Awesome Animal Actors!

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I Love Them!

1. Bozo the Bear

Actress | The Legend of Black Thunder Mountain

Bozo the Bear was born in 1960. She was an actress, known for The Legend of Black Thunder Mountain (1979) and The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (1977). She died on January 8, 1999 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

2. Skipper

Actor | Lost

Skipper is an actor, known for Lost (1983).

3. Duke

Actor | Somewhere in Sonora

Duke is an actor, known for Somewhere in Sonora (1933), Haunted Gold (1932) and The Telegraph Trail (1933).

4. Modoc

The Greatest Show on Earth

Modoc was former Circus elephant Ralph Helfer found for sale in the newspaper that he bought for only a thousand Dollars for a new Television series in 1961 called Frontier Circus (1961) from a private Zoo In the hills of the Ozark Mountains. When Ralph and his friend Frank Lamping drove across the...

5. Dick Whittington

Since You Went Away

Dick Whittington is an actor, known for Since You Went Away (1944).

6. Lincoln

Actor | Due South

Lincoln is an actor, known for Due South (1994).

7. Draco

Actor | Due South

An extremely cute Siberian Husky, Draco was only 7 months when he got the role of 'Diefenbaker' in the TV series Due South (1994) in February 1997. He has brown eyes, is of average build and size and has reddish-brown overtones on his back. He was an energetic, quick learner loved by the whole Due ...

8. Asta

Actor | The Thin Man Goes Home

Asta was Hollywood's foremost canine scene-stealer, a charismatic dynamo of a wire-haired terrier (real name Skippy) born sometime during 1931. Universally adored by depression-era movie audiences after being cast as the four-legged sidekick of retired private detective Nick Charles and his wife ...

9. Beth

Mrs. Miniver

Beth is an actress, known for Mrs. Miniver (1942).

10. Flush

Actor | The Barretts of Wimpole Street

Flush is an actor, known for The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934).

12. Corky

Actor | When's Your Birthday?

Corky is an actor, known for When's Your Birthday? (1937), London by Night (1937) and Flirtation (1934).

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