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2. At Shiloh (1913)

Short, Drama, War

During a temporary cessation of hostilities below the Mason-Dixon line, Col. Carlton is granted leave of absence, and accompanied by Lieut. Carney, his daughter's sweetheart, visits his ... See full summary »

Stars: Riley Hatch, Sherman Bainbridge, Cliff Baldwin, Allen Bellow

3. The Head Hunters (1913)

Adventure, Short

At the close of the Spanish-American War, Margaret Marshall's schooldays end. She bids farewell to her girl chums, and with many heartaches, parts with her sweetheart, Jack, a soldier, in ... See full summary »

Stars: Ray Myers, Clarence Burton, Joseph Carle, Eddie James

4. When Sherman Marched to the Sea (1913)

Short, War

Mrs. Margaret Oswald, a wealthy widow, lives on her plantation near the seacoast at Savannah. Georgia, and with her are her two grown sons, Robert and Jack, and her daughter, Gertie, the ... See full summary »

Director: Jack Conway | Stars: Jack Conway, Val Paul, Lee Morris, Frank Howe

5. The Cowboy Magnate (1913)

Short, Western

Bainbridge, the agent of the S.V. Railroad, comes to the Clifford Ranch to negotiate for the right of way. Clifford agrees to go east to see the railroad officials. Arriving at the managing... See full summary »

Director: Henry MacRae | Stars: William Clifford, Phyllis Gordon, Sylvia Ashton, Jane Darwell

6. War of the Cattle Range (1913)

Short, Western

The opening of the drama establishes the hatred of Bainbridge, the range boss, for Clifford, a cowboy. Clifford has defeated the boss in all contests of wits and strength. Ruth Ann Baldwin ... See full summary »

Director: Francis Ford | Stars: William Clifford, Sherman Bainbridge, Phyllis Gordon, Val Paul

7. The White Squaw (1913)

Short, Western

Mourning that he is childless, the chief of the Utes drives his squaw, Watahnah, away from the tribe. Hiram Paul and a party of emigrants are caught in a sandstorm on the desert, without ... See full summary »

Director: Henry MacRae | Stars: William Clifford, Clarence Burton, Phyllis Gordon, Val Paul

8. Brewster's Millions (1914)


Robert Brewster, a scion of a well-to-do family, elopes with Louise Sedgewick. Peter Brewster disinherits Robert and refuses to be reconciled to the marriage, and later drives the young ... See full summary »

Directors: Oscar Apfel, Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Edward Abeles, Joseph Singleton, Sydney Deane, Miss Bartholomew

Votes: 30

9. The Master Mind (1914)

Crime, Drama

Pledging to revenge the execution of his brother, whom the District Attorney caused to be convicted, Richard Allen, a quaint individual who takes delight in concealing his identity by ... See full summary »

Directors: Oscar Apfel, Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Edmund Breese, Fred Montague, Jane Darwell, Dick La Reno

10. The Only Son (1914)


Thomas Brainerd, Sr., as a prospector, is a dutiful and loving husband and father. Two children, Gertrude and Thomas, Jr., are born while the Brainerds live in a log cabin in the mountains.... See full summary »

Directors: Oscar Apfel, William C. de Mille, Cecil B. DeMille, Thomas N. Heffron | Stars: Jim Blackwell, A. MacMillan, Thomas W. Ross, Jane Darwell

11. The Man on the Box (1914)

Comedy, Drama

Lieutenant Bob Warburton is wounded during an encounter with the Indians and taken to the home of Col. Annesley for medical treatment. Recovering, Bob finds that his service in the army has... See full summary »

Directors: Oscar Apfel, Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Max Figman, C.F. Le None, Fred Montague, Fred L. Wilson

12. Ready Money (1914)

Comedy, Drama

Steve Baird travels West, and with miner Mike Reardon, buys an abandoned mine called The Skyrocket. Hoping to raise money to cover his notes, Steve goes to New York where he meets forger ... See full summary »

Director: Oscar Apfel | Stars: Edward Abeles, Monroe Salisbury, Jode Mullally, Jane Darwell

13. Rose of the Rancho (1914)

Passed | Action, Adventure, Romance

Esra Kincaid takes land by force and, having taken the Espinoza land, his sights are set on the Castro rancho. US government agent Kearney holds him off till the cavalry shows up and he can... See full summary »

Director: Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Bessie Barriscale, Jane Darwell, Dick La Reno, Jack W. Johnston

Votes: 21 | Gross: $0.09M

14. The Goose Girl (1915)

Passed | Romance

Count von Herbeck, chancellor to the Grand Duke of Ehrenstein, is married but keeps it a secret because of his high ambitions. His dying wife writes him a letter urging him to make their ... See full summary »

