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1. Golfo (1915)

Drama, Romance

A young and charming shepherd, Tasos, swings emotionally between the rich shepherdess Stavroula, who wants to make him hers at any cost, and the polite and beautiful Golfo, who moves him ... See full summary »

Director: Konstadinos Bahatoris | Stars: Virginia Diamadi, Dionysios Venieris, Olympia Damaskou, Yorgos Ploutis

Votes: 15

2. The Waxen Doll (1916)

Drama, Romance

A film adaptation of one of the first Athenian novels (which was later turned into a theatrical play), which is rendered in a way that combines lyricism with realism and recreates the ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Glitsos | Star: Virginia Diamadi

3. The Uphill of Golgotha (1917)

Drama, History

This is the first Greek religious film: the story of a young woman who studies in a Cycladic monastery and envisions the passion of Christ.

Director: Dimos Vratsanos | Stars: Yorgos Ploutis, Manos Filippidis, Aris Malliagros, Athanasios Marikos

4. Annoula's Dowry (1917)

63 min | Comedy

An indigent provincial girl comes to Athens to work as a maid in the mansion where her father also works. The latter wins the lottery, and, unexpectedly, their life changes for the better.

Director: Dimos Vratsanos | Stars: Koula Zervou, Dimitris Rontiris, Xaveria Kanellopoulou, Elias Destounis

5. Greek Miracle (1922)

Drama, War

Pictures from the Greek expedition to Asia Minor.

Director: Dimitris Gaziadis | Stars: N. Azagarov, Kalmanova, M. Kroupenskaya

6. The Gypsy Girl of Athens (1922)

Drama, Romance

A gypsy falls for an American girl, but his old love does all she can to break up the couple.

Director: Ahilleas Madras | Stars: Ahilleas Madras, Frida Poupelina

7. Destiny's Unattended Child (1925)


A young girl loses her father and is forced by her heartless uncle into a life of poverty and deprivation, as he takes over her fortune and spends it on his own pleasures.

Director: Dimos Vratsanos | Stars: Kleomenis Kalavrezopoulos, Harilaos Stefanou, Kleopatra Vratsanou, Fani Hanidou

8. Stealing the Bride (1925)

Comedy, Romance

A seriously love-struck man resorts to the popular practice of kidnapping his future wife.

Director: Alexandros Ardanof | Stars: Nitsa Filosofou, Ioannis Drys, Georgios Antoniadis, Dora Doranti

9. Maria Pentagiotissa (1927)

100 min | Adventure, Biography, Drama

After the revolution in 1821, in the village of Pentagioi in Central Greece, Maria, a beautiful, handful girl, baptized by Father Gavriil, gets all the young men in the area burning with ... See full summary »

Director: Ahilleas Madras | Stars: Frida Poupelina, Aimilios Veakis, Emmanouil Kadiotis, Vasilis Avlonitis

Votes: 13

10. Love and Waves (1928)

Drama, Romance

A rich Athenian Casanova, Petros Doukas, is on vacation on an Aegean island, where he falls in love with a pretty island girl, Rina, daughter of the widower Pountas. The girl is engaged to ... See full summary »

Director: Dimitris Gaziadis | Stars: Miranta Myrat, Nikos Dendramis, Dimitris Tsakiris, Filomila Naoum

11. Astero (1929)

72 min | Drama, Romance

In a village in the Peloponnese, on the slopes of Mt. Chelmos, lives rich sheep owner Mitros with his wife Asimina, his son Thymios and adopted daughter Astero. The children love each other... See full summary »

Director: Dimitris Gaziadis | Stars: Aliki Theodorides, Aimilios Veakis, Costas Moussouris, Dimitris Tsakiris

Votes: 35

12. The Downpour (1929)

Drama, Romance

Two Greek soldiers are trapped on the mainland in Asia Minor in 1922 trying to get back to their platoon. The one, seriously wounded, encourages his fellow villager to leave him and save ... See full summary »

Director: Dimitris Gaziadis | Stars: Edmond First, Aliki Ieronymou, Periklis Hristoforidis, Georgios Hristoforidis

