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Print Biographies (14)

Stephan Streker. Gainsbourg - Portrait d'un artiste en trompe-l'oeil. Brussels: De Boeck (Editions Universitaires), 1990. ISBN 2804113701
Sylvie Simmons. Serge Gainsbourg : A fistful of gitanes. Cambridge, MA, USA: DaCapo Press, 2002. ISBN 0306811839
Sylvie Simmons. Serge Gainsbourg. Helter Skelter, 2001.
Tout sur Gainsbourg. Paris: Publications Nouvelles,.
Lucien Rioux. Serge Gainsbourg : Paroles d'auteur. Paris: Seghers, 1980.
Lucien Rioux. Serge Gainsbourg. Paris: Seghers, 1991.
Frank Mauber. Serge Gainsbourg, voyeur de première. Paris: La Table Ronde, 1998.
Alan Clayson. View from the exterior : Serge Gainsbourg. London: Sanctuary Publisghing, 1998. ISBN 186074222X
Serge Gainsbourg. Mon propre rôle II. Paris: Denoël, 1987.
Michel David. Serge Gainsbourg : la scène du fantasme. Paris: Actes Sud, 1999.
Gilles Verlant. Gainsbourg. Paris: Albin-Michel, 2001.
Bernard Pascuito. Gainsbourg : Le livre du souvenir. Paris: 1991.
Serge Gainsbourg. Mon propre rôle I.
Jean-Claude Maillard. Rue Gainsbourg. Alternatives, 1999.

Film Biographies (4)

Articles (5)

Spotlight, Walking the Walk (US) May 28 2009, Vol. 9, Iss. 29, pg. 2, by: Adrienne Papp, "Spotlight on the Cannes Film Festival 2009"
The Independent (GB) October 25 2008, Iss. 6874, pg. 36 - 37, by: John Lichfield, "Je t'aime (Again: The French love affair with Serge Gainsbourg"
Mojo (GB) May 2006, Iss. 150, pg. 30-31, by: Kieron Tyler, "'What Goes On!: Behold The Dirty Old Man - Fifteen years after he smoked his last Gitanes, Serge Gainsbourg goes international."
International Herald Tribune (US) January 29 2003, Iss. 37291, pg. 8, by: Mike Zwerin, "Music's laureate of the outrageous"
Not Only Black + White (AU) April 2001, Vol. 1, Iss. 51, pg. 40-45, by: Sylvie Simmons, "Serge Gainsbourg: A Rake's Progress"

Pictorials (6)

Jukebox Magazine (FR) February 2003, Iss. 188, pg. 41, by: Jacques Leblanc, "Jukebox rétro 67 : nouvelles mars"
Jeune et Jolie (FR) August 1999, Iss. 146, pg. 67, by: Florence Roman, "Stars, et si on leur piquait leurs plans drague"
Photo (FR) April 1999, Iss. 358, pg. 75, by: Claude Azoulay, "Les Gens dans Paris Match"
Lui (FR) February 1969, Iss. 61, pg. 92-97, "Avec Jane et Serge une mode "sloan" en black and white"
Mademoiselle Age Tendre (FR) July 1966, Iss. 21, pg. 62-63, by: Danièle Abitan, "On les a rencontrés"
Mademoiselle Age Tendre (FR) January 1965, Iss. 3, pg. 48-49, "On les a rencontrés"

Magazine Covers (1)

Ici Paris (FR) March 6 1991, Iss. 2383

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