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‘NCIS’ Says Goodbye To Pauley Perrette In Tear-Jerking Send-Off

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‘NCIS’ Says Goodbye To Pauley Perrette In Tear-Jerking Send-Off
Spoiler Alert: This story contains details of Tuesday night’s episode of NCIS.

The time has come. Fans of the beloved character of Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) gathered around their televisions with a box of Kleenex to say farewell to NCIS‘s favorite goth forensic scientist after 15 seasons. In the second part of Perrette’s two-part farewell titled “Two Steps Back,” we see the fate of Reeves (Duane Henry) and our dear Abby as they were held at gunpoint in the previous episode.

A quick refresher: last week’s episode titled “One Step Forward” centered on a vet named Sara Carter who goes to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to investigate the murder of her mother after she thinks they convicted the wrong man. Meanwhile, Abby wins a dinner reservation to The Cooler, a hip and boujee restaurant that is impossible to get into. After everyone bribes her with gifts to be her plus one,
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"The Client List" : Unanswered Prayers" - April 14, 2013

Sneak Peek new footage and images from the episode "Unanswered Prayers" from Lifetime's "The Client List", starring and produced by Jennifer Love Hewitt, airing April 14, 2013 :

"...when 'Lewis Clark' (Adam Kaufman), a client of 'Riley' (Love Hewitt), mentions he has a connection to big time music agent, 'The Wolf' (Alex Alexander), Riley considers her forgotten dream of becoming a singer.

"'Lacey' (Rebecca Field) gets suspicious that 'Dale' (Greg Grunberg) has been living a secret life.

"Riley continues to work on the legal defense of 'Kyle' (Brian Hallisay) with his attorney 'Graham' (Marco Sanchez), but Kyle encounters some trouble with a fellow inmate that could jeopardize their efforts.

"Meanwhile, 'Evan' (Colin Egglesfield) continues training at the police academy and begins to get close to his fellow cadet, 'Shelby' (T.V. Carpio).

"And At the 'Rub of Sugarland', 'Selena' (Alicia Lagano) teases 'Derek' (Rob Mayes) about the frequency of massages booked by his
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Episode Recap: Navy NCIS - 8.01: "Spider and the Fly"

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Paloma (Jacqueline Obradors) arrives at Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) father's store continued from season 7. He tells her to leave and pulls a rifle on her, firing a warning shot. He was raised on a farm and tells her he isn't like Gibbs, but Gibbs is more like him. She leaves and orders men to fire on the store. Of course he's not going to hang around. Jackson Gibbs (Ralph Waite) is at Gibbs' house, getting him to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day; which is what Gibbs' mother used to say. As for the agents outside the house, again apparent that his father is there. Jackson has been here for months and had his storm cellar to hide in back at the store. Tony (Michael Weatherly) watches the surveillance video on Alejandro (Marco Sanchez) in Mexico, escaping when ordering someone to fire shots. Tony realizes it was a trap.
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Episode Recap: CSI: NY - 1.13: "Tanglewood"

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Story 1: A boy runs in the park and is chased, then beaten with a baseball bat, even after he begs for his life. A set of shoe prints are visible in the snow. Mac (Gary Sinise) "Lucky for us it happened out here: best investigative tool money can't buy: snow." Mac 'cooks' up some pure sulphur. Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) paints the prints. Mac pours the sulphur over them to get a cast. A broken baseball bat is also found and Stella finds tyre tracks. The Vic was Paul Montenassi (nick Di Brizzi Jnr). Cod was blunt force trauma and has a tattoo on his back, which has been scraped or sawed. High velocity blood spatter is present on his face. In story 2: Marta Santo is found dead, with suspicious skid marks at the Cs and silver paint is seen on a red car. The flakes have been dried in.
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Episode Recap: Navy NCIS - 7.24: "Rule Fifty-One"

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Gibbs (Mark Harmon) knows Paloma Reynosa (Jacqueline Obradors) and the quote she uses from Tennesse Williams: about 'all being sentenced to solitary confinement inside our skins for life.' She asks if he is a 'frank' man. Referring to "paragons of frankness." Lots of references to frank here, i.e. Mike Franks (Muse Watson) . Gibbs doesn't drink Scotch. Meanwhile, Tony (Michael Weatherly) is upset Ziva (Cote de Pablo) is becoming a citizen, it can't be happening, "how could they let you in...never been more disappointed in my government." Ziva passed her exams. Gibbs isn't at work and she comments it's not "the first time he's run off on his own." Referring to his 'retirement' at the end of season 3 and early season 4. Vance (Rocky Carroll) says they need to concentrate on what they're good at. Tony just loves stirring doesn't he, asking "What would that be?" Vance replies, "If you don't know,
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Episode Recap: Navy NCIS - 7.23: "Patriot Down"

