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  • His popular-song compositions include "Good Morning", "I Cried For You", "When Buddha Smiles", "The Wedding of the Painted Doll", "Broadway Melody", "Singin' in the Rain", "You Were Meant for Me", "Chant of the Jungle", "Pagan Love Song", "Should I Reveal?", "The Moon Is Low", "Fit as a Fiddle", "We'll Make Hay While the Sun Shines", "Our Big Love Scene", "After Sundown", "Temptation", "Beautiful Girl", "All I Do is Dream of You", "A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder", "You Are My Lucky Star", "Sing Before Breakfast", "I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin'", "Broadway Rhythm", "Alone", "Would You?", "Smoke Dreams", "I'm Feelin' Like a Million", "Your Broadway and My Broadway", "Yours and Mine", "This Heart of Mine", and "Make 'Em Laugh".
  • [Posthumous credit] Singin' in the Rain (1985). Musical comedy. Based on the 1952 film by MGM. Screenplay by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Book adapted by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Music by Nacio Herb Brown. Lyrics by Arthur Freed. Music arranged by Stanley Lebowsky. Musical Director: Robert Billig. Music orchestrated by Larry Wilcox. Music for "Hub Bub" by Stanley Lebowsky. Music for "Moses Supposes" by Roger Edens. Music for "Blue Prelude" by Al Bishop. Lyrics for "Moses Supposes" by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Lyrics for "Takin' Miss Mary to the Ball" by Edward Heyman. Lyrics for "Love Is Where You Find It" by Gus Kahn. Lyrics for "Blue Prelude" by Gordon Jenkins. Royal Rascal sequence and Cosmo Mood Music by Michael Dansicker. Scenic Design by Santo Loquasto. Costume Design by Ann Roth. Choreographed by Twyla Tharp.Original film choreography by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. Assistant to Miss Tharp: John Carrafa. Directed by Twyla Tharp. George Gershwin Theatre: 2 Jul 1985- 18 May 1986 (367 performances + 38 previews that began on 13 Jun 1985). Cast: Don Correia (as "Don Lockwood/Philippe/"The Royal Rascal" -- played by Don Lockwood/Pierre/"The Dueling Cavalier" and "The Dancing Cavalier" -- played by Don Lockwood"), Mary D'Arcy (as "Kathy Selden"), Richard Fancy (as "Roscoe Dexter"), Faye Grant (as "Lina Lamont/Jeanette/"The Royal Rascal" -- played by Lina Lamont/Yvonne/"The Dueling Cavalier" and "The Dancing Cavalier" -- played by Lina Lamont"), Peter Marx (as "Cosmo Brown"), Ray Benson (as "Ensemble/Enemy of the King/"The Royal Rascal"), John Carrafa (as "Ensemble"), Richard Colton (as "Ensemble"), Austin Colyer (as "Diction Coach/A Warner Brother/Ensemble"), Jacque Dean (as "Phoebe Dinsmore/Ensemble"), Diane Duncan (as "Ensemble/Lady of the Court/"The Dueling Cavalier" and "The Dancing Cavalier"), Yvonne Dutton (as "Ensemble"), Craig Frawley (as "Ensemble/Enemy of the King/"The Royal Rascal"), Melinda Gilb (as "Dora Bailey/Ensemble"), Katie Glasner (as "Ensemble"), Barbara Hoom (as "Ensemble"), David-Michael Johnson (as "Ensemble"), Mary Ann Kellogg (as "Zelda Zanders/Ensemble"), Raymond Kurshals (as "Ensemble"), Alison Mann (as "Ensemble/Lady of the Court/"The Dueling Cavalier" and "The Dancing Cavalier"), Barbara Moroz (as "Ensemble/Lady of the Court/"The Dueling Cavalier" and "The Dancing Cavalier"), Kevin O'Day (as "Ensemble"), Robert Radford (as "Rod/Ensemble"), Tom Rawe (as "Ensemble"), Hansford Rowe (as "R.F. Simpson"), Gene Sager (as "Ensemble/Enemy of the King/"The Royal Rascal"/Manservant/"The Dueling Cavalier" and "The Dancing Cavalier"), John Spalla (as "Sound Engineer/Ensemble/Man on Screen/"Talking Picture Demonstration"), Amy Spencer (as "Ensemble"), Cynthia Thole (as "Ensemble/Lady-in-Waiting/"The Dueling Cavalier" and "The Dancing Cavalier") [Broadway debut], Martin Van Treuren (as "Sid Phillips/Ticket Taker/Ensemble/Enemy of the King/The Royal Rascal"/Villain/"The Dueling Cavalier" and "The Dancing Cavalier"), Shelley Washington (as "Ensemble"), Laurie Williamson (as "Ensemble"). Swings: David Askler, Cheri Butcher, Brad Morantz. Understudies: Austin Colyer (as "R.F. Simpson"), Brad Morantz (Cosmo Brown), Barbara Moroz (as "Lina Lamont"), Donn Simione (as "Don Lockwood"), John Spalla (as "Roscoe Dexter"), Cynthia Thole (as "Kathy Selden"). Replacement actors during run: Diane Duncan (as "Zelda Zanders"), Mark Frawley (as "Ensemble"), Carolyn Goor (as "Ensemble"), Michael Graham (as "Ensemble"), Nancy Hess (as "Ensemble"), Dana Moore (as "Ensemble"), Greg Schanuel (as "Ensemble"), Jeff Siebert (as "Ensemble"). Swing: Christina Saffran. Produced by Maurice Rosenfield, Lois F. Rosenfield and Cindy Pritzker Inc. Associate Producer: Eugene V. Wolsk.

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