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  • (1933 - 1965) Stage, vaudeville, and television actress. Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1933) Stage Play: Give Us This Day. Drama.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Gentlewoman. Comedy. Written by John Howard Lawson. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Cort Theatre: 22 Mar 1934- Apr 1934 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Cast: Stella Adler (as "Gwyn Ballantine"), Roman Bohnen (as "Colonel Richard Fowler"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Dr. Lewis Golden"), Russell Collins (as "Havens"), Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Stoneleigh"), Lewis Leverett (as "Elliott Snowden"), Claudia Morgan (as "Connie Blane"), Lloyd Nolan (as "Rudy Flannigan"), Neill O'Malley (as Vaughn"), Frances Williams (as "Hattie"). Produced by The Group Theatre Company. Produced in association with D.A. Doran Jr.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Are You Decent. Comedy. Written by Crane Wilbur. Directed by Dmitri Ostrov. Ambassador Theatre: 19 Apr 1934- Sep 1934 (closing date unknown/188 performances). Cast: Zamah Cunningham (as "Peggy Witherspoon"), Eric Dressler (as "Bill Adams"), Beatrice Hendricks, A.J. Herbert, Claudia Morgan (as "Antonia Wayne"), Royal C. Stout (as "Edwards"), Lester Vail (as "Keith Darrell"). Produced by Albert Bannister, in association with George L. Miller.
  • (1935) Stage Play: Reprise.
  • (1935) Stage Play: Triumph. Comedy. Fulton Theatre: 14 Oct 1935- Oct 1935 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Produced by Elizabeth Miele.
  • (1935) Stage Play: The Season Changes. Comedy. Written by Arthur Richman. Directed by Robert Milton. Booth Theatre: 23 Dec 1935- Dec 1935 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Eliot Cabot, Zamah Cunningham, Doris Dudley, Beatrice Hendricks, Nicholas Joy, Phyllis Joyce, Hope Landin, James Spottswood. Produced by Robert Milton.
  • (1937) Stage Play: In Clover. Comedy. Written by Allan Scott. Directed by Bretaigne Windust. Vanderbilt Theatre: 13 Oct 1937- Oct 1937 (closing date unknown/3 performances). Cast included: Pete Barker, Albert Bergh (as "Dr. Brewer"), Robert Crane, Zamah Cunningham (as "Electa Hornblower"), José Ferrer, Sally Gabler, Carmen Lewis, Joan Macomber, Don McClure, Myron McCormick, Dennie Moore (as "Polly LaVarre Brewer"), Claudia Morgan, Louise Platt, Helen Strickland, Joseph Sweeney, Bertram Thorn. Produced by John Krimsky and Jerrold Krimsky.
  • (1937) Stage Play: Siege. Drama. Written by Irwin Shaw. Directed by Chester Erskine. Longacre Theatre: 8 Dec 1937- Dec 1937 (closing date unknown/6 performances). Cast: Leopold Badia, Rollin Bauer, Abner Biberman (as "Escobar"), Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Perez"), J. Hammond Dailey, William Edmunds, William Franklin, Hunter Gardner, Maurice Gardner, Jackson Halliday, Rose Hobart, John Irwin, Charles Keane, David Leonard, Sheldon Leonard, Harold Moffet, Norman Stuart, Edwin Thatcher. Produced by Norman Bel Geddes.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Roosty. Drama. Written by Martin Berkeley. Directed by Lee Strasberg. Lyceum Theatre: 14 Feb 1938- Feb 1938 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Abner Biberman (as "Dip"), Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Adams"), Salo Douday, Katherine Emery, William Fay, Russell Hardy, William Harrigan, Harold Johnsrud, James McCallion, Tucker McGuire, Mary Morris, Ernest Woodward. Produced by Albert Lewis.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Run Sheep Run. Comedy.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Young Couple Wanted. Comedy. Written by Arthur Wilmurt. Directed by Martin Gabel. