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Elisabeth Moss And Randall Park To Be Honored At Hawaii International Film Festival

  • Deadline
Elisabeth Moss And Randall Park To Be Honored At Hawaii International Film Festival
Elisabeth Moss and Randall Park will be getting a taste of the aloha spirit at the Hawaii International Film Festival. The two actors will be honored at the 39th edition of the fest. Moss is set to receive the Halekulani Career Achievement Award while Park will receive the Halekulani Maverick Award. The two will join previously announced honorees iconic director John Woo and Australian journalist Stan Grant. Hiff takes place November 7-17 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Halekulani Career Achievement Award is given to an artist who has reached the career pinnacles very few have achieved via industry awards and accolades and a body of work that is known globally. Moss is in good company, joining past recipients actress Moon So-ri, Bill Pullman, Maggie Cheung (In The Mood For Love). The Emmy-winning actress from The Handmaid’s Tale is also known
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John Woo To Be Honored At Hawaii International Film Festival; ‘Jojo Rabbit’, ‘Just Mercy’ Set For Lineup

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John Woo To Be Honored At Hawaii International Film Festival; ‘Jojo Rabbit’, ‘Just Mercy’ Set For Lineup
Iconic Hong Kong filmmaker John Woo will be honored at the 39th edition of the Hawaii International Film Festival. In addition, the fest revealed its lineup which includes Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit as its opening night film and will feature Maui native Destin Daniel Cretton’s Just Mercy as a centerpiece presentation. The fest runs November 7-17 at the Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18.

The fest looks to advance understanding and cultural exchange among the peoples of Asia, the Pacific and North America by presenting films from around the world. This year, Hiff will present 205 films from 31 countries.

The festival’s Spotlight on Hong Kong will honor a special guest John Woo, one of the most influential figures in Hong Kong cinema. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the original Hong Kong theatrical release one of Woo’s most influential and revered films,
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Rushes: "Uncut Gems" Trailer, Lucrecia Martel for Viennale, Scorsese's "Street Scenes"

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Get in touch to send in cinephile news and discoveries. For daily updates follow us @NotebookMUBI.NEWSSouth Korean police have finally identified a suspect for the Hwaseong murders, best known as the serial killer case at the center of Bong Joon-ho's chilling 2003 hit Memories of Murder. Actor Sid Haig, known for his parts in films like Spider Baby, Jackie Brown and Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses, has died, leaving a sizable contribution to the horror genre across decades and styles.Recommended VIEWINGThe hard-to-find Street Scenes, a documentary directed by Martin Scorsese regarding NYU student strikes circa 1970, has been mysteriously uploaded to YouTube. (Via The Film Stage.)The official trailer for Uncut Gems introduces Adam Sandler as a seedy jeweler caught in a basketball betting scheme. Read editor Daniel Kasman's review of the film here. Neon's first trailer for Chinonye Chukwu's Clemency, which follows a prison
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News & Tidbits: France, Brad Pitt, Julie Andrews and more...

Deadline France will send contemporary police/citizens/gang tensions drama Les Miserables to the Oscars

Latino Entertainment Journalists Association - In their first ever TV awards, Barry, When They See Us, Chernobyl, and Euphoria lead the nominations. Jimmy Smit (Lifetime Achievement) and Isabella Gomez (Breakout) will also be honored.

Indie Wire - Have you heard that Brad Pitt is “abstaining” from Oscar campaigning. In our long years of following the Oscar race this only works for mega-stars and those who have just given undeniable performances (like Mo’Nique in Precious). Everyone else has to play the game.

After the jump Julie Andrews, Maggie Cheung, Downton Abbey, Kevin Spacey and more…
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No.7 Cherry Lane | 2019 Toronto Intl. Film Festival Revew

Remembrance of Things Cats: Yonfan Sketches a Rebellious Love Letter in Animated Debut

The multifaceted Yonfan returns to feature filmmaking for the first time in a decade with an audacious departure–his animated debut, the erotic period piece No.7 Cherry Lane. After becoming a famous celebrity photographer in 1970s Hong Kong, Yonfan has charted a multifaceted filmography, his early works featuring the likes of Maggie Cheung and Chow-yun Fat, while 1998’s Bishonen was a groundbreaking Chinese depiction of an explicitly homosexual relationship. Yonfan continues mining historical narrative possibilities with his latest, which explores complex sexualities through period lens, not unlike 2001’s thirties set The Peony Pavilion and the forties/fifties placed Prince of Tears (2009).…
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Film Review: Comrades: Almost a Love Story (1996) by Peter Chan

By Kun-Yu Lai

“Comrades: Almost a Love Story” is director Peter Chen’s best work, and is not just a simple love story. It also talks about the imagination of self identities in this diverse society.

