Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film [Nominated]

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4. Swing High (1932)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short, Sport

The Flying Codonas, fourth generation of a family of trapeze artists, practice and perform amazing feats high in the air. Close-up and slow motion photography show how it's done.

Director: Jack Cummings | Stars: The Flying Codonas, Pete Smith, Edward Codona, Lalo Codona

Votes: 125


7. Menu (1933)

Approved | 10 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Short

A chef helps a housewife cook a duck dinner that will not give her husband indigestion.

Director: Nick Grinde | Stars: Pete Smith, Luis Alberni, Una Merkel, Franklin Pangborn

Votes: 229


9. Men in Black (1934)

Approved | 19 min | Comedy, Short

The stooges become doctors at a large hospital where they disrupt patients and staff alike.

Director: Ray McCarey | Stars: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Carmen Andre

Votes: 1,125


10. What, No Men? (1935)

21 min | Comedy, Musical, Short

A bill collector and a policeman are captured by a group of mad scientists and taken to an all-female Indian tribe for study.

Director: Ralph Staub | Stars: El Brendel, Wini Shaw, Phil Regan, Billy Bletcher

Votes: 41


12. Strikes and Spares (1934)

Passed | 9 min | Short, Sport

This short features professional bowler Andy Varipapa. He first shows the correct way to grip a bowling ball and the proper form for delivering the ball down the alley. He then performs several trick shots.

Director: Felix E. Feist | Stars: Pete Smith, Andy Varipapa, Buster Brodie, Ray Turner

Votes: 186


13. Oh, My Nerves (1935)

Approved | 18 min | Comedy, Short

Monty's nerves are shot, so he decides to go on a nice, relaxing trip to the country. Unfortunately, his brother-in-law Tom brings along the rest of the family. Comic chaos ensues. "Oh, My ... See full summary »

Director: Del Lord | Stars: Monte Collins, Tom Kennedy, Ruth Hiatt, Elaine Waters


14. Tit for Tat (1935)

Approved | 19 min | Comedy, Short, Family

After the events in Them Thar Hills (1934), Stan and Ollie encounter their old nemesis whose grocery shop is next to their home appliances store. Unable to let bygones be bygones, a war breaks out. Will those tit-for-tat battles ever end?

Director: Charley Rogers | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Charlie Hall

Votes: 1,911


15. Audioscopiks (1935)

Approved | 8 min | Documentary, Short

After the audience is instructed how to use the 3-D glasses they received, demonstrations of three-dimensional films are presented. Various objects move towards the camera, including a ... See full summary »

Directors: Jacob Leventhal, John Norling | Star: Pete Smith

Votes: 149


17. La Fiesta de Santa Barbara (1935)

Approved | 19 min | Short, Comedy, Music

Hollywood stars participate in a Mexican-themed revue and festival in Santa Barbara. Andy Devine, the "World's Greatest Matador", engages in a bullfight with a dubious bovine supplied by ... See full summary »

Stars: Eduardo Durant's Rhumba Band, The Spanish Troubadors, Warner Baxter, Ralph Forbes

Votes: 245


18. Popular Science (II) (1935)

Approved | 11 min | Short

Considers marvels of modern science: contact lenses, kitchen gadgets, bubble bath (with cheesecake), diatoms, Boulder Dam.

Director: Robert Carlisle | Star: Gayne Whitman

Votes: 6


19. Moscow Moods (1936)

11 min | Short, Music

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Director: Fred Waller | Star: Yasha Bunchuk

Votes: 6


20. Wanted -- A Master (1936)

Approved | 10 min | Short

A dog living in a junk yard finds out that all stray dogs will be exterminated by 3 o' clock that afternoon, so sets off to find a master before the deadline.

Directors: Arthur J. Ornitz, Gunther von Fritsch | Stars: Pete Smith, Horace B. Carpenter, Dave O'Brien

Votes: 101


21. Double or Nothing (1936)

21 min | Comedy, Musical, Short

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Director: Joseph Henabery | Stars: Phil Harris, Leah Ray, Harry Tyler, Vicki Joyce

Votes: 40


23. The Man Without a Country (1937)

Approved | 21 min | Drama, Short

In this classic story, US Army Lt. Philip Nolan is upset with his assignment to a remote outpost with no possibility for promotion. He intends to join Aaron Burr, who plans to form a new ... See full summary »

Director: Crane Wilbur | Stars: John Litel, Gloria Holden, Ted Osborne, Donald Brian

Votes: 135


24. Popular Science (I) (1937)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short

Raising angora rabbits for wool; new marine navigation and safety technology; kitchen gadgets; developing new rose varieties.

Star: Gayne Whitman


25. A Night at the Movies (1937)

Passed | 10 min | Comedy, Short

A man and his wife have a less-than-enjoyable time at the movies.

Director: Roy Rowland | Stars: Robert Benchley, King Baggot, Jack Baxley, Sidney Bracey

Votes: 369


26. Romance of Radium (1937)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short, History

This Oscar-nominated short film tells the story of the discovery of radium and how it is used in medicine.

