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1. Forensic Files (1996–2011)

TV-14 | 30 min | Documentary, Crime

A series featuring detailed accounts on how notable crimes and diseases were solved through forensic science.

Stars: Peter Thomas, Tom Bevel, Skip Palenik, Lowell Levine

Votes: 3,853

2. Deadly Women (2008– )

TV-PG | 43 min | Documentary, Crime

True stories of female killers.

Stars: Lynnanne Zager, Candice DeLong, Janis Amatuzio, Paul Godfrey

Votes: 1,468

3. Wicked Attraction (2008– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Crime

Examines cases where perverse desires push real people to commit murder.

Stars: Pete Demeo, Julie Armstrong, Kris Mohandie, Geoffrey McKee

Votes: 555

4. Fear Thy Neighbor (2014–2019)

44 min | Action, Crime, Drama

True crime show about conflicts between neighbors that go terribly wrong.

Stars: Tish Iceton, David Bacque, Craig Cyr, Brian Scott Carleton

Votes: 465

5. Disappeared (2009–2018)

TV-PG | Documentary, Crime, Mystery

The heartbreaking, mystifying and unbelievable stories of loved ones who have disappeared and the families that never give up hope. Some stories remain unresolved; some reveal tragic ... See full summary »

Stars: Christopher Crutchfield Walker, Kiff VandenHeuvel, Dennis Hindman, David Van Norman

Votes: 852

6. Judgment Day: Prison or Parole? (2016– )


Each year in America, 85% of inmates seeking early release will be denied, but 15% will be released from prison before serving their full sentences. Two thirds of these parolees will commit... See full summary »

Star: Dean Jacobs

Votes: 10

7. Smooth Talker (2016 TV Movie)

TV-14 | 60 min | Documentary, Crime

Michelle Wallace disappeared 20 years ago in Colorado after picking up two hitchhikers. Investigator Kathy Ireland makes it her mission to bring Wallace's killer, Roy Melanson, to justice and finds other possible victims.

Director: Matthew Watts | Stars: Talon Beeson, Kevin D. Benton, Kathy Ireland, John Peddie

Votes: 19

8. Too Pretty to Live (2016 TV Movie)

60 min | Documentary, Crime

On January 31, 2012, engaged couple Billy Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth are found murdered in their Mountain City, Tennessee home. As police investigate, the story takes a shocking turn ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Watts | Stars: Talon Beeson, Kevin D. Benton

Votes: 25

9. A Taste for Murder (2016 TV Movie)

60 min | Documentary, Crime

Angelina Rodriguez is a newlywed, living in a dream home with her prince charming. It all comes to a tragic end when her new husband, Frank, dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances.

Director: Matthew Watts | Stars: Frank C. Girardot, Burl Barer, Talon Beeson, Kevin D. Benton

Votes: 16

10. Evil Stepmothers (2016– )

60 min | Crime

Real stories from real victims shown in re-enactments about how Stepmothers g from abusive parents to outright murderers.

Stars: Russ Harris, Robert Olausen, Zoë Franziska, Glenn Nelson

Votes: 70

11. A Crime to Remember (2013– )
Episode: Lock Up Your Daughters (2015)

TV-14 | 43 min | Documentary, Crime

Recalls the Lee Roy Martin Case. In 1968, he called a SC reporter and claimed credit for the murders of several young woman whose bodies had been dumped. He also threatened to kill again.

Stars: William J. Allgood, Joe Alo, George Andreakos, George V. Andreakos

Votes: 48

12. The Wives Did It (2015– )

60 min | Crime

One man. Many wives. From the outside, a cozy picture of contented sister-brides raising a house-full of kids. From the inside, a fragile world of rivalries and jealousies that finally ... See full summary »

Stars: Alex Kolton, Dom Kinnaird, Dominic Kinnaird, Harvey Alcott

Votes: 6

13. Twisted Tales of My 9 to 5 (2015– )


TWISTED TALES OF MY 9 TO 5 is the outrageous TV series about the most unexpected, bizarre and scandalous workplace stories you've ever heard. Every episode tells three twisted stories of ... See full summary »

Stars: Spencer Teeter, Zee Salehian, Melita Fawcett, Angelica Bonaparte

Votes: 6

14. Hell House (2015– )

TV-PG | Documentary

The series features homes that have borne witness to multiple gruesome crimes.

Stars: Jake Schloss, Elaina Adrianna, Jimmy Bacon, Radford Baker

Votes: 25

15. True Nightmares (2015– )

History, Horror, Mystery

True stories of murder and mayhem morph into urban legends like the bogeyman or the monster under the bed - haunting our childhoods and scaring us throughout our lives. Investigation ... See full summary »

Stars: Todd Robbins, Andrew Bongiorno, Jeff DuJardin, Paris Bravo

Votes: 246

16. Momsters: When Moms Go Bad (2014– )


A Comic "dramatic-reenactment" show based on real life stories of the world's worst moms

Stars: Roseanne Barr, Mack Kuhr, Mark Hamlet, Judy Ho

Votes: 48

17. Last Seen Alive (2014– )

TV-PG | Mystery

With the chance of finding them decreasing with every minute they're gone, friends and family turn detectives as they try to track down missing loved ones. Whether in Ohio, Arizona, New ... See full summary »

Stars: Todd Schick, Blair Anderson, Avaah Blackwell, David Madwin

Votes: 38

18. Southern Fried Homicide (2013– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Crime

Against a backdrop of Southern hospitality, etiquette, and Christian values, evil creeps in like vines on a time-worn plantation. "Southern Fried Homicide" proves that ugliness lurks behind... See full summary »

Stars: Shanna Forrestall, James Davenjay, Cory Cunningham, Michael Carioscia

Votes: 91

19. Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry (2010– )

TV-PG | Documentary, Biography, Crime

A biography about real people who marry their "soulmates", until they learn that the person they thought they married, isn't who they say they are.

