Ocean Adventure

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Adventures on the Ocean. Merchant marines, whalers, fisherman, shipwrecks, freighters, pre-20th century navy, and deep sea divers. No pirates though, I put them on another list.

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1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916)

Passed | 105 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

A French professor and his daughter accompany Captain Nemo on an adventure aboard a submarine.

Director: Stuart Paton | Stars: Allen Holubar, Dan Hanlon, Edna Pendleton, Curtis Benton

Votes: 1,468 | Gross: $8.00M

3. Down to the Sea in Ships (1922)

Unrated | 83 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

Story of the lives of the people in a small Quaker community and the adventures of a whaling ship.

Director: Elmer Clifton | Stars: Marguerite Courtot, Raymond McKee, William Walcott, Clara Bow

Votes: 328

4. Moran of the Lady Letty (1922)

Passed | 68 min | Adventure

A milquetoast young man of society toughens up once he's shanghaied and falls for the captain's tomboy daughter.

Director: George Melford | Stars: Dorothy Dalton, Charles Brinley, Emilius Jorgensen, Rudolph Valentino

Votes: 303

6. Stormy Seas (1923)


Two men in love with the same girl race to save her when she is trapped aboard a ship on fire in storm-swept seas.

Director: J.P. McGowan | Stars: J.P. McGowan, Helen Holmes, Leslie Casey, Rube Dalroy

8. The Navigator (1924)

Unrated | 59 min | Action, Comedy, Romance

Two spoiled rich people find themselves trapped on an empty passenger ship.

Directors: Donald Crisp, Buster Keaton | Stars: Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire, Frederick Vroom, Clarence Burton

Votes: 8,579 | Gross: $1.48M

9. The Lighthouse by the Sea (1924)

Passed | 70 min | Family, Drama

A lighthouse keeper and his daughter are in trouble on two fronts--if the authorities find out he is going blind they will remove him, and a gang of liquor-smugglers is trying to destroy ... See full summary »

Director: Malcolm St. Clair | Stars: Rin Tin Tin, William Collier Jr., Louise Fazenda, Charles Hill Mailes

Votes: 30

10. The Sea Beast (1926)

136 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

This silent movie is based on Melville's classic Moby Dick. Ahab and his brother compete for the affections of minister's daughter Esther. But the great white whale has been eluding the ... See full summary »

Director: Millard Webb | Stars: John Barrymore, Dolores Costello, George O'Hara, Mike Donlin

Votes: 131 | Gross: $0.80M

11. Tentacles of the North (1926)

Passed | 54 min | Action, Adventure

Two ships are caught in the Arctic ice.

Director: Louis Chaudet | Stars: Gaston Glass, Alice Calhoun, Joseph W. Girard, Alan Roscoe

Votes: 21

12. The Yankee Clipper (1927)

88 min | Drama

What starts as race from China to Boston to earn coveted tea trade contract on the high seas turns into dangerous journey with typhoon, mutiny, and no fresh water.

Director: Rupert Julian | Stars: William Boyd, Elinor Fair, Frank Coghlan Jr., John Miljan

Votes: 79

13. Scarlet Seas (1928)

70 min | Drama, Romance

A sea captain comes to rescue of a prostitute in Shanghai, who is being run out of town. He takes her aboard his ship and heads out to sea. Not long afterwards the ship sinks but the pair ... See full summary »

Director: John Francis Dillon | Stars: Richard Barthelmess, Betty Compson, Loretta Young, James Bradbury Sr.

Votes: 9

14. Across to Singapore (1928)

Passed | 85 min | Drama, Romance

Conflict ensues when a young man's childhood sweetheart becomes betrothed to his older brother.

Director: William Nigh | Stars: Ramon Novarro, Joan Crawford, Ernest Torrence, Frank Currier

Votes: 910

15. Atlantic (1929)

Not Rated | 90 min | Drama

On its maiden voyage in April 1912, the supposedly unsinkable RMS Titanic hits an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.

Director: Ewald André Dupont | Stars: Franklin Dyall, Madeleine Carroll, John Stuart, Ellaline Terriss

Votes: 157

17. The Sea Wolf (1930)

87 min | Romance

George, Ruth and Humphrey go for a boat ride with Wolf Larsen.

Director: Alfred Santell | Stars: Milton Sills, Jane Keithley, Raymond Hackett, Mitchell Harris

Votes: 29

18. Moby Dick (1930)

Passed | 80 min | Adventure, Drama

In this extremely loose adaptation of Melville's classic novel, Ahab is revealed initially not as a bitter and vengeful madman, but as a bit of a lovable scamp. Ashore in New Bedford, he ... See full summary »

Director: Lloyd Bacon | Stars: John Barrymore, Joan Bennett, Lloyd Hughes, Noble Johnson

Votes: 374

19. The Law of the Sea (1931)

Passed | 64 min | Drama

A sadistic, evil ship captain lusts after a beautiful young girl he spots in town. It turns out that she's the girlfriend of a young man whose father the captain had blinded and cast adrift on the ocean many years before.

