The Best Actresses and Actors - Born in the 1930s

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1. Mickey Kuhn

Actor | A Streetcar Named Desire

One of Hollywood's staple child actors during the 30s and 40s, Mickey Kuhn played alongside many a top Hollywood star from Leslie Howard and Conrad Nagel's son to playing Dick Tracy's ward. Once he reached the "awkward teens" stage, however, he found himself primarily unemployed or in unbilled ...

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2. Kyôko Kagawa

Actress | Tôkyô monogatari

Born in Namegata, Ibaraki Prefecture in 1931, Kagawa Kyoko (also Makino Kyoko) has endured through the golden age of Japanese cinema, into the end of the century and onto the new to act in many of the more important films from her native country. Growing up she had aspired to learn English and then...

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3. Franco Interlenghi

Actor | Sciuscià

Franco Interlenghi was born on October 29, 1931 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. He was an actor and writer, known for Shoeshine (1946), I Vitelloni (1953) and The Big Night (1959). He was married to Antonella Lualdi. He died on September 10, 2015 in Rome.

1906 points

4. Darryl Hickman

Actor | Network

Although younger brother Dwayne Hickman is probably the better-remembered sibling today with his still-huge cult following as TV's Dobie Gillis, Darryl Hickman was certainly the more popular actor and deemed more talented when they were children. During his years at MGM in the wartime 40s, Darryl ...

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5. Ann E. Todd

Actress | The Blue Bird

Ann E. Todd was born Ann Todd Phillips on August 26, 1931, in Denver, Colorado. Both of her parents had extensive careers in music; her father, Burrill Phillips, was an accomplished composer and pianist. Ann also had one brother, Stephen, who was born in 1937 (and died in 1986). Ann was adopted and...

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6. Margaret O'Brien

Actress | Meet Me in St. Louis

Born Angela Maxine O'Brien on January 15, 1937 in San Diego, California. Her film debut was one-minute shot in MGM's Babes on Broadway (1941). Her big moment came when she was cast in Journey for Margaret (1942). This film shot her into instant stardom and also resulted in Angela changing her name ...

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7. Enzo Staiola

Actor | Ladri di biciclette

Enzo Staiola was born on November 15, 1939 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. He is an actor, known for Bicycle Thieves (1948), The Barefoot Contessa (1954) and A Tale of Five Women (1951).

1126 points

8. Ted Donaldson

Actor | A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Ted Donaldson was born on August 20, 1933 in New York City, New York, USA. He is an actor, known for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945), The Return of Rusty (1946) and Rusty Saves a Life (1949).

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9. Natalie Wood

Actress | Rebel Without a Cause

Natalie Wood was born on July 20, 1938 in San Francisco, California as Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko. Her parents, Maria Zudilov and Nikolai Zakharenko, were Russian-born émigrés who spoke barely comprehensible English; they changed the family name to Gurdin after becoming US citizens. When she was...

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10. Peggy Ann Garner

Actress | A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Actress Peggy Ann Garner was was born Feb. 3, 1932, in Canton, Ohio. Her father was an English-born attorney, William H. Garner, who served as a U.S. Army officer during World War II. Virginia, her determined mother, got Peggy into summer stock and modeling before she was six. Estranged from her ...

1038 points

11. Roberto Cobo

Actor | Los olvidados

Roberto Cobo was born on February 20, 1930 in Mexico, D.F., Mexico as Luis Roberto Garcia y Romero. He was an actor, known for The Young and the Damned (1950), Hell Without Limits (1978) and Dulces compañías (1996). He died on August 2, 2002 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

986 points

12. Claire Bloom

Actress | The Haunting

Age has not taken the flower off this Bloom. The well-known and respected stage, screen and television actress Claire Bloom, originally named Patricia Claire Blume, continues to be in demand as an octogenarian actress and looks as beautiful as ever.

She was born Patricia Claire Blume on February 15,...

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13. Bobs Watson

Actor | What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Born in Los Angeles almost a year after the start of Great Depression. Bob (whose nickname 'Bobs' was given to him by his father, and for legal and professional reasons he adopted professionally) is from a family of 9 siblings; 6 boys and 3 girls. He made his first on-screen appearance as a (...

