My Best Turkish Actors (En İyi Türk Aktörlerim)

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1. Kemal Sunal

Actor | Tosun Pasa

Born in 1944 Istanbul, Turkey. Graduated from Vefa High School, Fatih, Istanbul. Sunal acted in many popular films, although he began his artistic career in the theater. His first play was called, "Unwilling Doctor" and he later worked at the Devekusu Kabare Theatre with Ulvi Uraz. Although Sunal ...

2. Yilmaz Güney

Writer | Yol

Güney and his work were almost entirely unknown outside of his homeland Turkey until his 1981 escape from imprisonment in Turkey and his "discovery" the following year at the Cannes Film Festival for his autobiographical screenplay for Yol (1982), the festival's grand prize winner. Born in 1937 in ...

3. Sener Sen

Actor | Kabadayi

Early in his career, he mainly acted in comedy movies with Kemal Sunal such as "Hababam Sinifi", "Tosun Pasa", "Davaro" etc. Later, he had roles in movies criticizing Turkish society for its moral weaknesses as in "Milyarder", " Çiplak Vatandas" and the ones that reflected the contemporary social ...

4. Münir Özkul

Actor | Hababam Sinifi Tatilde

He was born and grew up in Istanbul. He started his career at Bakirkoy Community Center Theatre. Later he worked at Ankara State Theatre, Istanbul State Theatre and Istanbul City Theatre. He also worked in small play houses with today's famous actors and actresses. He made his place in the theatre ...

5. Sadri Alisik

Actor | Afacan küçük serseri

Sadri Alisik, born Mehmet Sadrettin Alisik, was a stage and movie actor. Also, he was one of the best comedians in Turkey. He was the husband of Çolpan Ilhan.

He was a prolific actor. His movies that depicted poor, uneducated people of the society, who were happy and believed in love, the most were ...

6. Haluk Bilginer

Actor | Kis Uykusu

Haluk Bilginer is a Turkish actor. In addition to his acting career in Turkey, he has also worked in the United Kingdom and remains known for his role as Mehmet Osman in the television soap opera EastEnders (1985) during the 1980s. He has also starred in Hollywood movies as a minor actor. He played...

7. Altan Erkekli

Actor | Vizontele

Altan Erkekli was born in 1955 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Vizontele (2001), O... Çocuklari (2008) and Magic Carpet Ride (2005).

8. Nejat Isler

Actor | Yumurta

Born in Istanbul in 1972, Nejat Isler graduated from Mimar Sinan State Conservatory's Theater Deparment in 1995. He made his first professional TV debut in 1994 in the TV series "Gurur". He continued his professional acting career and took leading roles in a number of TV series and movies. In 2008 ...

9. Müjdat Gezen

Actor | Homoti

Müjdat Gezen was born on October 29, 1943 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an actor and writer, known for Homoti (1987), Köseyi Dönen Adam (1978) and Kobay (1986).

10. Sevket Altug

Actor | Saban Oglu Saban

Sevket Altug was born in 1943 in Izmir, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Saban, Son of Saban (1977), Süper Baba (1993) and The Chaos Class Is Waking Up (1977).

11. Nejat Uygur

Actor | Ne hakla otuzbese bakla

Nejat Uygur was a Turkish actor and comedian. Nejat Uygur was born as the second of three children to an officer father and teacher mother. He acted on stage already in his school years. Uygur attended Academy of Fine Arts (today: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) to study sculpture, however, ...

12. Tarik Akan

Actor | Üçüncü göz

Tarik Akan's real name is Tarik Üregül and he was born in Istanbul in 1949 and grew up in the other parts of Turkey because of his father's job. His father was a colonel. Before he started his acting career he worked as a lifeguard on the beaches, rented boats to people... He also went on going to ...

13. Ayhan Isik

Actor | Örgüt

Ayhan Isik was born on May 5, 1929 in Izmir, Turkey as Ayhan Isiyan. He was an actor and producer, known for The Organization (1976), Cingöz Recai (1969) and In the Name of the Law (1952). He died on June 16, 1979 in Istanbul, Turkey.