Director: Otto Brower | Stars: William Farnum, Sally Blane, Rex Bell, Priscilla Dean

Votes: 28

20. Corsair (1931)

75 min | Adventure

A stock market broker plans to liven up his boring life by taking up piracy on the high seas.

Director: Roland West | Stars: Chester Morris, Thelma Todd, Fred Kohler, Ned Sparks

Votes: 166

21. Tiger Shark (1932)

Passed | 77 min | Drama, Romance

A tuna fisherman marries a woman who doesn't love him.

Director: Howard Hawks | Stars: Edward G. Robinson, Richard Arlen, Zita Johann, Leila Bennett

Votes: 731

22. In the Wake of the Bounty (1933)

66 min | Action, Drama

The true story of HMS Bounty. Plus documentary

Director: Charles Chauvel | Stars: Arthur Greenaway, Mayne Lynton, Errol Flynn, Victor Gouriet

Votes: 237

23. Below the Sea (1933)

Passed | 78 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

A wealthy woman funds an underwater expedition to explore for marine life, but what she doesn't know is that her "colleagues" have other intentions.

Director: Albert S. Rogell | Stars: Ralph Bellamy, Fay Wray, Frederick Vogeding, Esther Howard

Votes: 222

24. Tugboat Annie (1933)

Approved | 86 min | Comedy, Drama

Annie the tugboat captain tries to help two young lovers come together.

Director: Mervyn LeRoy | Stars: Marie Dressler, Wallace Beery, Robert Young, Maureen O'Sullivan

Votes: 580

25. No More Women (1934)

Approved | 76 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Two deep-sea divers, known only by their nicknames of "Three-Time" and "Forty-Fathoms," find that no place on earth is big enough for both of them at the same time, even the bottom of the ... See full summary »

Director: Albert S. Rogell | Stars: Edmund Lowe, Victor McLaglen, Sally Blane, Minna Gombell

Votes: 16

26. China Seas (1935)

Passed | 87 min | Action, Drama, Adventure

When earthy Dolly Portland is rejected by Captain Gaskell in favor of a socialite, she aids Jamesy McCardle, in league with Malay pirates, in his plot to seize his ship.

Director: Tay Garnett | Stars: Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Wallace Beery, Lewis Stone

Votes: 2,151

27. Eight Bells (1935)

Approved | 69 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

Marge Walker, the daughter of a steamship-line owner, stows away on one of her father's ships bound for Shanghai. Roy Dale, the captain of the ship, is in love with her as is the first ... See full summary »

Director: Roy William Neill | Stars: Ann Sothern, Ralph Bellamy, John Buckler, Catherine Doucet

Votes: 28

28. Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)

Not Rated | 132 min | Adventure, Biography, Drama

87 Metascore

A tyrannical ship captain decides to exact revenge on his abused crew after they form a mutiny against him, but the sailor he targets had no hand in it.

Director: Frank Lloyd | Stars: Charles Laughton, Clark Gable, Franchot Tone, Herbert Mundin

Votes: 19,820

29. Phantom Ship (1935)

Approved | 62 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

During a horrific storm at sea, the crew realizes that there is a murderer among them who is killing them off one by one.

Director: Denison Clift | Stars: Bela Lugosi, Shirley Grey, Arthur Margetson, Edmund Willard

Votes: 648

30. Sea Spoilers (1936)

Approved | 63 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

When Coast Guard Commander arrives at his actress girlfriend's yacht he find the owner killed, contraband seal skins, and no girlfriend.

Director: Frank R. Strayer | Stars: John Wayne, Nan Grey, William Bakewell, Fuzzy Knight

Votes: 106

31. Down to the Sea (1936)

69 min | Drama

This vintage drama from Republic Pictures features a colorful cast, headlined by Ann Rutherford (Gone With The Wind), Russell Hardie (Fail Safe), and Fritz Leiber (The Hunchback of Notre ... See full summary »

Director: Lewis D. Collins | Stars: Russell Hardie, Ben Lyon, Ann Rutherford, Irving Pichel

Votes: 36

32. I Conquer the Sea! (1936)

70 min | Drama

The captain of a fishing boat loses his arm while out at sea. He determines not to let the loss ruin his life and goes back to sea as a one-armed sailor.