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14. Debbie Reynolds

Actress | Singin' in the Rain

Debbie Reynolds was born Mary Frances Reynolds in El Paso, Texas, the second child of Maxine N. (Harmon) and Raymond Francis Reynolds, a carpenter for the Southern Pacific Railroad. Her film career began at MGM after she won a beauty contest at age 16 impersonating Betty Hutton. Reynolds wasn't a ...

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15. Rita Moreno

Actress | West Side Story

Rita Moreno is one of the very few performers to win an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony and a Grammy, thus becoming an EGOT. She was born Rosita Dolores Alverío in the hospital in Humacao, Puerto Rico on December 11, 1931 (but raised in nearby, smaller Juncos, which had no hospital), to seamstress Rosa ...

877 ponts

16. Maria Pia Casilio

Actress | Umberto D.

Maria-Pia Casilio (5 May 1935 - 10 April 2012) was an Italian film actress, best known for her roles in "Umberto D". and "Un americano a Roma". Born in San Pio delle Camere, L'Aquila, Casilio was pretty active between 1952 and 1960, usually with the typical characterization of a querulous and naive...

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17. Dean Stockwell

Actor | Quantum Leap

Photogenic American child actor of the 1940s, popular due in no small measure to his air of innocence and his beautiful, cherubic face with its dimples and his sparkling eyes, topped with a crown of curls. Still an actor in demand while well into his middle years, he is one of the few juvenile ...

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18. Peter Baldwin

Director | The Wonder Years

Peter Baldwin was born on January 11, 1931 in Winnetka, Illinois, USA as Peter DuBois Baldwin. He was a director and actor, known for The Wonder Years (1988), Stalag 17 (1953) and The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970). He was married to Terry Lee Finkel, Emi De Sica and Lois Cederberg. He died on ...

853 points

19. Leonora Ruffo

Actress | I vitelloni

Elegant Italian leading lady of the 50's and 60's, born Bruna Bovi, the youngest of five siblings in Rome. As a youth she was noted for her prowess as a gymnast, a fact which contributed to her discovery for the screen by the director Pietro Francisci in 1952. Possessed of luminous eyes and a ...

839 points

20. Miki Odagiri

Actress | Ikiru

Miki Odagiri is known primarily for her important and timeless role as the upbeat office girl in Akira Kurosawa's classic Ikiru opposite Takashi Shimura, whose character is dying of cancer, and Miki, as Toyo Odagiri, inspires him to live... just by being herself: bubbly, spontaneous, and optimistic...

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21. Lucy Marlow

Actress | Queen Bee

Lucy Marlow was born on November 20, 1932 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Lucy Ann McAleer. She is an actress, known for Queen Bee (1955), A Star Is Born (1954) and My Sister Eileen (1955). She was previously married to Andrew Carey.

833 points

22. Charles Bates

Actor | Shadow of a Doubt

Charles Bates was born on January 15, 1935 in Los Angeles, California, USA as James Charles Bates. He is an actor, known for Shadow of a Doubt (1943), Pursued (1947) and Shockproof (1949).

828 points

23. Robert J. Anderson

Actor | It's a Wonderful Life

Robert J. Anderson was born on March 6, 1933 in Hollywood, California, USA as Robert James Anderson. He was a production manager and actor, known for It's a Wonderful Life (1946), Passenger 57 (1992) and Demolition Man (1993). He was married to Victoria Wandrey and Dorothy Ann Cochrane. He died on ...

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24. Danny Mummert

Actor | It's a Wonderful Life

Danny Mummert was born on February 20, 1934 in Dallas, Texas, USA as Dan Easton Mummert. He was an actor, known for It's a Wonderful Life (1946), Blondie Brings Up Baby (1939) and Blondie Goes to College (1942). He was married to Linda Louise Earl Moreno, Mae Louise Horwitz Helms, Helene L Harnett ...

