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Movie Review – After We Leave (2019)

After We Leave, 2019.

Directed by Aleem Hossain

Starring Brian Silverman, Clay Wilcox, Anslem Richardson, Anita Leeman Torres, James Black, Naomi Salamon


A near future earth, ravaged by human abuse, offers people the chance to emigrate to off-planet habitats. When Jack (Brian Silverman) is awarded his couples travel Visa, he must navigate his past, as well as a crumbling society, in order to find his estranged wife.

Setting its narrative in the same portentous, near future landscape as Christopher Nolan’s Intestellar, After We Leave attempts its own small-scale version of the familial strife involved in escaping our dying planet. For a while it maintains an air of slow-burn intrigue, a quiet film, punctuated by small creative brushstrokes, very similar to Gareth Edwards breakout hit, Monsters, until it abandons the mystery in favour of a rather lackluster tale of small-town gangsters.

Directing from his own screenplay, Aleem Hossain keeps things wonderfully grounded.
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Renowned artists win big at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards

Sony Music Entertainment artists representing a diverse range of genres from across the company?s labels were recognized for their outstanding achievements tonight at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and hosted by 15-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys.

Honored artists included Childish Gambino, H.E.R., Silk City, Future, Leon Bridges, Buddy Guy, Willie Nelson, Charlie Wilson, Kirk Franklin and Pharrell Williams.

A number of Sony Music artists took the stage for live performances. Camila Cabello opened the ceremony with a colorful Broadway-inspired rendition of ?Havana? featuring special guests Ricky Martin, Young Thug and J Balvin. Miley Cyrus joined Shawn Mendes for his hit ?In My Blood?. H.E.R. delivered her soulful funk on ?Hard Place?. Host Alicia Keys sat down for a music interlude, introducing her segment by playing ?The Entertainer? on two pianos, then serenaded ?Killing Me Softly?, ?Unforgettable?, ?Lucid Dreams?
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Kendrick Lamar Reveals Black Panther Soundtrack Details and Art

Kendrick Lamar Reveals Black Panther Soundtrack Details and Art
Kendrick Lamar has revealed the full track list for the Black Panther soundtrack. It was revealed in December that the Grammy-winning artist was going to be involved with the music for Marvel's Black Panther, but it turns out he's contributed heavily to the movie's original soundtrack, along with many other big names from the current rap and hip-hop landscape. Lamar took to Twitter to reveal not only the full tracklist for Black Panther The Album, but also the cover art.

The cover art for the Black Panther soundtrack is simple yet effective, featuring a black background with T'Challa's very recognizable necklace on the front. As for the music, Kendrick Lamar is featured on a total of five of the album's tracks, including the title track Black Panther, All the Stars with Sza, King's Dead with Jay Rock, Future and James Black, Big Shot with Travis Scott and Pray for Me with The Weeknd.
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New NCIS Los Angeles Season 6,Episode 6 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "NCIS: Los Angeles" episode 6 of season 6. The episode is entitled, "Seal Hunter," and it sounds like things will get very intriguing and shocking as Sam gets thrown in jail on murder charges, and more! The episode is titled, "Seal Hunter." In the new ,6th episode press release: When Sam gets arrested for murdering a woman, Kensi and Deeks are going to uncover a link between the victim and a student from Sam's past. Press release number 2: When Sam is arrested for murdering a woman, Callen and Granger will work to clear his name. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks will discover a link between the victim and a student from Sam’s past. Chris O’Donnell directed the episode. Mixed martial artist and former Ufc Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva guest stars. Guest stars will feature: Casey Sander (Ray Turner), James Black
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[DVD News] - "The Phoenix Rises" Now Available on DVD!