Director: Jacques Tourneur | Stars: Pete Smith, Margaret Bert, André Cheron, James Conaty

Votes: 183


28. Should Wives Work? (1937)

20 min | Comedy, Short

Errol's wife goes back to work, despite his objections.

Director: Leslie Goodwins | Stars: Leon Errol, Vivien Oakland, Richard Lane, William Brisbane

Votes: 7


29. The Great Heart (1938)

Approved | 11 min | Short, Biography

Carey Wilson tells the true story of the heroic sacrifice of Father Damien who suffered a living death in order to bring hope and God's comfort to the lepers confined on Molokai Island.

Director: David Miller | Stars: Carey Wilson, Tom Neal

Votes: 89


31. Swingtime in the Movies (1938)

Approved | 20 min | Musical, Short, Comedy

In this musical short, a director named Nitvitch, unhappy with the lead actress in his Western, makes an unexpected discovery in the studio cafe where some big stars are being served by a bevy of beautiful singing, dancing waitresses.

Director: Crane Wilbur | Stars: Fritz Feld, Kathryn Kane, John Carroll, Charley Foy

Votes: 245


32. They're Always Caught (1938)

Approved | 22 min | Short, Crime

Shows the role the crime laboratory plays in the solving of cases, and how even the smallest detail can become a major clue.

Director: Harold S. Bucquet | Stars: Stanley Ridges, John Eldredge, Louis Jean Heydt, Charles Waldron

Votes: 157


34. Prophet Without Honor (1939)

Approved | 11 min | Short, Biography, Drama

This is the story of Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806-1873), an American Naval officer, who developed the first maps that charted the oceans' winds and currents.

Director: Felix E. Feist | Stars: Carey Wilson, Tom Neal

Votes: 103


35. Sword Fishing (1939)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

A group of men are on the sailboat the Scirocco heading down the Pacific coast to go fishing, but not just ordinary fishing. Among the group is archer Howard Hill who has used this skill in... See full summary »

Stars: Howard Hill, Ronald Reagan

Votes: 115


36. Drunk Driving (1939)

Approved | 22 min | Drama, Short

In this Crime Does Not Pay series entry, John Jones is an up and coming businessman who drinks too much but denies he has a problem. One day he mixes drinking and driving, and the tragic ... See full summary »

Director: David Miller | Stars: Dick Purcell, Jo Ann Sayers, Richard Lane, King Baggot

Votes: 102


37. Five Times Five (1939)

Approved | 20 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

Cecile, Annette, Yvonne, Emile and Marie, the Dionne Quintuplets, turn five years old and have a private birthday party in their garden. Other than the five little French-Canadian ... See full summary »

Director: Frank P. Donovan | Stars: Alexander Woollcott, Annette Dionne, Cecile Dionne, Emilie Dionne


38. London Can Take It! (1940)

Approved | 9 min | Documentary, War, Short

A tribute to the courage and resiliency of Britons during the darkest days of the London Blitz.

Directors: Humphrey Jennings, Harry Watt | Stars: Quentin Reynolds, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Votes: 548


39. More About Nostradamus (1941)

Approved | 11 min | Short, Biography, War

This short starts with a short biography of Nostradamus and highlights some of his prophecies that came true in his own day (e.g., telling a young priest that many years later he would ... See full summary »

Director: David Miller | Stars: John Burton, Hans Conried, Jimmy Dime, John George

Votes: 113


40. Siege (1940)

10 min | Documentary, Short, History

A short film which documents the siege of Warsaw at the beginning of World War II.

Director: Julien Bryan | Star: Julien Bryan

Votes: 177


41. Eyes of the Navy (1940)

Approved | 20 min | Documentary, Short

Produced by MGM in 'cooperation' with the US Navy, Eyes of the Navy amounts to a prewar (for the US at least; by 1940 England had been at war for a while) recruitment film for young men to ... See full summary »

Stars: Alan Hale Jr., Warren McCollum, Charles Middleton, Russell Wade

Votes: 137


42. Service with the Colors (1940)

Approved | 21 min | Drama, Short

This Warner Bros. short film focuses on new army recruits prior to the U.S. entry into World War II. They are assigned to the Presidio in San Francisco and put under the command of Sgt. ... See full summary »

Director: B. Reeves Eason | Stars: Robert Armstrong, William Lundigan, Henry O'Neill, William T. Orr

Votes: 144


43. Army Champions (1941)

Approved | 11 min | Documentary, Short

This MGM short, part of the A Pete Smith Specialty series, focuses on the young men who have signed up to serve their country. Speed, teamwork and accuracy are the hallmark of all army ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Vogel | Star: Pete Smith

Votes: 83


44. Beauty and the Beach (1941)

Approved | 11 min | Short, Music

This Paramount Headliner short (in-house number A1-1) was filmed at Jones Beach and features a background of pretty girls, bathing suits and the ocean. Johnny Long and His Orchestra provide... See full summary »

Director: Leslie M. Roush | Stars: Johnny Long, Johnny Long and His Orchestra, Helen Young, Bob Huston