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25. Larry Simms

Actor | It's a Wonderful Life

After Larry's first retirement, he worked at Arabian-American Oil Company refinery in Saudi Arabia for Fluor Daniel. Later, Larry was tasked to spearhead the implementation of the Telecommunications infrastructure for a Shell refinery in Rayong, Thailand, also at the employ of Fluor Daniel.

Then he ...

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26. Barbara Lawrence

Actress | Unfaithfully Yours

Her career may have only lasted a dozen years, and the number of films slightly more than twenty, but Barbara appeared in some interesting productions. As a young girl, she was a model. While completing her studies at UCLA, she co-starred in half a dozen movies for 20th Century Fox. She appeared in...

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27. Silvana Mangano

Actress | Dune

Silvana Mangano was born on April 21, 1930 in Rome, Italy and was raised in poverty during World War II. She trained as a dancer for seven years and supported herself as a model. In 1946, at age 16, she won the Miss Rome beauty pageant and through this, she obtained role in a Maria Della Costa film...

808 points

28. Yôko Minamida

Actress | Samurai no ko

Yôko Minamida was born on March 1, 1933 in Tokyo, Japan as Yoko Kitada. She was an actress, known for Samurai no ko (1963), Aoi sanmyaku (1963) and The Reason (2004). She was married to Hiroyuki Nagato. She died on October 21, 2009 in Tokyo.

807 points

29. Carolyn Jones

Actress | Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Carolyn Jones was born April 28, 1930, in Amarillo, Texas. Her mother was Jeannette and her sister was Bette (Moriarty). She was an imaginative child, much like her mother. In 1934, her father abandoned the family and her mother moved them in with her parents, also in Amarillo. As a child Carolyn ...

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30. Alma Delia Fuentes

Actress | Historia de un corazón

Alma Delia Fuentes was born on January 22, 1937 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico as Alma Delia Susana Fuentes Gonzalez. She was an actress, known for Historia de un corazón (1951), The Young and the Damned (1950) and A.T.M.: ¡¡A toda máquina!! (1951). She was ...

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31. Elizabeth Taylor

Actress | Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was considered one of the last, if not the last, major star to have come out of the old Hollywood studio system. She was known internationally for her beauty, especially for her violet eyes, with which she captured audiences early on in her youth and kept the world hooked ...

629 points

32. Debra Paget

Actress | The Ten Commandments

An acting career was always in the cards for Debra Paget (nee Debralee Griffin) and her siblings, coming from a show biz family and being the offspring of a "stage mother" anxious to get her kids into the movies. Paget's sister Teala Loring got her movie breaks in the 1940s, Lisa Gaye was a film ...

624 points

33. Tommy Cook

Writer | Rollercoaster

Spry, curly-haired, dark-complexioned child actor Tommy Cook's most famous roles happened during his nascent career in serial adventures. He came on the feature film scene auspiciously in the role of young Indian boy Little Beaver alongside western good guy 'Don 'Red' Barry' in the Adventures of ...

586 points

34. Yoshiko Kuga

Actress | Taiyô to bara

Yoshiko Kuga was born on January 21, 1931 in Tokyo, Japan. She is an actress, known for The Rose on His Arm (1956), Farewell to Dream (1956) and Jôshû to tomo ni (1956). She was previously married to Akihiko Hirata.

574 points

35. Robert Hyatt

Writer | Deadly Ransom

Robert "Bobby" Hyatt appeared in his first motion picture at six months old when Cary Grant picked him out of a group of babies at MGM. That was the beginning of an acting career that kept him busy for the next 25 years, giving him a solid background of experience to move behind the camera as a ...

472 points

36. Richard Nichols

Actor | A Woman's Face

Richard Franklin Nichols was born on December 14, 1935 in Hollywood, California. He worked in movies from 6-months-old until about 12 years. He was the youngest of seven children, most of whom worked in movies. Older brothers worked in "Our Gang" comedies and in "The East Side Kids". Both Ray ...

441 points

37. Elzie Emanuel

Actor | White Witch Doctor

Elzie Emanuel was born on June 1, 1931 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Elzi Emanuel. He was an actor, known for White Witch Doctor (1953), Intruder in the Dust (1949) and Jungle Jim (1955). He died on December 2, 2004 in Los Angeles.