14. Halit Ergenç

Actor | Binbir Gece

Halit Ergenç (born 30 April 1970) is a Turkish actor actor.

Halit Ergenç was born as the son of Yesilçam-era actor Sait Ergenç on 30 April 1970 in Istanbul. He completed his secondary education at Besiktas Atatürk High School in 1989 and entered Istanbul Technical University to study Marine ...

15. Erdal Besikçioglu

Actor | Behzat Ç.: Seni Kalbime Gömdüm

Erdal Besikçioglu born 5 January 1970 in Ankara is a Turkish actor. Erdal Besikçioglu attended Izmir Private Turkish College and Mehmet Seyfi Eraltay High School after which he studied at the Hacettepe University State Conservatory. He participated in creative workshops with William Gaskill among ...

16. Kenan Imirzalioglu

Actor | Cingöz Recai

Kenan Imirzalioglu was born at Ucem Village, Bala, Ankara on June 17th, 1974. He is the third kid of Yildiz and Mustafa Imirzalioglu. His brother's name is Dervis and sister is Zubeyde. Imirzalioglu finished elementary school in his village Ucem. Kenan Imirzaliogul moved to Ankara, capitol of ...

17. Erol Günaydin

Actor | Güzel Bir Gün Için

Erol Günaydin was born on April 16, 1933 in Akçaabat, Trabzon, Turkey. He was an actor and writer, known for Güzel Bir Gün Için (1965), The Deathless Devil (1972) and Ilk Ask (2006). He was married to Günes. He died on October 15, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.

18. Yilmaz Erdogan

Actor | The Water Diviner

He spent his childhood in Ankara until he moved to Istanbul along with his family. His family is of Kurdish origin. In 1987, he dropped out of his civil engineering studies at Istanbul Technical University and joined the On Duty Theater Staff (Turkish: Nöbetçi Tiyatrosu) managed by Ferhan Sensoy. ...

19. Öztürk Serengil

Actor | Keloglan

Öztürk Serengil was born on May 2, 1930 in Artvin, Turkey. He was an actor and producer, known for Keloglan (1965), Treasures of Genghis Khan (1962) and A Strange Man (1965). He died on January 11, 1999 in Istanbul, Turkey.

20. Engin Günaydin

Actor | Vavien

Engin Günaydin (born 29 January 1972) is a Turkish actor and comedian.

Günaydin was born in Erbaa, Tokat Province. He began his university studies at Hacettepe University Conservatory, but in his second year he switched to Mimar Sinan University from where he graduated in theatre.

In 1997, he had a ...

21. Kadir Inanir

Actor | Utanç

Kadir Inanir was born on April 15, 1949 in Fatsa, Ordu, Turkey. He is an actor and director, known for Shame (1972), Yilanlarin Öcü (1985) and Marziye (1998).

22. Halit Akçatepe

Actor | Süt Kardesler

Halit Akcatepe was a Turkish actor. Akcatepe was born in Üsküdar in 1938, the son of Sitki Akcatepe. In 1943, he made his debut in the film "Dertli Pinar" at the age of 5 and made more appearances in other films in some child roles. Akcatepe completed his studies in Saint Benoit French High School....

23. Hulusi Kentmen

Actor | Oyun Bitti

Hulusi Kentmen was born in 1911 in Tirnovo, Bulgaria. He was an actor, known for Oyun Bitti (1972), Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1971) and Dad, Make Me Marry (1975). He died on December 20, 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey.

24. Gazanfer Özcan

Actor | Beyaz Melek

Gazanfer Özcan was born on January 27, 1931 in Istanbul, Turkey. He was an actor, known for The White Angel (2007), Aramizda yasayamazsin (1954) and Tamam mi devam mi? (1975). He was married to Gönül Ülkü. He died on February 17, 2009 in Istanbul.

