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Print Biographies (11)

Emma Andrews. The Films of Michael Caine. ISBN 0912616903
William Hall. Raising Caine: The Authorized Biography. Sedgwick & Jackson, 1981. ISBN 0283987774
Elaine Gallagher. Candidly Caine. London, England: Robson Books, 1990. ISBN 0860516717
Michael Caine. Not Many People Know That. London, England: Robson Books,.
Michael Caine. What's It All About?. ISBN 0345386809
David Bishop. Starring Michael Caine. Reynolds & Hearn Ltd, 2003. ISBN 1903111579
Michael Caine. Acting in Film - An Actor's Take on Movie Making. New York: Applause Theatre Book Publishers, 1990. ISBN 1557831246
David Bishop. Starring Michael Caine. Richmond: Reynolds & Hearn Ltd, 2003. ISBN 1903111579
Michael Caine. The Elephant to Hollywood. New York: Henry Holt and Co., 2010. ISBN 0805093907
Michael Caine. Blowing the Bloody Doors Off - And Other Lessons in Life. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2018. ISBN 1473689309
Michael Caine. BLOWING THE BLOODY DOORS OFF AND OTHER LESSONS IN LIFE. New York City, New York: Hachette Books, 2018. ISBN 9780316451192

Film Biographies (5)

Interviews (23)

Parade (US) May 26 2013, pg. 2, by: Walter Scott, "Walter Scott asks...Michael Caine"
The Lady (GB) March 15 2013, Iss. 64004, pg. 16-19, by: Barbra Paskin, "'I am the United Kingdom of Michael Caine'"
Maxim (US) May 2010, pg. 88, by: Maria Fontoura, "Icon: Michael Caine"
Reader's Digest (US) June 2009, pg. 27, by: Susan Pocharski, "What I'm Up To: Michael Caine"
The Sunday Times (GB) April 19 2009, by: Lesley White, "Michael Caine on playing a pensioner in _Is Anybody There?_"
Suomen Kuvalehti (FI) January 12 2007, Vol. 91, Iss. 2, pg. 44-47, by: Kalle Kinnunen, "Väsymätön Sir Maurice"
Premiere (US) November 2005, Vol. 19, Iss. 3, pg. 128, by: Bardin, Brantley, ""Idol Chatter: Michael Caine""
Movieline's Hollywood Life (US) July 2005, Vol. 16, Iss. 4, pg. 68-71+108, by: Moderno, Craig, ""Caine Reaction""
Toy Wishes (US) 2005, Iss. Spring, pg. 13, by: staff, "Celebrity Corner: Michael Caine"
Film Comment (US) March 2004, Vol. 40, Iss. 2, pg. 26-27+29-30+32+34+ 36, by: Graham Fuller, "Ordinary Bloke: An Unlikely Icon of British Cinema for 40 years, Michael Caine Has Built a Career on Self-Assured Cockney Charm, Straightforward Professionalism, and a Dash of the Dark Side."
Newsweek (US) January 19 2004, pg. 60, by: Gostin, Nicki, "His Name Isn't Michael Caine"
Cineaste (US) 2004, Vol. XXIX, Iss. 2, pg. 4-7, by: Richard Porton, "The Character Actor as Movie Star: An Interview with Michael Caine"
Parade (US) February 9 2003, pg. 4-7, by: Dotson Rader, "'I Never Looked Back At Anything'"
Premiere (US) January 1999, Vol. 11, Iss. 5, pg. 42, by: Jason Matloff, "Idol Chatter: Michael Caine"
Empire (GB) October 1998, Iss. 112, pg. 9, by: Simon Braund, "Hoe much is a pint of milk?"
Starlog (US) June 1997, Iss. 239, by: Ian Spelling, "The Man Who Would Be Nemo"
Empire (GB) 1997, Iss. 94, pg. 98-102, by: John Naughton, "The man who IS king"
Radio Times (GB) October 27 1990, pg. 30, by: Derek Winnert, "What's it all about, Michael?"
US (US) July 14 1986, pg.34-40, by: Nancy Collins, "Michael Caine"
Elle (US) June 1986, pg. 54 & 57, by: John Heilpern, "Michael Caine"
Interview (US) June 1986, Vol. XVI, Iss. 6, pg. 62-63, by: Jackie Collins, "Michael Caine"
Moviegoer (US) April 1982, Vol. 1, Iss. 4, pg. 14-19, by: Jeff Rovin, "An Actor in His Prime"
Photoplay (US) July 1979, Vol. 93, Iss. 5, pg. 74+78+79, by: Craig Modderno, "Straight Talk"