439 points

38. Jimmy Hunt

Actor | Pitfall

Jimmy Hunt was born on December 4, 1939 in Los Angeles, California, USA as James Walter Hunt. He is an actor, known for Pitfall (1948), Invaders from Mars (1953) and Sorry, Wrong Number (1948). He has been married to Roswitha Theresia Jager since January 26, 1963. They have three children.

438 points

39. John Howard Davies

Actor | Oliver Twist

John Howard Davies was born on March 9, 1939 in Paddington, London, England. He was a producer and director, known for Oliver Twist (1948), Fawlty Towers (1975) and Mr. Bean (1990). He was married to Linda. He died on August 22, 2011 in Blewbury, Oxfordshire, England.

434 points

40. Robert Blake

Actor | Lost Highway

American actor who began as a child in Our Gang comedies and reappeared as a powerful adult performer of leading and character roles. Born in New Jersey, the young Mickey Gubitosi won a role in MGM's Our Gang series at the age of 5. As one of the more prominent children in the Gang, he gained ...

400 points

41. Claude Jarman Jr.

Actor | Rio Grande

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Claude was the son of a railroad accountant. With no intentions of becoming a screen actor at the time, 12-year-old Claude Jarman, Jr. was discovered during an MGM nationwide talent search for their upcoming film, The Yearling (1946), and won the coveted role of Jody ...

400 points

42. Tony Wager

Actor | Great Expectations

Tony Wager was born on June 24, 1932 in Willesden, London, England as Anthony Alexander Wager. He is known for his work on Great Expectations (1946), BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950) and Silent Number (1974). He died on December 23, 1990 in Bali, Indonesia.

399 points

43. Bobby Driscoll

Actor | Peter Pan

Bobby Driscoll was a natural-born actor. Discovered by chance at the age of five-and-a-half in a barber shop in Altadena, CA. and then convincing in anything he ever undertook on the movie screen and on television throughout his career spanning 17 years (1943-1960). Includes such notable movie ...

395 points

44. Elaine Stewart

Actress | The Bad and the Beautiful

Ravishing redhead Elaine Stewart came onto the film scene in the early 1950s and decorated a number of eastern and western films as well as crimers as a second-tier MGM star. Her striking, shapely beauty and "come hither" sensuality was on full display throughout the decade, often as a temptress or...

394 points

45. Eileen Moore

Actress | An Inspector Calls

Eileen Moore was born in August 1932 in London, England. She is an actress, known for An Inspector Calls (1954), Les Misérables (1967) and Danger Man (1960).

394 points

46. Rossana Podestà

Actress | Helen of Troy

Rossana Podestà was born on August 20, 1934 in Zlitan, Misratah, Libya as Carla Podestà. She was an actress and director, known for Helen of Troy (1956), Le ragazze di San Frediano (1955) and Hercules (1983). She was married to Marco Vicario. She died on December 10, 2013 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

393 points

47. Carlo Delle Piane

Actor | Regalo di Natale

Carlo delle Piane was chosen for the role of Garuffi in Cuore, for his particular face, expecially for his nose deformed by a ball, worked in many films with the most important Italian directors and actors like Sordi, Toto, Fabrizi etc., but as he was forced to repeat the same character, it began ...

393 points

48. Rosita Arenas

Actress | Los chiflados del rock and roll

Rosita Arenas was born on August 19, 1933 in Caracas, Venezuela. She is known for her work on Los chiflados del rock and roll (1957), The Aztec Mummy Against the Humanoid Robot (1958) and Cambiando el destino (1992).

390 points

49. Tommy Ivo

Actor | Margie

Tommy Ivo was born on April 18, 1936 in Denver, Colorado, USA. He is an actor, known for Margie (1961), The Lost Volcano (1950) and The Adventures of Jim Bowie (1956).

389 points

50. Daniel Cauchy

Actor | Touchez pas au grisbi

Daniel Cauchy was born on March 13, 1930 in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France. He is an actor and producer, known for Touchez Pas au Grisbi (1954), Samedi soir (1961) and La liberté en croupe (1970).