25. Süleyman Turan

Actor | Yarin son gundur

Süleyman Turan was born on November 19, 1936 in Istanbul, Turkey. He was an actor and writer, known for Yarin son gundur (1971), Güllü (1971) and Yahsi Bati - The Ottoman Cowboys (2009). He was married to Candan Öncü. He died on September 10, 2019 in Istanbul.

26. Sevket Çoruh

Actor | Insaat

Sevket Çoruh was born in Istanbul in 1973 and graduated from the Drama Department of the Müjdat Gezen College of Fine Arts. He began acting for the stage in 1989, since when he has performed in several productions. A newcomer to cinema, his screen debut came in 2003, when he starred as one of the ...

27. Ugur Yücel

Director | Yazi Tura

Ugur Yücel studied acting at the Istanbul conservatory and launched a career of one-man shows in 1977. Six years later, he began acting in feature films, and he made his own directorial debut with a short film in 1987. He projected it in silence on a big screen and accompanied it himself with ...

28. Çetin Tekindor

Actor | Babam ve Oglum

Çetin Tekindor is considered to be one of Turkey's best actors and most respected artists today. He was born in Sivas, Turkey in 1945. He graduated from Ankara State Conservatory in 1970, and his stage career started with the play "Murat IV". He is one of the most impressive performers in Turkish ...

29. Olgun Simsek

Actor | Yazi Tura

Olgun Simsek (born 1971), Turkish actor

Olgun Simsek was born in the village of Yenice in Büyükorhan, Bursa. His father was a primary school teacher and his mother was a housewife. He graduated in theatre from the Istanbul University State Conservatory and began acting professionally in 1993.

Simsek ...

30. Cüneyt Arkin

Actor | Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam

Fahrettin Cüreklibatir (born 7 September 1937), better known by his stage name Cüneyt Arkin, is a Turkish film actor, director, and producer. Having starred in somewhere around 250 movies and also TV series, he is widely considered as one of the most prominent Turkish actors of all time. His films ...

31. Zeki Alasya

Actor | Sivri Akillilar

Zeki Alasya (18 April 1943 - 8 May 2015) was a Turkish actor and film director. Alasya was of Turkish Cypriot descent and was related to Kibrisli Mehmed Kamil Pasha.

Alasya was born in Istanbul. After studying at Robert College, he joined MTTB Theatre as an amateur actor. For a short time, he worked...

32. Oktay Kaynarca

Actor | Eskiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz

Oktay Kaynarca (b. 27 January 1965 in Malatya) Turkish actor. He is better known for his role in the popular TV series, Kurtlar Vadisi (2003) (Valley of the Wolves). He currently plays in also high popular TV series called "Eskiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (2015)". He is one of the main...

33. Levent Kirca

Actor | Olacak O Kadar

Levent Kirca was born on September 28, 1950 in Samsun, Turkey as Zeki Levent Kirca. He was an actor and director, known for Olacak O Kadar (1986), Ne Olacak Simdi (1979) and Son (2002). He was married to Oya Basar and Nur Diner. He died on October 12, 2015 in Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey.

34. Tuncel Kurtiz

Actor | Auf der anderen Seite

Tuncel Kurtiz was born in 1936, Izmit-Turkey. He graduated from Istanbul University, English Language and Literature and started acting in 1956 with Dormen Theatre. With the movie 'Suru', he reached the peak of his acting career. Kurtiz received many awards in Turkey and also abroad. He also known ...

35. Sermiyan Midyat

Actor | Ay Lav Yu

Sermiyan Midyat was born on December 2, 1974. He is an actor and writer, known for Ay Lav Yu (2010), Bir Baba Hindu (2016) and Anali Ogullu (2014).

36. Erkan Can

Actor | Gemide

Erkan Can was born on January 1, 1958 in Bursa, Turkey. He is an actor and producer, known for On Board (1998), Takva: A Man's Fear of God (2006) and Vizontele (2001).

37. Mehmet Günsür

Actor | Ask Tesadüfleri Sever

Mehmet Günsür was born on May 8, 1975 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an actor and producer, known for Love Likes Coincidences (2011), O simdi asker (2003) and Steam: The Turkish Bath (1997). He has been married to Caterina Mongiò since July 17, 2006. They have two children.