13. The Banner of 1821 (1929)

Drama, History, Romance

This is one of the first Greek films to deal with Greek history. It is set, according to historic accounts, in the area of Morias in Kalavrita, specifically, in the monastery of Agia Lavra ... See full summary »

Director: Kostas Leloudas | Stars: Lea Lelouda, Manos Katrakis, Dimitris Batis, Boulakos

14. The Port of Tears (1929)

75 min | Adventure, Drama

A crew of sponge-divers get tangled up with a gang of ruthless smugglers who plan to take advantage of their sponge fishing skills in order to bring to the surface priceless antiquities and then to smuggle them out of the country.

Director: Dimitris Gaziadis | Stars: Mirva Violanti-Moshona, Emma Vitsori, Dimitris Tsakiris, Vasilis Avlonitis

Votes: 11

15. Ai teleftaiai imerai tou Odysseos Androutsou (1929)

Biography, Drama, History

Odysseas Androutsos calls a cease-fire with Omer Pasha of Euboea and starts preparing Greek defensive strongholds in eastern Roumeli. But his ex-lieutenant Gouras conspires against him, accuses him of betrayal and has him executed.

Director: Dimitrios Kaminakis | Stars: Eleni Karyki, Mihalis Masios, Angelina Pozelli, Saravakos

16. The Black Sheep (1930)

Drama, Romance

The plot of this film is based on the popular fable of the "lagiarni", the black sheep, and on the relevant folk song which has been preserved until the present. It is about the love ... See full summary »

Director: Ioannis Loumos | Stars: Rita Myrat, Aris Vlachopoulos, Athanasios Marikos, Evangelos Menexis

17. Apaches of Athens (1930)

Comedy, Drama, Musical

This is the adaptation of Nikos Chatziapostolou's operetta by the same name. It takes us back to the old Athens of 1920, where we watch the comical erotic adventures of an "apache". It was ... See full summary »

Director: Dimitris Gaziadis | Stars: Petros Epitropakis, Mery Sagianou-Katseli, Stella Hristoforidou, Yannis Prineas

18. Kiss Me, Maritsa (1930)

Comedy, Musical, Romance

Maritsa is a lively girl who finds it difficult to live in the village, with her uncle, who is also the President of the community. The son of a major industrialist is persuaded by Maritsa ... See full summary »

Director: Dimitris Gaziadis | Stars: Mery Sagianou-Katseli, Aris Malliagros, Mimis Kantiotis, Nestor Palmiras

21. The Sculptor's Dream (1930)


A sculptor dreams about his work coming to life and having various adventures.

Director: Lou Tellegen | Stars: Lou Tellegen, Georgia Vasileiadou, Don Alvarado, Ben Bard

23. The Clown of Life (1930)

Comedy, Drama, Romance

A clown of the street falls in love with a girl with tuberculosis, and, trying to find a way to cure her, he takes her to a monastery where the prioress admits her. The clown returns to the... See full summary »

Directors: Anastasios Kefalas, Nikolaos Metaxas | Stars: Kimon Spathopoulos, Kaiti Papanikolaou, Bella Mihaliotou, Leonidas Apostolopoulos

24. Prometheus Bound (1930)


Prometheus, punished by Zeus, is chained to a mountain of Caucasus by god Hephaestus. There he starts to mourn for his tortures and narrate his story. Later, Io, with whom Zeus is in love, ... See full summary »

Director: Dimos Vratsanos | Star: Thanos Bourlos

25. Daphnis and Chloe (1931)

68 min | Drama, Romance

In Lesvos, shepherd Lamonas someday finds an abandoned baby boy suckling a goat and adopts it, and names him Daphnis. Around the same time, another shepherd, Dryantas, finds too an ... See full summary »

Director: Orestis Laskos | Stars: Apollon Marsyas, Loucy Matli, Giannis Avlonitis, Grigoris Georgiadis

Votes: 84

26. That's What You Do When You Fall in Love (1931)

Drama, Romance

A girl that lives on an island, Masa, meets an Athenian painter, Agis Normas, and accepts to become his model. She falls in love with him and follows him to Athens, where Agis gets involved... See full summary »

Director: Stathis Loupas | Stars: Stathis Loupas, Lora Valeri, Athanasios Marikos, Andriani Papandreou

27. Cain and Abel (1931)

Drama, Romance

In a small village, two very close brothers turn into sworn enemies over the hand of a beautiful Gypsy girl - and confront each other - with tragic consequences.