Director: Frederick A. Thomson | Stars: Marguerite Clark, Monroe Salisbury, Sydney Deane, E.N. Dunbar

15. After Five (1915)

50 min | Comedy, Thriller

Ted Ewing, a young New Yorker, is the guardian of Nora Hildreth, with whom he is in love. He invests her fortune of $50,000 and an equal amount of his own money (constituting almost his ... See full summary »

Directors: Oscar Apfel, Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Edward Abeles, Sessue Hayakawa, Betty Schade, Jane Darwell

Votes: 7

17. The Reform Candidate (1915)


Realizing that his mayoral campaign is in serious trouble, reform candidate Frank Grandell sends his people out to dig up some dirt on Art Hoke, the boss of the city's political machine. ... See full summary »

Director: Frank Lloyd | Stars: Macklyn Arbuckle, Forrest Stanley, Myrtle Stedman, Malcolm Blevins

18. Tom Sawyer (1930)

86 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

The classic Mark Twain tale of a young boy and his friends on the Mississippi River. Tom and his pals Huckleberry Finn and Joe Harper have numerous adventures, including running away to be ... See full summary »

Director: John Cromwell | Stars: Jackie Coogan, Junior Durkin, Mitzi Green, Lucien Littlefield

Votes: 150 | Gross: $11.00M

19. Huckleberry Finn (1931)

80 min | Comedy

Runaway Huck Finn rafts down the Mississippi with his friends.

Director: Norman Taurog | Stars: Jackie Coogan, Junior Durkin, Mitzi Green, Jackie Searl

Votes: 67

20. Ladies of the Big House (1931)

77 min | Drama

Married couple is imprisoned for a crime they didn't commit.

Director: Marion Gering | Stars: Sylvia Sidney, Gene Raymond, Wynne Gibson, Earle Foxe

Votes: 72

21. Back Street (1932)

Passed | 93 min | Drama, Romance

A woman's love for and devotion to a married man results in her being relegated to the "back streets" of his life.

Director: John M. Stahl | Stars: Irene Dunne, John Boles, George Meeker, Zasu Pitts

Votes: 492

22. Hot Saturday (1932)

Approved | 73 min | Drama, Romance

A pretty but virtuous small-town bank clerk is the victim of a vicious rumor from an unsuccessful suitor that she spent the night with a notorious womanizer.

Director: William A. Seiter | Stars: Cary Grant, Nancy Carroll, Randolph Scott, Edward Woods

Votes: 859

23. Women Won't Tell (1932)

Passed | 67 min | Drama

A homeless woman living at the city dump hears of the death of a wealthy industrialist and puts in a claim on his estate for her daughter, who is actually the rightful heir.

Director: Richard Thorpe | Stars: Sarah Padden, Otis Harlan, Gloria Shea, Larry Kent

Votes: 23

24. Air Hostess (1933)

67 min | Drama

In World War I, pilot Bob King is shot and killed in France. His friends Ted "Lucky" Hunter (James Murray) and Pa Kearns (J.M. Kerrigan) pledge to look after his daughter, Kitty (Evalyn ... See full summary »

Director: Albert S. Rogell | Stars: Evalyn Knapp, James Murray, Arthur Pierson, Thelma Todd

Votes: 100

25. The Past of Mary Holmes (1933)

Passed | 70 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

An alcoholic former opera singer (Helen MacKellar) resents the promising career of her son (Eric Linden) and his recent engagement to an actress (Jean Arthur).

Directors: Harlan Thompson, Slavko Vorkapich | Stars: Helen MacKellar, Eric Linden, Jean Arthur, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher

Votes: 16

26. Child of Manhattan (1933)

Passed | 70 min | Drama, Romance

Paul Vanderkill is extraordinarily wealthy because his grandfather happened to buy farmland in what was to become Midtown Manhattan. The Loveland Dance Hall is one of the tenants of the ... See full summary »

Director: Edward Buzzell | Stars: Nancy Carroll, John Boles, Buck Jones, Jessie Ralph

Votes: 188

28. Good Housewrecking (1933)

20 min | Comedy, Short

Edgar and his bumbling in-laws are interior decorators but they end up in the wrong house and trash it with their incompetence.

Director: Harry Sweet | Stars: Edgar Kennedy, Florence Lake, Dot Farley, William Eugene

Votes: 20

29. Before Dawn (1933)

Passed | 60 min | Drama, Mystery

Sinister forces compete to find the million dollars in gold hidden by recently deceased gangster Joe Valerie in his family's old dark house 15 years earlier,

Director: Irving Pichel | Stars: Stuart Erwin, Dorothy Wilson, Warner Oland, Dudley Digges

Votes: 230

30. One Sunday Afternoon (1933)

Passed | 85 min | Comedy, Romance

Middle-aged dentist Biff Grimes reminisces about his unrequited love for beautiful Virginia Brush and her husband Hugo, his ex-friend, who betrayed him.