38. Ediz Hun

Actor | Arif V 216

Ediz Hun (born 20 November 1940 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish film actor and politician. Hun was born in 1940 to a Circassian father and a Turkish mother.

After studying at the St. George's Austrian High School in Istanbul, he graduated in Biology and Environmental Science from the University of...

39. Metin Serezli

Actor | The Message

Metin Serezli was born on January 12, 1934 in Istanbul, Turkey. He was an actor and director, known for The Message (1976). He was married to Nevra Serezli and Nisa Serezli. He died on March 10, 2013 in Istanbul.

40. Kivanç Tatlitug

Actor | Kelebegin Rüyasi

Kivanc Tatlitug was born on October 27, 1983 in Adana, Turkey. His mother is from Edirne, Turkey. His father was born in Adana, who came from Yugoslav immigrant family. His paternal grandfather is Albanian from Pristina. His paternal grandmother is Bosnian from Sarajevo.

His professional career ...

41. Okan Bayülgen

Actor | Agir Roman

Okan Bayülgen was born on March 23rd, 1964 in Istanbul, Turkey, as the son of a lawyer father and a painter mother. After graduation from the Galatasaray High School, which is one of the most renowned and influential high schools in Turkey, he moved to France to study photography. At the Tours ...

42. Murat Yildirim

Actor | Suskunlar

Murat Yildirim was born on April 13, 1979 in Konya, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Game of Silence (2012), Gecenin Kraliçesi (2016) and Crimean (2014). He has been married to Iman Albani since 2016. He was previously married to Burçin Terzioglu.

43. Burak Sergen

Actor | Istanbul Kanatlarimin Altinda

Burak Sergen was born on February 9, 1961 in Ankara, Turkey as Burak Reis Sergen. He is an actor, known for Istanbul Beneath My Wings (1996), Beans (2000) and Turks in Space (2006). He has been married to Isil Sergen since 1999.

44. Kartal Tibet

Director | Sabaniye

Kartal Tibet was born on March 27, 1938 in Ankara, Turkey. He is a director and actor, known for Sabaniye (1984), Deli Deli Küpeli (1986) and Davaro: Son Eskiya (1981).

45. Ismail Hacioglu

Actor | Ayla: The Daughter of War

Ismail Hacioglu was born on November 30, 1985 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Ayla: The Daughter of War (2017), Çakal (2010) and Gökten 3 elma düstü (2008).

46. Okan Yalabik

Actor | Av Mevsimi

Okan Yalabik (born 13 December 1978) is a Turkish actor. He graduated theater at the State Conservatoire of Istanbul University. He has appeared in more than twenty films since 2001. He has been featured in plays, films and television serials for many years. He is acting in a play from his own ...

47. Peker Açikalin

Actor | Kolay para

Peker Açikalin is an actor and writer, known for Kolay para (2002), Avrupa Yakasi (2004) and Gülcemal (2014). He was previously married to Melek Taskin, Ünsal, Niran and Nilüfer Açikalin.

48. Erol Tas

Actor | Ince Cumali

Erol Tas was born on February 28, 1928 in Karaköse, Erzurum, Turkey. He was an actor, known for Ince Cumali (1967), The Deathless Devil (1972) and Blood Money (1974). He died on November 8, 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey.

49. Rutkay Aziz

Actor | Kurtulus

Rutkay Aziz was born in 1947 in Istanbul, Turkey as Aziz Rutkay. He is an actor, known for Kurtulus (1994), The Republic (1998) and Yol Ayrimi (2017).

50. Tolgahan Sayisman

Actor | Sampiyon

Tolgahan Sayisman was born on 17 December 1981, in Istanbul, Turkey. During high school years, Tolgahan was involved in sports such as football, basketball. Also, he won awards in some sportive area which are tennis and swimming. Moreover, he joined some school actives about music and acting. ...