"The Phoenix Rises" is Now Available on DVD! "The Phoenix Rises" stars: James Black ("Out Of Sight", "Anger Management", "Necessary Roughness"), Adam Cardon ("Ark"), Catalina Soto-Aguilar ("Skyhook"), Casey Myers ("My Stepdad's A Frickin Vampire"), Robert Penny ("Sweet Home Alabama"), and Philip Fornah ("Django Unchained"). The film is now available for purchase on DVD and will soon be available for pickup at your local RedBox location!Worlds collide when a team of brilliant scientists are recruited to work on a secret, government run project called the Phoenix Program. Their job is to take down a deadly terrorist group that is using climate based weapons to hold the Us and its allies hostage. The terrorists have the ability to trigger earthquakes, alter rain patterns, cause...
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Watch Four Anger Management Season 1 Trailers

Watch Four Anger Management Season 1 Trailers
FX has released four new trailers for Anger Management, which kicks off Season 1 with back-to-back episodes Episode 1.01: Charlie Goes Back to Therapy and Episode 1.02: Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient on Thursday, June 28 at 9 Pm Et and 9:30 Pm Et. Charlie Sheen stars as a former major league baseball player, who becomes an anger management therapist once his playing days are over.

Visit TVWeb to check out these videos from the upcoming comedy series: clickHere.

Anger Management episode 1.1, "Charlie Goes Back to Therapy" airs on FX June 28th, 2012. The episode stars Michael Arden, James Black, Selma Blair, Daniela Bobadilla, Brett Butler, Noureen DeWulf, Aldo Gonzalez, Katlin Mastandrea.

Anger Management episode 1.2, "Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient" airs on FX June 28th, 2012.
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Film Review: Joseph Kahn’s Self-Funded Josh Hutcherson Indie ‘Detention’ Deserves Cult-Hit Status

Chicago – Don’t be duped by Joseph Kahn’s insultingly unintelligent trailer for his new Adhd high school slasher/comedy “Detention”. Rather than prematurely blowing his load with the film’s crème de la crème in a two-minute trailer, he’s done the reverse. Kahn – who scraped much of this “indie” film’s $10 million budget from his own pockets – has set up disappointed trailer watchers to discover a hidden gem in his second feature-length film.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Kahn’s fast-paced, Aaron Sorkin-like “Detention” deserves cult-hit status. Just as “The Social Network” embodies our Facebook culture, this SXSW film-festival favorite rewrites today’s high school movie bible.

Despite what this film’s sophomoric trailer might lead you to believe, “Detention” is anything but tenderfoot and witless. And don’t be nauseated by the disenchanting storyline of a killer named Cinderhella stalking the high school student body while a gaggle of co-eds
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Preview: Desperate Housewives Season Finale

ABC's Sunday night soap lineup wraps up with the Season Finale of Desperate Housewives. Here's a preview:

Desperate Housewives "And Lots of Security..." / "Come on Over for Dinner" - A progressive dinner party thrown for Susan to celebrate her move back onto the lane leads to a shocking murder. Meanwhile, Gaby is stunned to learn the identity of the mysterious man who has been stalking her; Lynette and Tom attempt to put the spark back into their marriage by spending a few days alone together at a romantic B&B; after being placed under arrest for allegedly poisoning Paul, Susan must convince the police that she was being framed for the deed by Felicia; Bree begins to suspect that her new boyfriend may be gay; and Renee is devastated when she learns that her ex-husband is getting re-married, on the two-hour Season Finale of Desperate Housewives, Sunday, May 15 (9:00-11:00 p.
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The Starter Wife: USA TV Show Cancelled, No Season Two

Following a successful mini-series, USA Network assumed that viewers would want to watch a weekly version of The Starter Wife. After 10 episodes, it seems the numbers weren't big enough and the TV show's been cancelled.

The Starter Wife mini-series stars Debra Messing as Molly Kagan, a Hollywood wife/mother who has it all. Her life is turned upside down when her studio exec husband, Kenny (Peter Jacobson, later David Alan Basche), dumps her for a young starlet. Within hours, Molly's social circle discards her and all that she knows is in turmoil. She slowly rebuilds her life and, by the time the TV show begins, Molly's on her way to thriving. Castmembers include Judy Davis, Chris Diamantopoulos, Joe Mantegna, Stephen Moyer, Anika Noni Rose, Novella Nelson, Aden Young, Bethany Whitmore, Miranda Otto, Trilby Glover, Hailee Denham, Gigi Edgley, Hart Bochner, Danielle Nicolet, Reggie Austin, James Black, Brielle Barbusca, and Daniel Gerroll.
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