Directors: S. Dirmikis, Kimon Spathopoulos | Stars: Kimon Spathopoulos, Andreas Evageliou, Anna Kyritsopoulou

28. The Wizard of Athens (1931)

58 min | Romance

A musician-magician of noble heritage wins the hearts of women. When his darling leaves him for a rich man, he does everything in his power to win her back.

Director: Ahilleas Madras | Stars: Frida Poupelina, Ahilleas Madras, Vasilis Afentakis, Maritsi Kalligeri

Votes: 35

29. Like That Night (1931)

Drama, Romance

Marika, the daughter of an entrepreneur, is in love with Giannis, a self-indulgent young man. When her fiancé finds out about her affair with Giannis, he leaves her. Giannis refuses to marry her, and she decides to enter a convent.

Director: Dimitrios Kaminakis | Stars: Tasos Mavrogiannis, Marina Hamaratou, Giannis Hristodoulou, Lakis Venetis

30. Stella Violanti (1931)

105 min | Drama, Romance

Stella is the daughter of a banker from Zakynthos and is in love with a poor telegraph operator. Her father wants to marry her off to a rich man, but Stella refuses to comply. Her father ... See full summary »

Director: Ioannis Loumos | Stars: Athanasios Marikos, Eftyhia Pavlogianni, Eleni Papadaki, Stefanos Nezer

31. Istanbul sokaklarinda (1931)

Musical, Drama, Romance

Brothers are in love with the same woman who earns her life by singing songs at night clubs and by sponging on her lovers. One of these brothers (Rahmi) works at a bank. Rahmi spends the ... See full summary »

Directors: Muhsin Ertugrul, Ihsan Ipekçi | Stars: Talat Artemel, Semiha Berksoy, Behzat Butak, Aziza Amir

Votes: 20

33. Crustalo (1932)

95 min | Drama, Romance

It is the third film in a row of the type that much later on was called "fustanella (Greek kilt)", following Gkolfo by Bachatoris (1914) and Astero by Gaziadis (1929). It is based on the ... See full summary »

Directors: Ilias Paraskevas, Dimitris Tsakiris | Stars: Sofia Dorival, Dimitris Tsakiris, Nina Afentaki, Aimilia Marikou

Votes: 27

34. Greek Rhapsody (1932)

62 min | Drama, Romance

Antreas Denogias, son of the Krinarios community president, leaves the village intending to study geoponics. In a few years, he returns together with a lady of low morals, having forgotten ... See full summary »

Director: Yannis Prineas | Stars: Yannis Prineas, Dina Sarri, Rafael Denogias, Nitsa Filosofou

35. Farewell to Poverty (1932)

96 min | Comedy, Drama

World War I is over and in Europe a new social class emerges, consisting of people called the "newly rich", who appear in Greece a bit later, but are slowly degrading the Athenian "good ... See full summary »

Director: Dimitris Gaziadis | Stars: Vaso Manolidou, Vasilis Afentakis, D. Anninos, Vasos Argyris

36. Social Decay (1932)

62 min | Drama

A poor university student, Ntinos Vristhenis, has abandoned his studies due to financial difficulties and is searching for a job. He is hired as an actor in a troupe, where he meets and ... See full summary »

Director: Stelios Tatasopoulos | Stars: Stelios Tatasopoulos, Danai Grizou, Tasos Kefalas, Joly Garbi

Votes: 42

38. Miss Lawyer (1933)

65 min | Comedy, Romance

The emotional adventures of a modern woman lawyer (an exceptionally rare profession for a woman at that time), who, instead of the usual household tasks, is exclusively engaged in her professional activity.

Director: Pellos Katselis | Stars: Miranta Myrat, Zozo Dalmas, Sapfo Alkaiou, Christos Efthimiou