Stars: Matt Gulbranson, Annie K. Fox, T. Anthony Quinn, Jonathon Ruckman

Votes: 424

20. American Lawmen (2016– )


American Lawmen explores the first policing of railroads, the mafia, the Everglades and lawless outposts across America. American Lawmen is the stories of policing seen through the eyes of the brave few who first picked up a badge.

Stars: Todd Schick, Mathieu Burdan, Scott Garland, Patrick McFadden

Votes: 29

21. A Haunting (2005–2019)

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Drama, History

An American paranormal anthology previewing stories told by the victims. Victims tell their terrifing encounters with the paranormal. This show contains narrations, frightening reanactments, & religious content.

Stars: Anthony D. Call, Kelley Davis, Scott Rollins, Tamara Johnson

Votes: 2,776

22. I (Almost) Got Away with It (2010– )

TV-14 | Documentary, Crime, Mystery

Murders, drug dealers, bank robbers or jail escapees. The stories are different, but the motive is always the same: to stay out of prison. See what pushed these fugitives to their crimes, ... See full summary »

Stars: Bill Ratner, Steve C. Porter, Thomas Dalby, Carl Marino

Votes: 570

23. Fatal Vows (2012– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary

When marriages fail, divorce can turn ugly and even deadly. What was once a passionate union becomes spite, greed, backstabbing, and betrayal. 'Fatal Vows explores tumultuous, shocking, and... See full summary »

Stars: Kathleen Fee, Kristian Hodko, Chris Cavener, Erica Deutschman

Votes: 138

24. Fatal Vows 2 (2014– )

60 min | Crime

Based on the public court documents of riveting divorce and murder court proceedings, Fatal vows is a hour-long documentary series that explores tumultuous, shocking and high-stake divorces... See full summary »

Stars: Isabelle Champeau, Yanik Ethier, Kim Handysides, Suzie King

Votes: 10

25. Secret Lives of Stepford Wives (2014– )


Behind their picket-fences they appear the picture of absolute perfection, but when the sugary façade begins to crack, down come the walls of their country club fairytales. From salacious ... See full summary »

Stars: T.J. Craig, Mary Rogers McMaster, Juliana Fadeyev, Alison Whitney

Votes: 23

26. Psychic Investigators (2006– )

30 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Real-life detective thrillers which combine stylized dramatic reconstructions, unique archive and compelling interviews with key characters.

Stars: Tarioa Van Weesenbeek, Phil Jordan, Frank Longo, Robert Nolan

Votes: 61

27. Deadly Affairs (2012– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Crime

From love triangles that implode to office romances exposed, stories of passionate love affairs turned crimes of passion aren't just happening on daytime television. They happen in real life and, sometimes, are even stranger than fiction.

Stars: Susan Lucci, James Davenjay, Vaughn Bullard, Peter Chiamardas

Votes: 125

28. A Deadly Adoption (2015 TV Movie)

TV-14 | 84 min | Drama, Thriller

A distanced couple decide to take in a seemingly innocent pregnant woman in hopes of adopting her unborn child. However, there is more to a book than its cover.

Director: Rachel Lee Goldenberg | Stars: Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Jessica Lowndes, Alyvia Alyn Lind

Votes: 3,230

29. Blood Relatives (2012– )

42 min | Crime

Real life cases about families and the murders that tore them apart.

Stars: Lawrence Moran, Brenda Strong, Cloyce Martin, Jayd Swendseid

Votes: 227

30. Snapped (2004– )

TV-14 | 30 min | Documentary, Crime

Investigations of multiple mysterious and violent cases.

Stars: Sharon Martin, Jody Flader, Daniel Lukes, Brian Edward Keith

Votes: 930

31. True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (2010– )

TV-PG | Documentary, Crime

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones follows one of the nation's top crime writer, Aphrodite Jones, as she goes behind the scenes of famous murder cases to uncover hidden secrets and new ... See full summary »

Stars: Aphrodite Jones, Randy Thomas, Jonathan Brown-Tea, Razor Rocco Rizzotti

Votes: 395

32. Murder Among Friends (2016– )

60 min | Crime

When a group of people get together and take it upon themselves to kill. It can happen for a litany of reasons. But nothing is quite the same as a group murder.

Stars: Matt Riedy, Lawrence Moran, Jerreal Ricks-Simpson, Michael Anthony Jr.

Votes: 164

33. Obsession: Dark Desires (2013– )

TV-14 | 43 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

Obsessions form in all different kinds of ways. It could be a date, an interview, or even just a passing on the street. In this bone-chilling series they will show real life stories of obsession told by the victims.

Stars: Stephanie Jones, Richard Banks, Stephanie Moore, Ian Porter

Votes: 306

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