In 1985, Hong Kong’s development is booming. Lots of immigrants come to the city to find a better chance of making a living. The main character, Li Xiao-jun (Leon Lai), who was born in China, also moves to the city. He wants to make enough money to marry his girlfriend, Fang Xaioting, in his hometown. While he struggles in living in the big city, he encounters another girl, Li Qiao (Maggie Cheung), who is also from China, with similar background.

They become best friends because they are the only ones who support each other in this foreign metropolis. The close friendship turns into an ambiguous love, without them even noticing. When
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Comrades: Almost A Love Story Screening at Webster University Thursday September 5th

Peter Chan’s Comrades: Almost A Love Story (1996) Screening at Webster University Thursday September 5th at Webster University’s Moore Auditorium (470 East Lockwood). The Film starts at 7pm. There will be a post-film discussion by Dr. Yongzhen (Joy) Shu Curtin, adjunct lecturer on Chinese cinema and culture studies at Washington University. The film is sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Webster University . A Facebook invite can be found Here

Cantopop star-turned-actor Leon Lai (Fallen Angels) stars as a cute but helpless bumpkin from Mainland China trying to get accustomed to his new life in Hong Kong in Comrades: Almost a Love Story. As the title suggests, Lai’s Li Xiao-jun quickly falls in with the helpful and acclimated Li Qiao, who is remarkably good at the hustle of day-to-day life in Hong Kong. Featuring a supporting turn by the legendary cinematographer Christopher Doyle and a strong sense of place in
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The Wacky Existentialism of Jeffrey Lau's "A Chinese Odyssey"

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Jeffrey Lau's A Chinese Odyssey - Part One: Pandora's Box and A Chinese Odyssey - Part Two: Cinderella (2015) are showing August and September on Mubi in the United States.During the last Golden Age of Hong Kong cinema, the period between the 1984 Joint Declaration and the 1997 Handover, generic cycles moved with lightning rapidity. The speed and sheer volume of production, combined with the relatively small group of creative professionals, meant that a genre could be born, reach its peak, and die out within a few short years. The Heroic Bloodshed cycle, for example, can be said to have started in 1986 with A Better Tomorrow, reached its peak with The Killer and A Better Tomorrow III in 1989, and had its last gonzo gasps in 1992 with Hard-Boiled and Full Contact. By the time of the genre’s decline, Chow Yun-fat’s stardom in the colony had been eclipsed by Stephen Chow,
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Film Review: Moon Warriors (1993) by Sammo Hung

Sammo Hung, for all his immense contributions to action cinema has never been considered one of the visual stylists of his generation. Yet in 1993 he made two classic swordplay movies that could be considered to challenge this notion. The first and sadly largely forgotten “Blade of Fury”. The second recently re-released on Blu ray “Moon Warriors”.

The 13th Prince (Kenny Bee) along with a few loyal retainers narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by his brother, and finds himself in the company of Fei (Andy Lau) a fisherman with exceptional martial arts abilities. Dispatching Fei along with Mo-Sin (Maggie Cheung) to bring Princess Yuet Nga (Anita Mui) leads to a complicated situation with Mo-Sin, who is secretly in love with the 13th Prince and a growing attraction between Fei an Yuet Nga begins. As the brother closes in and secrets are revealed, the fates of all converge in an epic final confrontation.
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Police Story & Police Story 2

All the world loves Jackie Chan, whose cinematic action pictures bridge the gap between silent-era virtuosity and slick modernity. As light comedy entertainment these first two Police Story smash ‘n’ bash epics of eye-popping jeopardy are suitable as ‘family entertainment’ as well. Jackie is a marvelous hero, while Maggie Cheung is an old fashioned girl who doesn’t mind being threatened, kidnapped and occasionally having her scalp split open. You will believe that men can tumble from high roosts onto concrete, and smash through acres of glass countertops without receiving a scratch necessarily going straight to emergency surgery. Criterion has created beautiful new masters, with original soundtracks and extras to make every foolish Jackie Chan fan try some ridiculously dangerous stunt for themselves!