388 points

51. Russ Tamblyn

Actor | West Side Story

Russ Tamblyn might as well face it...he will be a Jet "till his last dying day." Indelibly linked to the "womb to tomb" role of Riff, the knife-wielding, rocket-tempered, Edward Villella-styled gang leader of the streetwise Jets in the musical film masterpiece West Side Story (1961), it's not a bad...

377 points

52. Lucia Bosé

Actress | La signora senza camelie

Lucia Bosé was born on January 28, 1931 in Milan, Lombardy, Italy as Lucia Borlani. She is an actress, known for The Lady Without Camelias (1953), Story of a Love Affair (1950) and Fellini Satyricon (1969). She was previously married to Luis Miguel Dominguín.

372 points

53. Janis Wilson

Actress | The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

Janis Wilson was born on February 9, 1930 in Santa Barbara, California, USA as Janice May Wilson. She was an actress, known for The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946), My Reputation (1946) and Watch on the Rhine (1943). She was married to Sidney Victor Petertyl. She died on November 17, 2003 in ...

371 points

54. Lori Nelson

Actress | Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair

Lori Nelson began her show biz career at the age of two-and-a-half, dancing in a show in her native Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was voted Santa Fe's most talented and beautiful child, and toured the state billed as "Santa Fe's Shirley Temple." At age four, Nelson moved to Hollywood with her parents ...

330 points

55. Juanita Quigley

Actress | Imitation of Life

Juanita Quigley was born on June 24, 1931 in Los Angeles. At age 3, she began appearing in films in small roles as an extra child; these parts were often uncredited, but when Quigley did receive credit, it was under the name "Baby Jane." Her career changed when she played Baby Jessie Pullman in ...

302 points

56. Nicole Courcel

Actress | Papa, maman, la bonne et moi...

Nicole Courcel was born Nicole Marie-Anne Andrieux, the daughter of a journalist, in the Parisian suburb of Saint Cloud. Some of her early childhood was spent in Catholic boarding schools (an unhappy experience) and with her grandmother (much happier) in the small township of Martel (renowned for ...

265 points

57. Kim Novak

Actress | Vertigo

Kim Novak was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 13, 1933 with the birth name of Marilyn Pauline Novak. She was the daughter of Joseph Novak, a former teacher turned transit clerk and his wife, Blanche Kral Novak, also a former teacher. Throughout elementary and high school, Kim did not get ...

264 points

58. Petula Clark

Soundtrack | Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Petula Clark was a star at the age of 11. She starred in British concert halls and on BBC radio singing for the troops during WWII. She was a child star in a series of British films from the end of WWII through to the early 1950s,and by 1954 was having hit records. After a move to France in 1960, ...

263 points

59. Ben Cooper

Actor | Johnny Guitar

Ben Cooper was born on September 30, 1933 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA as Benjamin Austin Cooper Jr. He is an actor, known for Johnny Guitar (1954), Rebel in Town (1956) and Waco (1966). He was previously married to Pamela Raymond.

256 points

60. Orley Lindgren

Actor | Under My Skin

Orley Lindgren was born on July 18, 1939 in Long Beach, California, USA. He is an actor, known for Under My Skin (1950), Red Planet Mars (1952) and The Great Lover (1949).

255 points

61. Lolita Sevilla

Actress | Bienvenido Mister Marshall

Lolita Sevilla was born on March 11, 1935 in Sevilla, Andalucía, Spain as Ángeles Moreno Gómez. She was an actress, known for Welcome Mr. Marshall! (1953), Lo que cuesta vivir... (1967) and Habanera (1958). She was married to José María Gallardo. She died on December 16, 2013 in Madrid, Spain.

254 points

62. Prunella Scales

Actress | Howards End

Prunella Scales was born on June 22, 1932 in Sutton Abinger, Surrey, England as Prunella Margaret Rumney Illingworth. She is an actress, known for Howards End (1992), Fawlty Towers (1975) and An Awfully Big Adventure (1995). She has been married to Timothy West since October 1963. They have two ...

253 points

63. Brian Smith

Actor | The Browning Version

Brian Smith was born on December 24, 1932 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. He is an actor, known for The Browning Version (1951), The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1957) and An Age of Kings (1960).

