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1. Boku to Star no 99 nichi (2011– )

54 min | Drama

Kohei Namiki (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is a single man approaching his 40's. He works at security company as a part-time job. He also has a sweet and handsome appearance, which some people take... See full summary »

Stars: Hidetoshi Nishijima, Tae-hee Kim, Nanami Sakuraba, Mayumi Asaka

Votes: 55

2. Kaitô Royale (2011– )


Thieves lurk at a high society party hosted by a jeweler. Their target is an Alexandrite ring called "Alexander's tear" and said to be the the best jewel among jewels. Kamimura Rei has been... See full summary »

Stars: Tôri Matsuzaka, Seiji Fukushi, Aya Ohmasa, Terunosuke Takezai

Votes: 15

3. Kagi no kakatta heya (2012– )


Erika Toda joins a law firm headed by Serizawa-san, on the first case she meets Enomoto Kei of Tokyo total security who unlocks Serizawa who has accidentally been trapped in a vault. Form ... See full summary »

Stars: Satoshi Ohno, Erika Toda, Kôichi Satô, Non

Votes: 199

4. Cleopatra na onna tachi (2012– )

54 min | Comedy

Kishi Minetaro is a skilled and serious-minded plastic surgeon. He looks down on doctors earning money through cosmetic surgeries as well as on women asking for such medical procedures. ... See full summary »

Stars: Ryûta Satô, Izumi Inamori, Kii Kitano, Kimiko Yo

5. Rigaru Hai (2012– )

54 min | Comedy, Drama

Never-Loose Lawyer Komikado use his way and understanding of the spirit of law win every case on the court of law.

Stars: Masato Sakai, Yui Aragaki, Kôtarô Satomi, Junnosuke Taguchi

Votes: 1,071

7. Lucky Seven (2012– )

54 min | Drama

7 detectives, each with their own unique style in problem solving, work at the same detective agency. Each detective is in charge of their own case file until one day, the cases somehow ... See full summary »

Stars: Jun Matsumoto, Riisa Naka, Kazue Fukiishi, Mari Iriki

Votes: 87

9. 13-sai No Hello Work (2012– )


Matsuoka plays the role of Ogure Teppei, a 35-year-old policeman who dreams of being promoted to the First Investigation Division. One day, he suddenly slips back in time to 22 years ... See full summary »

Stars: Masahiro Matsuoka, Arata Furuta, Mirei Kiritani, Jun Fubuki

10. Penance (2012– )

270 min | Mystery

58 Metascore

The murder of Emili, a young girl, leaves the inhabitants of a small Japanese village in shock. The body of Emily is found by the four classmates with whom she was playing. The murder is ... See full summary »

Stars: Kyôko Koizumi, Hazuki Kimura, Manatsu Kimura, Kyôka Shibata

Votes: 907

13. Switch Girl!! (2011– )


A high school student named Tamiya Nika, appears to be a stylish and fashionable girl at school, but that's really a fake persona that she uses when she's in public.

Stars: Mariya Nishiuchi, Ren Kiriyama, Rikako Sakata, Shintarô Akiyama

Votes: 166

14. Tsumi to batsu (2012– )


Tsumi to Batsu tells the story of Tachi Miroku, an aspiring writer who has become a college dropout and hikikomori (shut-in). He lost his father to suicide, while his mother and older ... See full summary »

Stars: Aki Asakura, Hitomi Harukaze, Tomoharu Hasegawa, Ai Hashimoto

Votes: 17

16. Fake: Kyôto Bijutsu Jiken Emaki (2011– )


Set in Kyoto, the story revolves around a single, 40-year-old part-time university lecturer named Urasawa Yu. Although she is awkward in normal social situations, she possesses ... See full summary »

Stars: Naomi Zaizen, Yôko Minamino, Shirô Sano, Minori Terada

17. For You in Full Blossom - Ikemen Paradise 2011 (2011– )

45 min | Comedy, Drama

Mizuki Ashiya is a high school girl who dresses up like a boy so she can attend the all-male boarding school Sakurazaki Academy. All of this is a plan to meet athlete Izumi Sano, a high jumper who quit the sport due to an injury.

Stars: Atsuko Maeda, Aoi Nakamura, Shôhei Miura, Ryû Andô

Votes: 48

23. Hatachi no koibito (2007– )


Hatachi no Koibito tells the story of Inoue Keisuke, a married salaryman. At the age of 50, he begins thinking about his purpose in life. By chance, he encounters Sawada Yuri, a 20-year-old... See full summary »

Stars: Masaya Nakamura, Mayu Gamou, Cynthia Cheston, Sanma Akashiya

Votes: 11

24. Himitsu no hanazono (2007– )


A female editor facing doubts about her career and personal life and what's ahead for her as she tries her best at coordinating with a mysterious comic artist in Japan.