Articles (28)

New York Post (US) November 6 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 356, pg. 20-21, by: Michael Kaplan, "NOT COCKY -- JUST COCKNEY: Michael Caine on five decades of being the coolest man in the room"
Parade (US) April 2 2017, pg. 10+12, by: Lambeth Hochwald, "Retirement Robbers"
Telegraph Magazine (GB) January 16 2016, pg. 18-19, 21, 23, 25, by: Mick Brown (words) Spencer Murphy (photograph), "Michael Caine"
USA Today (US) December 3 2015, Vol. 34, Iss. 57, pg. 1D, by: Bryan Alexander, "CAINE CONDUCTS HIMSELF WITH VERVE IN 'YOUTH' - New drama draws the acting icon, 82, out of retirement"
USA Today (US) December 3 2015, Vol. 34, Iss. 57, pg. 2D, by: Bryan Alexander, "Sir Michael Caine is happy to be in the service of the queen - But for this modest knight, the title isn't mandatory"
The Los Angeles Times (US) November 16 2010, by: Betsy Sharkey, "Book review: 'The Elephant to Hollywood' by Michael Caine"
The Sunday Times (GB) September 20 2009, by: Garth Pearce, "My hols: Michael Caine - The actor has been a bum in Paris, a callow youth in Cannes and a superstar in St Paul de Vence. Not a lot of people know that."
The Times (GB) April 29 2009, by: Ann Treneman, "Labour disgust at Michael Caine's objection to the new 50p tax rate"
The Sunday Mirror (GB) April 19 2009, by: Lesley White, "Michael Caine on playing a pensioner in Is Anybody There?"
Parade (US) April 12 2009, pg. 18, by: Liz Smith, "In A Class By Himself"
The Washington Post (US) July 19 2008, Vol. 131, Iss. 227, pg. C1-C2, by: William Booth, "One Bloody Happy Fellow"
The Sunday Times (GB) November 18 2007, by: Garth Pearce, "Watch and learn, sunshine: Michael Caine - Michael Caine was given the runaround by an acting god in the first Sleuth - now the old pro is the one calling the shots"
The Los Angeles Times (US) October 12 2007, by: Patrick Goldstein, "Michael Caine Is Still on the Case"
The Los Angeles Times (US) October 12 2007, by: Patrick Goldstein, "Michael Caine on His Co-Stars: From Olivier to Kermit"
Le Monde (FR) October 18 2005, pg. 16, by: Thomas Sotinel, "Michael Caine, la classe du cockney"
The Sunday Times (GB) October 9 2005
Le Monde (FR) October 2005, pg. 16, by: Thomas Sotinel, "Michael Caine, la classe du cockney"
The Sunday Times (GB) July 20 2005, by: Reviewed by Iain Johnstone, "On the Move: Michael Caine - Michael Caine may play a butler in the new Batman film but in life he likes nothing but the best. He's earned it, he tells Gill Pringle"
The Daily Express (GB) November 1 2004, pg. 27, by: Caroline Virr, "Don't do Caine again...because worst movie remakes starred Michael in original"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) August 23 2004, Iss. 46406, pg. 7, by: Hugh Davies, "Americans will fall for Jude Law's Alfie, says Michael Caine"
New York Resident (US) September 22 2003, by: Ian Spelling, "A Knight in Texas: Sir Michael Caine Tells New York Resident All About The Pros & Cons of Acting & Writing an Autobiography"
Entertainment Weekly (US) February 21 2003, Iss. 696/697, pg. 30, by: Steve Wulf, "Michael Caine"
The Washington Post (US) February 2 2003, Vol. 126, Iss. 59, pg. G1+G15, by: Sharon Waxman, "Caine, Still Able: Inhabiting a Role Isn't Easy. Michael Caine Just Makes It Look That Way."
Playboy (GR) May 2000, Vol. 2, Iss. 53, pg. 80, by: Teo Ioannou, "Politis Caine"
New York Times (US) March 12 2000, by: Alan Riding, "The Ongoing Americanization of Michael Caine"
Empire (GB) October 1997, Iss. 100, pg. 197 by: Ian Freer and Jake Hamilton, "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time"
Playboy (US) September 1997, Vol. 44, Iss. 9, pg. 22, by: Susan Pickin, "Guest Shot: Michael Caine"
Playboy (FR) January 1988, Iss. 29, pg. 12, by: Yannick Etienne, "Avant- première : Ouragan sur Caine"