253 points

64. Anthony Newley

Actor | Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?

Anthony Newley was born in Hackney, London, England, to Frances Grace Newley and George Kirby, a shipping clerk. He was attracted to acting, after seeing an ad for a child actor in a Fleet Street window. He attended the Italia Conti Stage School from the age of 14 and, two years later, played the ...

251 points

65. Diana Dors

Actress | The Long Haul

Diana Dors was born Diana Mary Fluck on October 23, 1931 in Swindon, Wiltshire, England. She and her mother both nearly died from the traumatic birth. Because of the trauma, her mother lavished on Diana anything and everything she wanted--clothes, toys and dance lessons were the order of the day. ...

251 points

66. William Reynolds

Actor | All That Heaven Allows

William de Clerq Reynolds, born in Los Angeles, began his film career in 1951, one year after his marriage to Molly Sinclair. The handsome actor portrayed many authority figures, both in the movies and on television. He managed to display a wide emotional range, as evidenced by his tour-de-force ...

251 points

67. Mary Murphy

Actress | The Wild One

This actress' two-decade career produced only one single stand-out film role but that one role as the "good girl" who redeems "bad boy" Marlon Brando's tough biker in the cult flick The Wild One (1953) put Mary Murphy at the head of the acting class for one brief shining moment. In others, she ...

251 points

68. Patti Brady

Actress | Never Say Goodbye

Patti Brady was born on May 15, 1937 in Woodside, New York, USA. She is an actress, known for Never Say Goodbye (1946), Gasoline Alley (1951) and Corky of Gasoline Alley (1951).

251 points

69. Sergio Fantoni

Once Upon a Time in America

Sergio Fantoni was born on August 7, 1930 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. He is known for his work on Once Upon a Time in America (1984), Von Ryan's Express (1965) and Esther and the King (1960). He was previously married to Valentina Fortunato.

187 points

70. Joan Carroll

Actress | Meet Me in St. Louis

Joan Felt was born on January 18, 1931, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Her mother was quite a famous piano player in the 1930s. Six-year-old Joan made her film debut in Walking Down Broadway (1938). She played the role of Sunny, and changed her name from Felt to Carroll. A role in Two Sisters (1938) ...

187 points

71. Sharyn Moffett

Actress | Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

A child actress who showed heart-warming potential in the 1940s, child actress Sharyn Moffett (born Patricia Sharyn Moffett) was a cute presence in a number of sentimental tales. Closer to young Margaret O'Brien than Shirley Temple in type and demeanor, Sharyn was born on September 12, 1936 in ...

187 points

72. Connie Marshall

Actress | Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

A promising blue-to-gray-eyed, blonde-haired child actress of the post-WWII years who had more talent than she was given credit for, little Connie Marshall was born on April 28, 1938 (some sources list 1933) in New York City. Her parents were not of show business stock, her father being a ...

187 points

73. Lissi Alandh

Actress | Ratataa eller The Staffan Stolle Story

Little known outside her country, Lissi Alandh was - for four decades - a faithful road companion of the Swedish theater, cinema and television. Rather unsurprising considering that she had dreamed of being an actress since she was a little girl. She of course went to drama school, took lessons ...

187 points

74. Harriet Andersson

Actress | Viskningar och rop

Discovered at age 20 by celebrated director Ingmar Bergman, she became part of Bergman's regular stable of performers; in fact, he wrote Summer with Monika (1953) especially for her breakthrough. Extraordinary and versatile as an actress, her roles have ranged from the naive young wife in Sawdust ...

186 points

75. Catrin Westerlund

Actress | Sommaren med Monika

Catrin Westerlund was born on April 10, 1934 in Stockholm, Sweden. She was an actress, known for Summer with Monika (1953), Karlsson on the Roof (1974) and Trettondagsafton (1967). She was married to Putte Wickman. She died on September 18, 1982 in Lidingö, Stockholms län, Sweden.