Director: Victor Halperin | Stars: Steffi Duna, Dennis Morgan, Douglas Walton, George Cleveland

Votes: 35

33. Captain Calamity (1936)

Passed | 66 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A South Seas skipper fights off thieves and pirates who are after a lost treasure.

Director: John Reinhardt | Stars: George Houston, Marian Nixon, Vince Barnett, Crane Wilbur

Votes: 103

34. Killers of the Sea (1937)

Approved | 49 min | Documentary

A film about Captain Wallace Caswell Jr. who does all in his power to protect game fish from illegal fishing and natural predators such as sharks, octopi and whales.

Director: Raymond Friedgen | Stars: Lowell Thomas, Wallace Caswell Jr., 'Evolution' Henderson, 'Spot' Hayes

Votes: 30

35. Captains Courageous (1937)

Passed | 117 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

A spoiled brat who falls overboard from a steamship gets picked up by a fishing boat, where he's made to earn his keep by joining the crew in their work.

Director: Victor Fleming | Stars: Spencer Tracy, Freddie Bartholomew, Lionel Barrymore, Melvyn Douglas

Votes: 8,253

36. Wallaby Jim of the Islands (1937)

Approved | 61 min | Adventure, Drama, Music

Wallaby Jim and his men have just found a valuable source of pearls in the South Pacific. But Jim's associate Norman has put the whole operation in jeopardy because of his gambling problem.... See full summary »

Director: Charles Lamont | Stars: George Houston, Ruth Coleman, Douglas Walton, Wilhelm von Brincken

Votes: 45

37. Affairs of Cappy Ricks (1937)

Approved | 61 min | Comedy, Drama

Cappy Ricks, a crusty old sea captain, returns home from a long voyage to discover that his family and his business are in chaos--his daughter is set to marry a nitwit that he can't stand, ... See full summary »

Director: Ralph Staub | Stars: Walter Brennan, Mary Brian, Lyle Talbot, Frank Shields

Votes: 135

38. Mutiny on the Elsinore (1937)

Approved | 79 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

The story of a surly crew, an honest God-fearing captain, a hardboiled-but-loyal Scotch mate, a scoundrelly second-mate, and then a mutiny, the fight and the final voyage to a safe harbor. ... See full summary »

Director: Roy Lockwood | Stars: Paul Lukas, Lyn Harding, Kathleen Kelly, Clifford Evans

Votes: 37

39. Slave Ship (1937)

Passed | 92 min | Adventure, Drama

Captain Lovett ordered his first mate Thompson to get rid of his slave-trading crew and get a more respectable bunch for standard shipping, but when he brings his new bride Nancy aboard he ... See full summary »

Director: Tay Garnett | Stars: Warner Baxter, Wallace Beery, Elizabeth Allan, Mickey Rooney

Votes: 159

40. The Last Adventurers (1937)

Not Rated | 75 min | Drama, Romance

A skipper's daughter falls for a humble fisherman rescued by her father.

Director: Roy Kellino | Stars: Niall MacGinnis, Roy Emerton, Linden Travers, Peter Gawthorne

Votes: 21

41. Souls at Sea (1937)

Passed | 92 min | Action, Adventure

Cooper and Raft save lives during a sea tragedy in this story about slave trade on the high seas in 1842.

Director: Henry Hathaway | Stars: Gary Cooper, George Raft, Frances Dee, Henry Wilcoxon

Votes: 636

42. Windjammer (1937)

Approved | 60 min | Adventure, Crime, Drama

The fourth and last of the George A. Hirliman-produced films starring George O'Brien (preceded by "Daniel Boone", "Park Avenue Logger" and "Hollywood Cowboy") that were distributed by RKO ... See full summary »

Director: Ewing Scott | Stars: George O'Brien, Constance Worth, William Hall, Brandon Evans

Votes: 84

43. Adventure's End (1937)

Approved | 60 min | Adventure

Pacific pearl diver Duke Slade escapes angry natives by joining a whaler whose dying captain persuades him to marry his daughter who is already being wooed by the first mate.

Director: Arthur Lubin | Stars: John Wayne, Diana Gibson, Montagu Love, Moroni Olsen

Votes: 72

44. Spawn of the North (1938)

Approved | 110 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Friends since childhood, two men are on opposite sides in a salmon fishing conflict.

Director: Henry Hathaway | Stars: George Raft, Henry Fonda, Dorothy Lamour, Akim Tamiroff

Votes: 366

45. Rulers of the Sea (1939)

Approved | 97 min | Drama

Story of the beginnings of the steam-powered engine and its use in the first steamship voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

Director: Frank Lloyd | Stars: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Margaret Lockwood, Will Fyffe, George Bancroft

Votes: 77

46. Atlantic Ferry (1941)

Passed | 98 min | Drama, History, Romance