Pictorials (5)

Playboy (US) November 1975, Vol. 22, Iss. 11, pg. 131, by: Arthur Knight, "Sex in Cinema - 1975"
Cinema X (GB) 1970, Vol. 3, Iss. 8, pg. 4, by: Peter Noble, "Flash"
Playboy (US) July 1968, Vol. 15, Iss. 7, pg. 132, by: Arthur Knight & Hollis Alpert, "The History of Sex in Cinema - Part XIX: The Sixties Eros Unbound in Foreign Films"
Playboy (US) April 1968, Vol. 15, Iss. 4, pg. 141, by: Arthur Knight & Hollis Alpert, "The History of Sex in Cinema - XVIII: Hollywood Unbuttons"
ABC Film Review (GB) April 1967

Magazine Covers (46)

Event (The Mail on Sunday) (GB) April 2 2017
Parade (US) April 2 2017
Telegraph Magazine (GB) January 16 2016
Esquire (GB) October 2014
The Lady (GB) March 15 2013, Iss. 64004
The Herald Magazine (GB) November 7 2009
Radio Times (GB) November 7 2009
The Mail on Sunday Live (GB) November 1 2009
SAGA Magazine (GB) November 2009
Daily Mail Weekend (GB) April 25 2009
The Independent Magazine (GB) October 4 2008
The Times Magazine (GB) November 17 2007
Film Comment (US) March 2004, Vol. 40, Iss. 2
The Observer Magazine (GB) May 11 2003
Parade (US) February 9 2003
Hotdog (GB) September 2002
The Times Magazine (GB) September 15 2001
Time Out (GB) November 29 2000
Candis (GB) June 2000
OK! (GB) April 2000, Iss. 207
Evening Standard (GB) February 17 2000
The Sunday Times Culture (GB) December 13 1998
Sunday Express Magazine (GB) February 6 1994
News of The World Sunday (GB) December 13 1992
GQ (GB) September 1992, Iss. 39
Sunday Express Magazine (GB) July 5 1992
Sunday Mirror Magazine (GB) February 17 1991
News of The World Sunday (GB) September 16 1990
Arena (GB) November 1988
TV Times (GB) October 15 1988
People Weekly (US) May 4 1987
Radio Times (GB) January 17 1987
Options for Men (GB) December 1985
Film Review (GB) November 1982
Moviegoer (US) April 1982, Vol. 1, Iss. 4
Films Illustrated (GB) July 1978
Film Review (GB) May 1977
TV Times (GB) January 22 1976
Film Review (GB) September 1975
Photoplay Film Monthly (GB) February 1972
Film Review (GB) March 1971
ABC Film Review (GB) March 1971
Photoplay Film Monthly (GB) February 1970
ABC Film Review (GB) September 1967
ABC Film Review (GB) April 1966
ABC Film Review (GB) April 1964

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