ryan M. Kennedy and producer Atit Shah comes this look at the effects of Ptsd and how war veterans afflicted with this disorder often go untreated and overlooked.  Described as "a warrior reduced to a shadow," The Projectionist follows Jacob Nicks (Russ Russo), a former solider attempting to cope with his undiagnosed Ptsd.  The film also features Natasha Alam (True Blood), Doug E. Doug (Cool Runnings), Kiowa Gordon (The Twilight Saga), Joseph R. Gannascoli (Sopranos), Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco), Dominik Tiefenthaler (Maybe Tomorrow) and Chris Lapanta (The Blacklist). Hit the jump for more. While previous Kickstarter projects have overwhelmingly been looking to crowdsource funds for production purposes, The Projectionist is already a completed film.  Instead, the filmmakers and production company Create Entertainment are looking to use Kickstarter in order to increase their distribution potential.
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'Cool Runnings': An oral history

'Cool Runnings': An oral history
Jon Turteltaub first heard the story of the 1988 Olympic Jamaican bobsled team when he was in film school. “We all thought that was both hilarious and sort of indicative of what the Olympics was all about,” Turteltaub said. “In some ways it was looked at as a joke, and in other ways, it was looked at as a very inspiring little anecdote that made the whole Olympics have more character.” Less than five years later, Turteltaub would get a call from his agent about a new opportunity.

Disney was making a film about the Jamaican bobsled team’s story, and
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'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 13: Two cases involve 'Unfinished Business'

Past events can fuel present problems, as the Reagans' latest cases taught them anew.

Written by co-executive producer Siobhan Byrne O'Connor, Friday's (Jan. 17) episode of CBS' "Blue Bloods," "Unfinished Business," set Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) on the trail of Army veteran John Russelll (guest star Chad Michael Collins), who had assaulted his wife, Maryann (guest star Kelli Barrett), and taken their son Tommy (guest star Michael Capperella) from his school.

The Army, as represented by Maj. Harrison (guest star Terry Serpico), wasn't happy that Danny had started an investigation without clearing it with him first. A struggle over jurisdiction began, with Marine veteran Danny noting, "I understand protocol. I just don't like following it."

During a press conference on a weapons-selling bust, Frank (Tom Selleck) was confronted by Betty Lowe (guest star Karen Allen), who asked him "why I can't get justice for my daughter. And her killer is out there,
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'Agents of Shield' welcomes Stan Lee; 'Blue Bloods' adds Doug E. Doug, Karen Allen

News and notes from all over TV:

- "Marvel's Agents of Shield" has officially gained an exciting new cast member: Stan Lee filmed an appearance on the ABC drama. It's reported that he will have a "big role" in his episode, which is expected to air on Feb. 4. Lee has made cameos in all the Marvel-produced movies, but this will be his first on the TV show, which he also executive produces. [Hollywood Reporter]

- CBS' "Blue Bloods" has cast actor-comedian Doug E. Doug ("Cosby," "Cool Runnings") and "Raiders of the Lost Ark's" Karen Allen in guest roles. Both will appear in the Jan. 17 episode. He plays a murder witness questioned anew by prosecutor Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) as she reopens a homicide case. His character won't be hard to find: He's in jail, being held for his apparent involvement in another matter. Allen plays the victim's mother.

- The Bcs championship game drew strong,
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Going For Gold – The Olympics On Screen

Though it’s nearly a year since the UK was gripped by Olympic fever, the spirit of 2012 is far from dead and buried. Aiming to secure a £50,000 backing on Kickstarter to take the short film to Cannes, Writer/Director Alexandra Boyd and Producer Jon Pettigrew are looking to transport the story of record-breaking Olympian, Harry Mallin, from the streets of the East End to the Silver Screen. To celebrate The Wilderness project, we’re taking a look at some other Olympics dreams on our cinematic screens.

Cool Runnings (1993)

Following the (nearly true) story of four ambitious athletes, a disgraced coach and a lucky egg, Cool Runnings is the tale of the first Jamaican bobsled team, who debuted at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Featuring the comedic talents of Leon, Doug E. Doug and the late, great John Candy, Cool Runnings may well be the most fictitious on this list, but is definitely the most magical.
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Look: 'Cool Runnings' Reunion In Calgary

Look: 'Cool Runnings' Reunion In Calgary
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Cool Runnings," hundreds of people packed Calgary's Plaza Theatre Sunday afternoon to take in a screening.

The special showing, put on by the Reel Fun Film Festival, provided a treat for fans of the 1993 comedy -- a small reunion, with several members of the cast on hand to sign autographs and take photos.

Leon Robinson and Doug E. Doug chatted with fans before the show and signed 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics memorabilia, but decided against watching the matinee.

“Last night I watched it, and I was like ‘Ok, that’s enough,’” Doug explained to Metro Calgary. “You start to get critical of yourself. You’re not watching what people are watching. You’re just thinking, ‘Wow, my head looks big. My dreadlocks look messy.’”

A recent poll, conducted by streaming and DVD rental service LOVEFiLM, ranked "Cool Runnings" as the number one feel-good movie of all time,
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10 Greatest Moments in 90′s Juvenile Sports Cinema

There has been a lot of speculation concerning the the rise in childhood obesity among today’s youth. Why are so many of today’s children so fat? I’ve got a one one word answer: Twinkies. Just kidding (R.I.P my nuclear-blast-surviving friends). Why don’t kids exercise more or go outside and play? Some blame genetics or diet, while others look to socioeconomic factors (fat people tend to be poorer). Others blame media over-saturation (Facebook, TV, cell phones, PlayStation, etc.).