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A man on horseback, which I knew was Gibbs (Mark Harmon) finds a Db on the ground. He's then held at gunpoint. 4 Days Earlier: Tony (Michael Weatherly) comments on the graduates' "alcohol-induced purple haze." On the Baltimore Pd, every graduate threw up, which he calls good times. Yes Tony if you say so. McGee (Sean Murray) calls him Hendrix. Ziva (Cote de Pablo) thinks he graduated too soon. Ziva is also about to graduate. McGee asks what she's done her degree in. Ziva says she's got her naturalization interview, it's "how an alien becomes a citizen." Tony: "I know what it is Et." Referring to it as due process. Tony saying Ziva graduated from "English as a tenth language" was funny. Gibbs mentions the eighth letter of the alphabet. Tony tells Gibbs it's 'G'. No, it's 'H' for homicide. How could he get that wrong. Vance (Rocky Carroll) tells them
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Episode Recap: Navy NCIS - 7.22: "Borderland"

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A Db bleeds from a car in a scrapyard. Ziva (Cote de Pablo) goes over the First Amendment. Tony (Michael Weatherly) is on his computer, as usual, sometimes you think he spends more time on there than McGee (Sean Murray) does. Tony reminds her this Amendment includes his freedom of speech. Ziva; "Clearly they did not have Tony in mind when writing that." Well they didn't have a lot of people in mind when writing. Tony is on the website and is 'Nexted'. (Something similar in CSI:ny season 7.2 episode was also done.) Ziva comments Tony keeps getting 'nexted'. Tony says it only takes 10 seconds. One girl online says he's old, 'like 40'. Which he is, (but over 40 in real life, ha. Yeah it's like we're not all going to get to 40.) Tony puts on a Graucho Marx mask, well many people won't even know who that is, Tony, talk about showing your age!
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Episode Recap: Navy NCIS - 7.21: "Obsession"

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A man crashes his car outside a hospital. McGee (Sean Murray) tells Tony he has two reminders from Brenda Bittner, she's posted on line that she's in a 'committed relationship' with Tony (Michael Weatherly). She's the barista from Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) coffee shop. Ziva (Cote de Pablo) asks when Tony was going to tell them about being in a committed relationship (cos we all know how committed Tony can be, ha.) Tony's not dating her, they only spent the night together. Tony hasn't set his private settings correctly. Ziva thinks he's getting too old for these one night stands. Oh she got that expression right. Tony will settle down when he meets the right girl, whom he thought was Jeanne, luckily she wasn't Ms Right. Gibbs tells Tony, "don't ever settle Dinozzo.) The Vic was Lt Jeffrey Hutton. Ziva asks what Tony is looking for in Ms Right? Tony:"Very independent,
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This First Super 8 Trailer Unravels Some of the Mystery in J.J. Abram's Latest

The latest J.J. Abrams film is co-produced by Steven Spielberg and Bryan Burk (Cloverfield). Just released today, is the first full length feature trailer for this film, with Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, and Noah Emmerich starring. Edward Pagan of Latin Horror notices the "tableaux of visual story telling," in the clip and this film harkens back to Spielberg's exploration of sentient alien life in such films as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. Proposing a greater life than our own, this first trailer for Super 8 shows mystique fully realized through the genre of science fiction. Have a look at the clip below, courtesy of Trailer Addict and Paramount Pictures.

The synopsis for Super 8 is here:

"In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident.
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'NCIS' Pauley Perrette on salary negotiations and 'Borderland'

"It's just weird," says Pauley Perrette of CBS' Tuesday-night blockbuster drama "NCIS," "after seven years, that after last Thursday, we don't have jobs."

Last week, news surfaced that Perrette, who plays Naval Criminal Investigative Service forensic scientist Abby Sciuto, and some of her other cast members are embroiled in salary negotiations with CBS TV Studios.

But Perrette reports that she has been asked to attend the CBS upfront presentation of the new fall schedule to advertisers on Wednesday, May 19, in New York City.

"I am going to upfronts," she tells Zap2it on Monday, May 10, "which I have not done since year one. Why not? I don't know. They haven't asked us."

She's also not personally involved in the negotiations.

"My job is to learn my lines," she says, "show up on set and do the best job I can. I can't even go there. I have people around me that I trust implicitly.
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Get Ready For NCIS: South of the Border

  • TVfanatic
No, the headline above does not suggest the name of a new NCIS spinoff (although who are we kidding, we'd probably watch it). But the show is headed to Mexico Tuesday.

The very popular Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) will headline the adventure next week, along with Alejandro Rivera (Marco Sanchez), who we met in this week's "Obsession."

Visiting D.C., the Mexican justice department official invited Abby to speak at a symposium in Mexico, but the opportunity to share her vast knowledge isn't the only appeal.

“Abby thinks he’s really cute,” says Pauley.

Will sparks fly between Abby and Alejandro? Or Abby and McGee?

But her big trip south of the border to speak to forensic students isn't entirely an Abby-centric story line. It also presents Vance (Rocky Carroll) with a golden opportunity.

“Vance decides to take a peek into Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) file to learn about his past,
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