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Other Works

  • "Lulu in Hollywood" (autobiographical esays). New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1982; paperback ed., Limelight Books, 1989.
  • (1940) Book: "The Fundamentals of Good Ballroom Dancing."
  • (1924) Stage Play: George White's Scandals. Musical revue.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Louie the 14th. Musical comedy. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Based on material and lyrics by Arthur Wimperis. Based on a German play by Paul Frank and Julius Wilhelm. Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Music orchestrated by Emil Gerstenberger. Scenic Design by Gretl Urban. Directed by Edward Royce. Cosmopolitan Theatre: 3 Mar 1925- 5 Dec 1925 (319 performances). Cast: Mabel Baade (as "Ensemble"), Al Baron (as "Spud/Ensemble"), Lee Baron (as "Ensemble"), Ida Barry (as "Ensemble"), Elsie Behrens (as "Ensemble"), Marguerite Boatwright (as "Ensemble"), Louise Brooks (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Brown (as "Ensemble"), Louis Casavant (as "The Major Domo"), Lawrence Chrow (as "Ensemble"), Joan Clement (as "Ensemble"), Vera Colburn (as "Ensemble"), Norman Colvin (as "Ensemble"), Walter Costello (as "Ensemble"), Jack Cronin (as "Ensemble"), Warren Crosby (as "Ensemble"), Morton Croswell (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Dahm (as "Ensemble"), Lilyan Dawn (as "Ensemble"), Simone De Bouvier (as "Marie Pochard"), Agatha DeBussy (as "Ensemble"), Anna May Denehy (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Dickerson (as "Ensemble"), Carmine DiGiovanni (as "Ensemble"), Catherine Doucet [credited as Catherine Calhoun Doucet] (as "Madame Trapmann"), J.W. Doyle (as "Paul Trapmann"), Edouard Durand (as "Francois Pochard") [final Broadway role], Leon Errol (as "Louie Ketchup"), Ruth Fallows (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Fears (as "Ensemble"), Harry Fender (as "Captain William Brent, A.E.F"), John Fluco (as "Ensemble"), Neel Francis (as "Ensemble"), Florentine Gosnova (as "Florentine"), Frederick Graham (as "The Village Cure/Dominique Dindon"), Camille Griffith (as "Ensemble"), Sam Guncharoff (as "Ensemble"), Helen Haines (as "Ensemble"), Ned Hamlin (as "Ensemble"), A. Havrilla (as "Bob/Ensemble"), Haal Hennessy (as "Ensemble"), Helen Herendeen (as "Ensemble"), Owen Hervey (as "Ensemble"), Alfred James (as "General Chanson/Aristide Brissac"), Maryland Jarbeau (as "Ensemble"), Edna Johnson (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Kelly (as "Ensemble"), Therese Kelly (as "Ensemble"), Teddy King (as "Ensemble"), Virginia King (as "Ensemble"), Leslie Kingdon (as "Ensemble"), Albert Kouiznetzoff (as "Ensemble"), Marie Lambert (as "Ensemble"), Margaret Langhorne (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Law (as "Evelyn"), Jack Leahy (as "Ensemble"), Nyo Lee (as "Ensemble"), Rona Lee (as "Ensemble"), Joseph Lertora (as "Captain Gallifet"), Dorothy Lesley (as "Ensemble"), Catherine Littlefield (as "Ensemble"), Jessie Madison (as "Ensemble"), Pauline Mason (as "Patricia Brent"), Charles Mast (as "Sergeant A.E.F./Bill"), William May (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude McDonald (as "Ensemble"), Lelia McGuire (as "Ensemble"), Milek and Kindl (as "Specialty Dancers"), Murray Minehart (as "Ensemble"), Robert Moan (as "Ensemble"), Lucy Monroe (as "Ensemble"), Betty Nevins (as "Ensemble"), Fern Oakley (as "Ensemble"), Florence O'Neill (as "Ensemble"), Consuelo Owens (as "Ensemble"), Doris Patston (as "Colette de Cassagnac"), George Plank (as "Ensemble"), Richard Powell (as "Ensemble"), Anastasia Reilly (as "Ensemble"), Helen Reinecke (as "Ensemble"), Carl Rose (as "Ensemble"), Jack Rouger (as "Ensemble"), Moris Rubin (as "Ensemble"), Elonora Ruggeri (as "Ensemble"), Louise Scott (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude Selden (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Shutta (as "Gabrielle Trapmann"), Al Small (as "Ensemble"), Pearl Sodders (as "Ensemble"), Allen Stevens (as "Ensemble"), Mabelle Swor (as "Ensemble"), Frank Vonne (as "Ensemble"), Judith Vosselli (as "The Comptesse de Bellac"), Morris Wagman (as "Ensemble"), Hugh Wakefield (as "Major the Hon. Harold Byngham, D.S.C, M.C."), Robert Walker (as "Ensemble"), Billy Walsh (as "Ensemble"), Julia Warren (as "Ensemble"), Claire Wayne (as "Ensemble"), Jean Wayne (as "Ensemble"), Lorraine Webb (as "Ensemble"), Al Wyatt (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1925. Musical revue. Sketches by J.P. McEvoy, Will Rogers, W.C. Fields and Gus Weinberg. Music by Raymond Hubbell, Dave Stamper and Werner Janssen. Lyrics by Gene Buck. Musical Director: Louis Gress. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett, Fred Barry, Harold Sandford and Steven Jones. Featuring songs by Leo Daniderff. Costume Design by John Held Jr. [earliest Broadway credit], Mabel Johnstone and John E. Stone. Scenic Design by Norman Bel Geddes and H Robert Law Studios. Directed by Julian Mitchell. Tableaux staged by Ben Ali Haggin. New Amsterdam Theatre: 6 Jul 1925- 19 Sep 1925 (88 performances). Cast: Lina Basquette, Bertha Belmore, Marion Benda, Louise Brooks, Katherine Burke, Cynthia Cambridge, Elise Cavanna, Elsie Cavanna, Bob Chase, Chaz Chase, Harriet Chetwynd, Dare and Wahl, Ray Dooley, Alma Drange, Peggy Fears, Hilda Ferguson, W.C. Fields, Irving Fisher, Norma Forrest, Noel Francis, Evelyn Goodwin, Beryl Halley, Al Hardy, Helen Henderson, Marion Hurley, Naomi Johnson, Flo Kennedy, Dorothy Knapp, Frank Lambert, Edna Leedom, Marjorie Leet, Doris Lloyd, Gladys Loftus, Helen MacFadden, Tommy Mack, Virginia Magee, Gertrude Michaels, Mary Mulhern, Barbara Newberry, Clarence Nordstrom, Al Ochs, George Olsen's Band, Frances Reveaux, Will Rogers, Adelaide Seaman, Vivienne Segal, Jack Shannon, Ethel Shutta, Dave Stamper, Bobby Storey, The Kelo Brothers, Mark Truscott, Brandon Tynan, Vangie Valentine, Dorothy Van Alst, Cricket Wooten. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Half a Widow. Musical. Music by Shep Camp. Book and lyrics by Harry B. Smith and Frank Dupree. Musical Director: Henry Redfield. Choral work directed by Geoffrey O'Hara. Featuring songs by Gordon Johnstone and Joe Brandfon. Costume Design by Orrin Kelly. Scenic Design by P. Dodd Ackerman. Choreographed by Benny Rubin and Billy Pierce. Entire production under the supervision of Wally Gluck. Directed by Lawrence Marston and Edwin T. Emery. Waldorf Theatre: 12 Sep 1927- 24 Sep 1927 (16 performances). Cast: Maud Allyn (as "Ensemble"), Harry Ardatoff (as "Ensemble"), Margot Bazin (as "Ensemble"), George Bratis (as "Ensemble"), Louise Brooks (as "Ensemble"), Bunny Brown (as "Ensemble"), Blanche Bryer (as "Ensemble"), Andrew Burjoyne (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Burr (as "Ensemble"), Joan Carter-Waddell (as "Dance de Luxe"), Albert Carties (as "Ensemble"), Lew Christy (as "Gyp"), Gordon Clark (as "Ensemble"), Robert C. Cloy (as "Capt. Wagner"), The Cochran Twins (as "Novelty Toe Dancers"), Maria Convere (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Cortez (as "Ensemble"), Elizabeth Crandall (as "Ensemble"), Daniel Da Silva (as "Tony"), Fainille Davies (as "Ensemble"), Harry Donaghy (as "Hon. Comm. of Capt. Everett's Company"), Paul Doucet (as "Jean Marie Alphonse Bettincourt"), William Dunn (as "Ensemble"), Rose Fleming (as "Ensemble"), Albert Froom (as "Pierre Lafarge"), Carolyn Gerken (as "Ensemble"), Pauline Grayce (as "Ensemble"), Beryl Halley (as "June Love"), Frances Halliday (as "Edith Proctor"), Hilda Hollis (as "Ensemble"), Jessie James (as "Ensemble"), Henry Jockin (as "Red"), Al Josephs (as "Ensemble"), Cyril Joyce (as "Ensemble"), Benno Juerling (as "Ensemble"), Zachary Karr (as "Ensemble"), Julie Kelety (as "Nita"), John Krivokosenke (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude Lang (as "Babette"), Ben Lewis (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Lyons (as "Ensemble"), Shirley Lyons (as "Ensemble"), Leon Mandas (as "Ensemble"), Vivian Martin (as "Antoinette"), Harry Miller (as "Ensemble"), Abraham Mitchell (as "Ensemble"), Bernard Mitchell (as "Ensemble"), Alan Moray (as "Ensemble"), Lewis Newman (as "Stubbs"), Arthur Nulens (as "Ensemble"), Geoffrey O'Hara (as "Lt. Turner"), Miriam Phillips (as "Ensemble"), Bernice Plante (as "Ensemble"), Gregory Pravduk (as "Ensemble"), Genay Ramsey (as "Ensemble"), Ilys Ravel (as "Ensemble"), George Rogers (as "Orderly"), Benny Rubin (as "Izzy Press"), Charles Salton (as "Ensemble"), Ava Sand (as "Ensemble"), Ralph Sanford (as "Brannigan"), George Sawyer (as "Ensemble"), Marshall Scott (as "Ensemble"), Verna Scott (as "Ensemble"), Bernadette Spencer (as "Ensemble"), Norman Stengel (as "Ensemble"), Benjamin Tilberg (as "Ensemble"), Walter Timoff (as "Ensemble"), Beatrix Tinsley (as "Ensemble"), Serge Vinogradoff (as "Ensemble"), Efin Vitis (as "Ensemble"), Roman Von Sternberg-Elsky (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude Waldon (as "Ensemble"), Wantayo (as "International Acrobatic Dance"), Edgar Welch (as "Scotty"), Geraldine Wells (as "Ensemble"), June Wells (as "Ensemble"), Halfred Young (as "Captain Bob Everett"), Peter Zengel (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Wally Gluck.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared in "Earl Carroll's Vanities" on Broadway. Musical revue. Lyrics by Grace Henry. Music by Morris Hamilton. Based on material by W.C. Fields, Paul Gerard Smith, Joe Frisco, Robert T. Tarrant and Herman Meyer. Additional music by George Bagby, G. Romilli, Michael H. Cleary, George Whiting, Louis Alter, Mario Savino, Jesse Greer, Ernie Golden and Abner Silver. Musical Direction by Ray Cavanaugh. Additional lyrics by Paul Jones, Ned Washington, Joe Burke, Raymond Klages, Ernie Golden, Jack LeSoir and Roy Doll. Choreographed by Busby Berkeley. Staged by Edgar J. MacGregor. Machinery Ballet created and staged by the Marmein Sisters. Assembled, produced and directed by Earl Carroll. Earl Carroll Theatre: 6 Aug 1928-2 Feb 1929 (200 performances). Cast: Fay Adler, Peggy Andre, Violet Arnold, Faith Bacon, Hazel Bailey, Barto & Mann, Bonnie Blackwood, Peggy Blake, Richard Bold, Lilian Bond, Ted Bradford, Dorothy Britton, Marian Carew, Ernest Charles, Catherine Clark, Elsie Connor, Frances Delacy, Gordon Dooley, Ray Dooley, W.C. Fields, Dorothea Frank, Joe Frisco, Edward Graham, Beryl Halley, Edyth Hansen, Marion Harke, Angeline Hassel, Rita Jason, Alyce Johnson, Naomi Johnson, Frances Joyce, Ruth Kent, Nelda Kincaid, Dorothy Knapp, Maurice Lapue, Vincent Lopez Band, Polly Luce, Dorothy Lull, Brian MacDonald, Dana Merrill, Martha Morton, Jean Murray, Marion O'Day, Ruth Patterson, Peggy Purcell, Joey Ray, Lillian Roth, Blanche Satchell, Wanda Stevenson, Bobby Storey, Elizabeth Surran, Jean Tennyson, Katherine Vercelle, Louise Vercelle, Beryl Wallace, Florence Ward, Eileen Wenzel, Rose Wenzel, Diana White, Vivian Wilson.