Each argument makes a valid point, but none provide a solution to the problem outside of the obvious: Stop watching TV and go outside! I’m going to suggest that the problem is one of vision. When it comes to weight loss and children, you can’t take an adult point of view to the problem. Adults exercise and lose weight for boring reasons that kids can

Extended Thoughts on ‘Cool Runnings’

Cool Runnings

Directed by Jon Turteltaub

Written by Lynn Siefert, Tommy Swerdlow, Michael Goldberg, and Michael Ritchie

Starring John Candy, Doug E. Doug, Malik Yoba, Leon Robinson, Rawle D. Lewis

Throughout my lifetime, there have been a number of heartbreaking deaths in popular culture. I won’t rank them in terms of least to most heartbreaking, for myriad reasons, but one of the saddest has always been John Candy passing away in 1994. I was sad about this at age 9 even though, looking at his filmography, I can’t imagine I would’ve seen most of the movies Candy was known for when he passed on. Certainly, I saw Home Alone and The Rescuers Down Under as a kid, but I didn’t see most of his movies—Canadian Bacon, Stripes, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles—until after he passed away. But even as a child, I
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Detachment (2011) Movie Trailer: Adrien Brody, Christina Hendricks

Detachment Trailer. Tony Kaye‘s Detachment (2011) movie trailer stars Adrien Brody, Christina Hendricks, Bryan Cranston, Lucy Liu, and Renée Felice Smith. Detachment‘s plot synopsis: “A chronicle of three weeks in the lives of several high school teachers, administrators and students as seen through the eyes of a substitute teacher.”

Can you say Mr. Holland’s Opus meets Dangerous Minds meets Boston Public?

Detachment also stars James Caan, Blythe Danner, Marcia Gay Harden, William Petersen, Tim Blake Nelson, Doug E. Doug, Josh Pais, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Sami Gayle, and Patricia Rae.

Watch the Detachment movie trailer and leave your thoughts on it in the comments section below. For more Detachment photos, videos, and information, visit our Detachment Page. Detachment will be released in Us theaters through Tribeca Film on March 16, 2012.

Source: Apple, Firstshowing
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DVD Review: Snowmen

  • ShockYa
DVD Review: Snowmen
Title: Snowmen Directed by: Robert Kirbyson Starring: Bobby Coleman, Josh Flitter, Bobb’e J. Thompson, Doug E. Doug, Christopher Lloyd, and Ray Liotta Running time: 86 minutes, PG Three friends in a small town plan to break the Guinness World Record by building the most snowmen in a single day in order to be remembered forever. This is one of those DVD’s where you can’t look at the cover first, because it will give you the wrong impression. While this is a cute family movie, it’s got a darkness about it. The lead character Billy Kirkfield (Bobby Coleman) is in remission from cancer. He and his two friends Howard (Bobb’e J....
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DVD Release: A Novel Romance

DVD Release Date: Jan . 31, 2011

Price: DVD $24.98

Studio: Entertainment One

Milena Govich (l.), Steve Guttenberg and Shannon Elizabeth star in A Novel Romance.

Romantic comedy star of yesteryear Steve Guttenberg (Three Men and a Baby) returns in the 2011 independent romantic comedy film A Novel Romance, co-starring Shannon Elizabeth (the American Pie series) and Milena Govich (TV’s Rescue Me).

Written and directed by Allie Dvorin (The Sandlot 3), A Novel Romance follows the lives of two strangers, an unemployed budding novelist Nate (Guttenberg) and Jenny (Govich), who meet and become unlikely roommates.

As they travel down similar, complicated-yet-separate life paths, they struggle with relationship heartaches, career troubles and surviving the death of a loved one. Eventually they realize that true love may just be the thing they need … and it’s waiting right in front of them.

The unrated movie also features Kelly Bishop, (TV’s Gilmore Girls), Jay O. Sanders
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The Avengers Set Video And Photos: Screaming Extras, Rubble, And Chris Evans Looking Dapper

When you live in a small town that isn't usually in the rotation for movie productions, there's nothing more exciting than when Hollywood comes to town. When they shot the long-forgotten Disney remake of That Darn Cat (starring Christina Ricci and Doug E. Doug!) in my hometown in 1996, you'd better believe we clocked the production's every move. When I went to visit the set of The Help in Greenwood, Mississippi I witnessed the group of friendliest, most exciting neighbors you can imagine, even though trailers were blocking pretty much every road in the neighborhood. And now that The Avengers has set up shop in Cleveland, Ohio, the local paper the Plain-Dealer-- over at has gotten in the business of documenting all the action. Over the weekend it wasn't that hard-- the crew was shooting a giant crowd scene that required extras to run screaming through the downtown streets
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Tribeca 2011: "Detachment," Reviewed

  • IFC
Tribeca 2011:
Tony Kaye didn't disappoint. In front of a packed house at the Bmcc Performing Arts Center during the Tribeca Film Festival, the British director that once wanted his name replaced with "Humpty Dumpty" on "American History X" came out onstage with the greying beard of a hermit, the glasses of Sigmund Freud, a black guitar and a Whole Foods shopping bag to mumble an introduction of his film "Detachment" before breaking out into a full-blown song that ended with the audience chanting, "I don't care." (A sample lyric: "Brainwash my confidence away...begging for peace of mind may seem selfish and unfair...I don't care.) Adrien Brody was there, too, saying some heartfelt words about how his father was a public school teacher, but all eyes were on Kaye, who implored the audience to look for the color red in the film by placing a piece of paper drenched in
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