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 24 Jan 1940- 3 Feb 1940 (13 performances). Cast: John Adair (as "Mr. Daly"), Richard Clark (as "Donald Thompson"), Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Daly"), Juliet Forbes (as "Betty Monkline"), Arlene Francis (as "Catherine Daly"), Lloyd Gough (as "Lewis Champion"), Ethel Intropidi (as "Mrs. Fitch"), J. Richard Jones (as "George Jones"), Hugh Marlowe (as "Jed Jones"), Ruth Thane McDevitt (as "Miss Muhlen"), Helen Shields (as "Cora Bedell"). Produced by Jerome Mayer. Produced in association with Carly Wharton and Martin Gabel.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Medicine Show. Incidental music by Hanns Eisler. Written by Oscar Saul and H.R. Hays. Directed by Jules Dassin. New Yorker Theatre: 12 Apr 1940- 11 May 1940 (35 performances). Cast: Isabel Bonner (as "Mrs. Sullivan"), Philip Bourneuf (as "Jackson"), Perry Bruskin (as "Ben"), Virginia Campbell (as "Chorine"), Richard Clark (as "Kennedy "), Grace Coppin (as "Mrs. Jackson"), Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Young"), Olive Deering (as "Rose"), Joseph M. Dixon (as "Andrew"), Sara Floyd (as "Ellie"), Melbourne Ford (as "John"), Peter Frye (as "Pete"), Martin Gabel (as "Statistician"), Pearl Gaines (as "Sarah"), Coburn Goodwin (as "Hall"), Norma Green, William Hansen (as "Dr. Mackenzie"), J. Richard Jones (as "Clinic Doctor"), Linda Lee, Harry Lessin, Norman Lloyd (as "Quack"), Dorothy McGuire (as "Dora"), Bram Nossen (as "Dr. White"), John Randolph (as "Mac"), Ronald Reiss, Ben Ross, Alfred Ryder, Leigh Whipper (as "Eli"). Produced by Carly Wharton and Martin Gabel.
  • (1940) Stage Play: Horse Fever. Written by Eugene Conrad, Zac Gabel and Ruby Gabel. Directed by Milton Stiefel. Mansfield Theatre: 23 Nov 1940- 14 Dec 1940 (25 performances). Cast: Arthur Allen, Jack Arnold (as "Photographer"), Leslie Barrett, Seldon Bennett, Marietta Canty, Clancy Cooper, Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Drum"), Peter Cusanelli, John L. Kearney, Mitchell Kowal, Kay Loring (as "Maid"), Lou Lubin, Bobby Mitchell, Millard Mitchell (as "Joe Flynn"), Neil Moore, Daniel Ocko, Judy Parrish, Joseph Pevney (as "Frank Drum"), Sara Seegar, Ezra Stone (as "Orville"), Trilby (as "Herself"). Produced by Alexander Yokel.
  • (1941) Stage Play: Tanyard Street.
  • (1943) Stage Play: Feathers in a Gale. Comedy. Written by Pauline Jamerson and Reginald Lawrence. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Music Box Theatre: 21 Dec 1943- 25 Dec 1943 (7 performances). Cast: Stuart Brody (as "Felipe"), Alexander Campbell (as "Captain Ebenezer"), Peggy Conklin (as "Annabella Hallock"), Zamah Cunningham (as "Lucy Abner"), Edwin Cushman (as "Mr. Carey"), Harry Ellerbe (as "Reverend David Thatcher"), Richard Garrick (as "Josiah Abner"), John Hamilton (as "Zeb Hibbitt"), Louise Lorimer (as "Matilda Phinney"), Norman MacKay (as "Captain Seth Barnabas"), Aileen Poe (as "Abigail"), John Robb (as "Town Clerk"), Cyrus H. Staehle (as "Mr. Otis"), Paula Trueman (as "Phoebe Fuller"). Produced by Arthur Hopkins and Martin Burton.
  • (1944) Stage Play: Robin Hood.
  • (1944) Stage Play: On the Town. Musical comedy.
  • (1958) Stage Play: The Shadow of a Gunman.
  • (1965) Stage Play: Minor Miracle. Written by Al Morgan. Directed by Howard Erskine. Henry Miller's Theatre: 7 Oct 1965- 9 Oct 1965 (4 performances + 11 previews). Cast: Dennis King (as "Bishop William O'Leary"), Lee Tracy (as "Father Maurice Britt"), Robert H. Harris, Pert Kelton (as "Mrs. Doody"), Julie Bovasso, Zamah Cunningham (as "Mrs. Fuller") [final Broadway role], Conard Fowkes, Glenn Scimonelli. Produced by Zev Bufman and Howard Erskine.
  • (1961) She acted in Leonard Spigelgass's play, "A Majority of One," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Herbert Marshall in the cast.
  • (July 1961) She acted in Leonard Spigelgass's play, "A Majority of One," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Herbert Marshall in the cast.

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