Stars: Shunsuke Daitô, Kanata Hongô, Tetsuhiro Ikeda, Munenori Iwamoto

Votes: 31

25. Hanayome to papa (2007– )


Ishihara plays a new 20-year-old OL working in the apparel company of her dreams. Her father, played by Tokito, loves his daughter excessively to the point that he compels her to follow his... See full summary »

Stars: Satomi Ishihara, Junnosuke Taguchi, Saburô Tokitô

Votes: 26

28. Derishasu gakuin (2007– )

30 min | Comedy, Drama

After being kidnapped and taken to a cooking school they are forced enroll, a group of boys deal with learning tons of recipes while also focusing on thoughts of love, friends, and intentions.

Stars: Takahiro Nishijima, Shinjirô Atae, Hiroki Aiba, Ryosuke Miura

Votes: 11

30. Yamato nadeshiko (2000– )

54 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

After being teased and bullied by the other children in school because of her family's poverty, young Sakurako makes a pledge to her mother that, no matter what, she will never be poor when... See full summary »

Stars: Nanako Matsushima, Shin'ichi Tsutsumi, Masahiko Nishimura, Akiko Yada

Votes: 100

31. Kimi hannin ja naiyo ne? (2008– )

Crime, Drama

Sakura Morita is a peculiar "freeter" (freelance part-timer) who dreams of becoming a mystery novel writer. While switching between various jobs throughout the series, she also becomes an ... See full summary »

Stars: Takashi Hagino, Tsutomu Ikeda, Jun Kaname, Shihori Kanjiya

Votes: 12

32. The Marriage Counselor (2011– )

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Takakura Junpei is a successful advisor at a marriage consultation agency that wants to bring people, who are looking for partners, together. Yanagisawa is one of the agency's clients, who ... See full summary »

Stars: Meisa Kuroki, Naohito Fujiki, Yasuko Chitose, Shingo Katori

Votes: 13

33. Shima shima (2011– )

Drama, Family

To anyone looking and wondering Shio comes across as a pretty, well-adjusted and successful businesswoman who is succeeding at her aromatherapy business. The truth, however, is that she is ... See full summary »

Stars: Akiko Yada, Shôhei Miura, Ayane, Sôta Fukushi

34. Sutekina kakushi dori -kanzen muketsu no concierge- (2011 TV Movie)

120 min | Comedy

A comedy about a concierge at a plush hotel who deals with a series of unusual guests.

Director: Kôki Mitani | Stars: Hiroshi Abe, Kazuyuki Aijima, Kazuyuki Asano, Tadanobu Asano

Votes: 68

35. Suzuki sensei (2011– )


Akira Suzuki is the home room teacher for 2-A. After graduating from college Akira did not work for 3 years. Instead, he spent his time thinking about ways to solve problems once he works ... See full summary »

Stars: Hiroki Hasegawa, Asami Usuda, Tomomitsu Yamaguchi, Tomoko Tabata

Votes: 28

36. Utsukushii rinjin (2011– )

54 min | Drama

A sudden encounter between a gracefully attractive but mysterious woman, Saki, and an ordinary housewife, Eriko, who has a happy family, causes Eriko's serene daily life to fall apart. ... See full summary »

Stars: Yukie Nakama, Rei Dan, Rieko Miura, Sawa Suzuki

Votes: 11

37. Zôka no mitsu (2011– )


The case starts with the abduction of a young child. It is believed to be a kidnap for ransom, but the kidnapper does not demand one and instead says, "If you want to pay money, you decide ... See full summary »

Stars: Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Rei Dan, Jun Kunimura, Tetsuji Tamayama

38. You Taught Me All the Precious Things (2011– )


Shuji is a young teacher whose confidence and honesty has made him popular with the students. He is engaged to Natsumi, also a teacher at the same high school. At the morning of the new ... See full summary »

Stars: Haruma Miura, Erika Toda, Emi Takei, Hirofumi Arai

Votes: 101

40. Watashi ga ren'ai dekinai riyuu (2011– )


For three women, life is tough enough to handle - don't even try adding love to the mix! Emi Fuji (Karina Nose) is a lighting tech whose colleagues are all men. She's largely disinterested ... See full summary »

Stars: Karina, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Yûko Ôshima, Masato Hagiwara

Votes: 95

44. Natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku (2010– )


Taiga is a struggling second-generation actor who has developed a complex due to his father, a famous actor in his time. Taiga, only get to appear in variety shows, most of the time. One ... See full summary »

Stars: Jun Matsumoto, Yûko Takeuchi, Atsuko Anami, Mizuki Inoue

Votes: 62