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Fioretta. Musical/romantic comedy/operetta. Music by George Babgy and G. Romilli. Book by Earl Carroll. Book adapted by Charlton Andrews. Lyrics by George Babgy and G. Romilli. Additional lyrics by Grace Henry, Jo Trent and Billy Rose. Music orchestrated by Domenico Savino. Musical Direction by Han Fredhoven. Choreographed by LeRoy Prinz. Production Supervised by Earl Carroll. Directed by Clifford Brooke and Edgar J. MacGregor. Earl Carroll Theatre,: 5 Feb 1929-11 May 1929 (111 performances). Cast: Dorothy Knapp (as "Fioretta Pepoli"), Violet Arnold, Lionel Atwill (as "Count Matteo Di Brozzo"), Faith Bacon, Paul Banker, Vic Banks, William Billinghurst, Jack Boggs, Lilian Bond (as "Rosamanda," and "Ensemble"), Jay Brennan, Fanny Brice (as "Marchesa Vera Di Livio"), Dorothy Britton, Leo Bronson, Louise Brooks (as "Lucetta/Ensemble"), Catherine Clark, G. Davison Clark, Charles Columbus, Elsie Connor, Dorothy Corrigan, Dorice Covert, Rita Crane, Evelyn Crowell, Frank Cullen, Frances Delacy, Sylvia Derby, Leon Dumbadse, Leon Errol (as "Julio Pepoli"), Jackson Fairchild, Stuart N. Farrington, Frank Fiore, Dorothea Frank, Geranium, David Gerry, Harry Goldberg, Betty Goodwin, Gean Greenwald, Giovanni Guerreri, Roy Hansen, Marion Harcke, Angeline Hassel, Virginia Hawkins, George Houston (as "Orsino" AKA "Count di Rovani"), Charles Howard, Stanley Howard, Margaret Joyce, Theo Karle, Nelda Kincaid, Carol Kingsbury, Martin Le Roy, Bob Lee, Jack Leps, August Lindauer, Wallace Magill, Margaret Manners, John Marlowe, Doris Maye, Russell McLelland, Ida Michaels, Odessa Morgan, Alphonso Mullarkey, Armin Muller, Ordoni Muzzi, Charles Naylor, Leo Pardello, Ruth Patterson, Elsie Pedrick, Irma Philbin, Rae Powell, John Roland, Leonard Ross, Louis Ruff, Albert Sanchez, Blanche Satchell, Hugh Saunders, Sidney Schlesser, Rose Shaw, Martin Sheppard, Autumn Simms, Nelson Snow, Rita Stone, Clement Taylor, Peggy Taylor, Ernest Tello, Benjamin Tilberg, Leonard Trion, Costanza Venturella, Ethel Jane Walker, Dow Walling, J. Allen Ware, Vivian Wilson, John Zimmerman. Produced by Earl Carroll. Note: The quintessential flop of Broadway history. This was Carroll's first attempt at one of his own script adaptations. He made the critical error in casting his girlfriend, Miss Knapp in the lead role in a musical. Knapp couldn't (and didn't) sing in the production and was ridiculed by critics. Carroll's principal backer, Mrs. Anne Warren Weightman Penfield lost her $350,000.00 investment in this show.
  • (1931) Stage: Appeared in "Louder, Please" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1931) Celebrity spokesperson for Lux Toilet Soap
  • (1978) Article "Why I Will Never Write My Memoirs appeared in "Focus on Film"
  • (1943) Acted in radio programs "Ellery Queen" and "Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories"
  • (1965) Wrote article "Pabst and Lulu" for Z"ZSight and Sound" magazine.
  • (1966) Article "Charlie Chaplin Remembered" published in "Film Culture."
  • (1966) Article "Humphrey and Bogie" appeared in "Sight and Sound"
  • (1968) Article "On Location with Billy Wellman" appeared in "London"

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