Police Story / Police Story 2


The Criterion Collection 971, 972

1985 & 1988 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 100 and 122 min. / Ging chat goo si / Ging chaat goo si juk jaap /available through The Criterion
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New on Blu-ray and DVD for April 30, 2019!

The jaw-dropping set pieces fly fast and furious in Jackie Chan’s breathtakingly inventive action comedies, two smash hits that made him a worldwide icon of daredevil spectacle.

The director/star/one-man stunt machine plays Ka-kui, a Hong Kong police inspector whose methods are, ahem, unorthodox; the phenomenal Maggie Cheung, in a star-making role, plays his much-put-upon girlfriend, May.

Packed wall-to-wall with astoundingly acrobatic fight choreography, epic explosions, charmingly goofball slapstick, and awesomely 1980s electro soundtracks, Police Story and Police Story 2
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See Jackie Chan in Police Story and Police Story 2 at Webster University

Police Story (1985) screens at Webster University’s

Moore Auditorium (470 East Lockwood) Friday April 12th at 7:30pm and again Tuesday April 16th at 7:30. A Facebook invite for these two screenings can be found Here. Police Story 2 (1988) screens there Sunday April 14th at 7:30pm and again Friday April 19th at 7:30pm.

A Facebook invite for these two screenings can be found Here

It is a shame that Jackie Chan’s eventual emergence as a fully -fledged Hollywood star did not happen much earlier when he was at his physical peak. Of course even now at age 65 he is pretty amazing, but the Jackie Chan of Police Story and Police Story 2 would have really amazed the world.

Police Story – In the movie that made him an international star, Jackie Chan plays policeman Ka-kui in the newly-restored Police Story. Ka-kui finds the need to go rogue to protect a star
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Wong Kar-Wai Confirms Next Film “Blossoms” will Officially Complete “Love” Trilogy

Since 2013’s “The Grandmaster”, Wong Kar-Wai has been linked to several big projects. There was the “Tong Wars” series at Amazon, which Amazon later confirmed was no longer an active project, as well as the Gucci biopic that never took off either. He has now, however, confirmed that his next project will be the long-gestating “Blossoms”, a script that he has been writing for the last four years and based on the namesake 2013 novel by Jin Yucheng. Most interestingly, Wong also confirmed that ‘“Blossoms” would be the third part of “In the Mood for Love” and “2046”’, thus completing a thematic trilogy.

Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in “In the Mood for Love

Blossoms” is the story of three Shanghai residents in the early 60s, at the end of China’s Cultural Revolution and through the ’90s. The film will be an ode of sorts from the filmmaker to
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New Dragon Gate Inn (1992) by Raymond Lee

This is an all-star cast remake of King Hu’s 1967 classic “Dragon Inn”. The story is basically the same, but with a macabre, dark twist and a love triangle thrown in.

Tsao Siu-yan is a powerful eunuch, the ruthless leader of the East Chamber, a security agency of the Ming Dynasty Emperor. The movie kicks off with him overseeing the butchering of some officers by his army. Yang is one of them being executed, meanwhile his two children are exiled and escorted to the desert border. This is actually Tsoa’s cunning plot to lure out Yang’s trusted general Chow Wai-on. However, it is Yau Mo-yan, a rebel swordswoman who rescues the children and guarding them across the desert to safety. Consequently, they take refuge in Dragon Gate Inn while waiting for Chow to join them. However, Tsao and his army are not far behind and
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Film Movement Classics Acquires Seven Movies Including John Woo, Viggo Mortensen, Maggie Cheung Pics

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Exclusive: U.S. arthouse buyer Film Movement has picked up North American rights to seven movies for its classics label, including John Woo’s first contemporary action film Heroes Shed No Tears (1984) and Viggo Mortensen starrer The Reflecting Skin (1990) by Philip Ridley (U.S. rights only).

Also new to the label are King Hu’s martial arts film The Fate Of Lee Khan (1973); Stanley Kwan’s Hong Kong New Wave drama Center Stage (1991), starring Maggie Cheung; biopic Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask (1995) about the charismatic and influential anti-colonial writer and theorist; Véra Belmont’s baroque dramedy Marquise (1997), featuring Sophie Marceau in one of her first starring roles; and Gérard Corbiau’s Oscar-nominated lavish costume drama, Farinelli (1994).