Director: Stephen Roberts | Stars: Gary Cooper, Fay Wray, Frances Fuller, Roscoe Karns

Votes: 519

31. Only Yesterday (1933)

Passed | 105 min | Drama, Romance

A one-night fling during World War I results in a young girl getting pregnant. Years later, she meets him again. Now a successful businessman, he doesn't even remember her, but tries to seduce her.

Director: John M. Stahl | Stars: Margaret Sullavan, John Boles, Edna May Oliver, Billie Burke

Votes: 298

32. He Couldn't Take It (1933)

65 min | Comedy

Jimmy Kelly, who can't hold on to a job because of his hot temper, finds his calling as a process server. He serves process on a gangster and exposes a criminal conspiracy while trying to ... See full summary »

Director: William Nigh | Stars: Ray Walker, Virginia Cherrill, George E. Stone, Stanley Fields

33. Design for Living (1933)

Not Rated | 91 min | Comedy, Romance

A woman cannot decide between two men who love her, and the trio agree to try living together in a platonic friendly relationship.

Director: Ernst Lubitsch | Stars: Fredric March, Gary Cooper, Miriam Hopkins, Edward Everett Horton

Votes: 5,273

34. Heat Lightning (1934)

Passed | 63 min | Crime, Drama

In the Mohave Desert, Olga runs a gas station, lunch counter, and auto camp with her younger sister Myra. In a 24-hour period, Olga must deal with Myra's desire to go to a town dance with a... See full summary »

Director: Mervyn LeRoy | Stars: Aline MacMahon, Ann Dvorak, Preston Foster, Lyle Talbot

Votes: 542

36. Change of Heart (1934)

Passed | 77 min | Drama, Romance

After graduating from a West Coast college, four friends fly to New York City to seek employment.

Director: John G. Blystone | Stars: Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, James Dunn, Ginger Rogers

Votes: 240

37. Let's Talk It Over (1934)

Approved | 68 min | Drama, Comedy

A young sailor saves a woman from drowning. The woman turns out to be a rich heiress; unfortunately for the sailor, she was only pretending to be drowning so that another young man she had ... See full summary »

Director: Kurt Neumann | Stars: Chester Morris, Mae Clarke, Frank Craven, John Warburton

38. Most Precious Thing in Life (1934)

Passed | 67 min | Drama, Romance

The Most Precious Thing in Life is a 1934 American film directed by Lambert Hillyer and starring Richard Cromwell, Jean Arthur, Donald Cook, Anita Louise, and Mary Forbes. The film tells a ... See full summary »

Director: Lambert Hillyer | Stars: Jean Arthur, Donald Cook, Richard Cromwell, Anita Louise

Votes: 77

39. Blind Date (1934)

Passed | 72 min | Comedy, Romance

A young woman is torn between a wealthy suitor who wants her body and the honest young man who wants what's best for her.

Director: Roy William Neill | Stars: Ann Sothern, Neil Hamilton, Paul Kelly, Jane Darwell

Votes: 202

41. Million Dollar Ransom (1934)

Approved | 70 min | Drama

To stop his mother from marrying a man he doesn't like, a young millionaire hires an ex-con help him fake his own kidnaping.

Director: Murray Roth | Stars: Phillips Holmes, Edward Arnold, Mary Carlisle, Wini Shaw

Votes: 17

42. Wake Up and Dream (1934)

Approved | 77 min | Adventure, Music, Romance

The story of a small-time vaudeville trio and their rise to the big time.

Director: Kurt Neumann | Stars: Russ Columbo, Roger Pryor, June Knight, Catherine Doucet

Votes: 46

43. Happiness Ahead (1934)

Approved | 86 min | Musical, Comedy, Romance

Society heiress Joan Bradford rebels against her mother's choice of a future husband by masquerading as a working class girl and dating a window washer.

Director: Mervyn LeRoy | Stars: Dick Powell, Josephine Hutchinson, John Halliday, Frank McHugh

Votes: 228

44. Tomorrow's Youth (1934)

Approved | 63 min | Drama

A look at how his parents' divorce affects the life of a young boy.

Director: Charles Lamont | Stars: Dickie Moore, Martha Sleeper, John Miljan, Franklin Pangborn

Votes: 33

45. The White Parade (1934)

Approved | 80 min | Drama

The title represents the hopeful, ambitious students at a hospital training school and is primarily a story of the stern discipline and laborious physical and mental toil they endure in ... See full summary »

Director: Irving Cummings | Stars: Loretta Young, John Boles, Dorothy Wilson, Muriel Kirkland

Votes: 50

46. Bright Eyes (1934)

Approved | 85 min | Comedy, Drama, Family