51. Erdal Özyagcilar

Actor | Yilanlarin Öcü

Erdal Özyagcilar was born in 1948 in Bursa, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Yilanlarin Öcü (1985), Aile Arasinda (2017) and Feyzo, the Polite One (1978). He is married to Güzin Özyagcilar.

52. Ata Demirer

Actor | Avrupa Yakasi

Ata Demirer born July 6, 1972 in Bursa, Turkey is a Turkish filmmaker and stand-up comedian famous, Demirer, who demonstrated a talent for music at an early age, studied at Bursa Boy's High School before transferring in his final year and graduating with hon ours from Çelebi Mehmet High School. ...

53. Ahmet Tarik Tekçe

Actor | Daglari bekliyen kiz

Ahmet Tarik Tekçe was born on December 15, 1920 in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire. He was an actor, known for The Girl Who Watched the Mountain (1955), Çölde bir Istanbul kizi (1957) and Two Musicians' Journey (1963). He died on October 4, 1964 in Ankara, Turkey.

54. Cihan Ünal

Actor | Kalbimdeki düsman

He graduated from Ankara National Conservatory, Theatre Arts in 1969. He started to work at Ankara National Theatre in 1983 where he also worked as a diction, scene studies and stage instructor. He continued his teaching career at Istanbul Mimar Sinan University between 1987 till 2000.

Since 1969 he...

55. Cem Davran

Actor | Kahpe Bizans

Cem Davran was born in March 3, 1964 in Kasimpasa, Isanbul. He is the son of theatre actor Mehmet Davran. Cem Davran started his acting life in 1976 with Turkbank Children Theatre. In 1977, he started to work at Istanbul City Theatre as a child actor and promoted as a professional actor in 1980. ...

56. Ege Aydan

Actor | Kurtulus

Ege Aydan was born in 1958 in Ankara, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Kurtulus (1994), Istanbul Beneath My Wings (1996) and Kaçak Gelinler (2014).

57. Metin Akpinar

Actor | Abuzer Kadayif

Born in 1942, Metin Akpinar started acting at the age of 20 with an amateur dramatics society. He landed his first professional stage role two years later, in 1964, and this was followed by performances in several leading theatre productions. In 1967, he co-founded the Devekusu Theatre, Turkey's ...

58. Cem Yilmaz

Actor | G.O.R.A.

While studying at the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management of Bogazici University, he started drawing comics for the Turkish humor magazine Leman. In August 1995 he did his first stand-up comedy show in "Leman Culture Center" performing with no serious career intentions as a comedian. However...

59. Güven Kiraç

Actor | Gegen die Wand

Güven Kiraç was born in 1968 in Turkey. He is an actor and producer, known for Head-On (2004), Salkim Hanim'in Taneleri (1999) and Innocence (1997).

60. Müsfik Kenter

Actor | Bozuk düzen

Müsfik Kenter was born on September 8, 1932 in Istanbul, Turkey. He was an actor, known for Bozuk düzen (1966), Disi örümcek (1963) and Kurtulus (1994). He was married to Kadriye Kenter and Gülsün Kamu. He died on August 15, 2012 in Istanbul.

61. Fikret Hakan

Actor | Sürgünden geliyorum

Born in Balikesir in 1934, Fikret Hakan began his artistic career in 1950 as an actor for the Ses Theatre and a regular contributor to literary magazines. He performed his first screen role in 1953 in the film Köprüalti Çocuklari (Kids Under the Bridge), and quickly progressed to become one of the ...

62. Halil Ergün

Actor | Yaprak Dökümü

Halil Ergün was born on September 8, 1946 in Iznik, Bursa, Turkey. He is an actor and writer, known for Yaprak Dökümü (2006), Mum kokulu kadinlar (1996) and Böcek (1995).

63. Hakki Kivanç

Actor | Baytekin - fezada çarpisanlar

Hakki Kivanç was born on July 18, 1931 in Adana, Turkey. He was an actor, known for Flash Gordon's Battle in Space (1967), Dokunmayin Sabanima (1979) and Dolap Beygiri (1982). He died on January 30, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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