Shed No Tears, Center Stage and The Fate Of Lee Khan were licensed from Fortune Star Media. Farinelli and Marquise came from Screenbound Pictures while The Reflecting Skin was picked up from
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Hong Kong’s Yonfan Making Debut Animation With ‘Cherry Lane’ (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Hong Kong’s Yonfan Making Debut Animation With ‘Cherry Lane’ (Exclusive)
Yonfan, prince of sensuous Hong Kong cinema, will make a return to the big screen this year with his first new feature in a decade. The picture will be his first animation.

“No. 7 Cherry Lane,” is the story of a love triangle involving a university student, a single mother and her teenage daughter. It is set in 1967, a year of political turmoil in Hong Kong, which at the time was a British colony. Yonfan, who moved to the territory in 1965 as a young man, describes the film as his love letter to Hong Kong and to cinema.

Yonfan, whose movie credits include “Bishonen,” “Peony Pavilion” and “Color Blossoms,” has spent much of his time since 2009 Venice competition film “Prince of Tears” on photography, art and publishing. During that time Yonfan has also worked secretly on developing and directing “No. 7 Cherry Lane” from his own short stories. He was also on
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Jackie Chan’s Action Masterpieces ‘Police Story’ & ‘Police Story 2’ Get New Trailer for Theatrical Restorations

In a career spanning over 150 films over more than half-a-century (not to mention numerous broken bones), Jackie Chan has kicked, punched, and sprinted his way out of every action setpiece imaginable. One of his greatest feats is the Police Story franchise, particularly the first two entries which have now been restored courtesy of Janus Films and will arrive in theaters starting next month.

Ahead of the release, they’ve released a joint trailer which showcases the beautiful restorations in which one can see every karate chop, death-defying leap, and explosion with more clarity than ever before. I had the pleasure of witnessing the first film on the big screen at Metrograph last year and it was one of the most joyous crowd experiences I had in 2018, so be sure to seek it out if they are playing near you. Since it’s coming from Janus, it also means a release
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Jackie Chan's Police Story Is Getting a 4K Rerelease in Theaters This February

Jackie Chan's Police Story Is Getting a 4K Rerelease in Theaters This February
Some argue that Jackie Chan's finest hour as an action star came in the 1985 classic Police Story. Now the movie is getting a 4K restoration along with its sequel. Both will play as a double feature this winter as they return to select theaters in a stunning new presentation that is a must-see for all Jackie Chan fans.

Considered a martial arts masterpiece, Police Story and Police Story 2, both directed by and starring Jackie Chan, will open at the Alamo Drafthouse in Downtown Brooklyn on February 1. The double feature will then move on to the NuArt in Los Angeles starting March 8.

Matt Soller Zeitz, who writes for calls it, &#65279"One of the great 1980s action films... Chan exists to impress us, and impress he does. He literally suffers for his art, and our amusement." Vulture's Bilge Ebiri says of Jackie Chan, "His physical talents and onscreen charm are undeniable,
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CAA to Represent Peter Chan’s We Pictures

  • Variety
Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has signed with We Pictures, the production and distribution company founded by Hong Kong-born director and producer Peter Chan Ho-sun. It aims to boost the company’s footprint both in China and abroad.

Within China, CAA China will help We Pictures to develop new business partnerships and find new sources of investment and financing, as well as improve its branding and promotion, it said in a statement last Friday. Abroad, it will assist with international distribution and “mobilize the resources of the global film industry to connect We Pictures with more top-notch international content.”

Chan, who also has a production deal with Huanxi Media, is a two-time winner of the best director Golden Horse Award, first in 2006 for “Perhaps Love,” the first musical to be shot in China in decades, and again in 2008 later for the battle-filled historical drama “The Warlords,” starring Andy Lau and Jet Li.
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Film Review: Project A Part II (1987) by Jackie Chan

The first “Project A” was an enormous success in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, with the emperor of Japan insisting for Jackie Chan to shoot a second part, a request that was eventually met. The result was a Part II, although Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao did not appear in this, because they were shooting the film “Eastern Condors.”

The story continues where the first part left off, with Sergeant Dragon Ma given the task of cleaning up crime and corruption in one of the roughest districts in Hong Kong, Sai Wan. His placement, however, has another purpose, since the local government puts an effort to strip Superintendent Chun, who is in charge of the police districts in three areas, of some of his responsibilities, as they are sure that he has been staging the arrests that have made him famous in Hong Kong. Dragon soon realizes
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