186 points

76. Skip Homeier

Actor | The Tall T

Beginning on radio in his native Chicago at age six ("Portia Faces Life"), child/juvenile actor Skippy Homeier (ne George Vincent Homeier) came to films at age 14 with Tomorrow, the World! (1944), originally a 1943 Broadway drama starring Ralph Bellamy and Shirley Booth, taking his role as a ...

186 points

77. Janette Scott

Actress | No Highway

Janette Scott was born on December 14, 1938 in Morecambe, Lancashire, England as Thora Janette Scott. She is an actress and writer, known for No Highway in the Sky (1951), Invasion of the Triffids (1963) and As Long as They're Happy (1955). She has been married to William John Rademaekers since ...

186 points

78. Leslie Caron

Actress | Gigi

Born in the suburbs of Paris, France, Leslie Caron is an actress and dancer. Gene Kelly got her into the movies for the film An American in Paris (1951). Got a world-wide reputation for her roles in Lili (1953) and Gigi (1958). Most recently Caron has appeared in British TV series The Durrells in ...

186 points

79. Carol Nugent

Actress | The Lusty Men

Carol Lou Nugent was born on July 7, 1937 in Los Angeles, California and is the elder daughter of Lucille Nugent and Carl Nugent. Her father was a property master for MGM and her mother later became a talent agent, managing Carol's career, along with that of her younger sister, Judy Nugent.

Carol ...

186 points

80. Billy Gray

Actor | The Day the Earth Stood Still

Billy Gray was born on January 13, 1938 in Los Angeles, California, USA as William Thomas Gray. He is an actor, known for The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), On Moonlight Bay (1951) and Father Knows Best (1954).

186 points

81. Reiko Sato

Actress | Flower Drum Song

Reiko Sato was born on December 19, 1931 in Los Angeles County, California, USA. She was an actress, known for Flower Drum Song (1961), Sûpâ jaiantsu - Kaiseijin no majô (1957) and Woman on the Run (1950). She died on May 28, 1981 in Los Angeles, California.

185 points

82. James Kenney

Actor | Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.

James Kenney was born on July 20, 1930 in Wandsworth, London, England as Horace James Charles Kenney. He was an actor, known for Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. (1951), The Love Match (1955) and Sherlock Holmes (1964). He died on January 13, 1987 in Surbiton, Surrey, England.

185 points

83. Sabine Thalbach

Actress | Kleiner Mann - was nun?

Sabine Thalbach was born on August 4, 1932 in Berlin, Germany. She was an actress, known for Kleiner Mann - was nun? (1967), The Small White Mouse (1964) and Lots Weib (1965). She was married to Benno Besson. She died on September 30, 1966 in East Berlin, East Germany.

185 points

84. Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins

Actor | National Velvet

Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins was born on August 29, 1937 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Jack Bronson Jenkins. He was an actor, known for National Velvet (1944), Summer Holiday (1948) and Boys' Ranch (1946). He was married to Glenda Larue Birmingham. He died on August 14, 2001 in Asheville, North ...

185 points

85. Mala Powers

Actress | Cyrano de Bergerac

The daughter of a United Press executive, Mala Powers attended the Max Reinhardt Junior Workshop as a kid and fell in love with acting the first time she set foot on a stage. She made her film debut in Universal's 1942 Tough As They Come (1942) before actress Helene Thimig (Max Reinhardt's wife) ...

184 points

86. Peter Miles

Actor | Quo Vadis

Peter Miles was born on April 1, 1938 in Tokyo, Japan as Gerald Richard Perreau-Saussine. He was an actor and writer, known for Quo Vadis (1951), They Saved Hitler's Brain (1968) and The Madmen of Mandoras (1963). He died on August 3, 2002 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

184 points

87. Maria Fiore

Actress | Scampolo 53

After an impressive debut at the young age of 17 in Castellani's neo-realistic masterpiece "Due soldi di speranza" (playing Carmela, a young unemployed man's fiancée) she disappointed art film lovers (but not the average Italian spectator) in starring - throughout the fifties and in the early ...

184 points

88. Robert Francis

Actor | The Caine Mutiny

Relatively new to Hollywood, Robert Francis, 25, was a rising young actor on the verge of film stardom, when on 31 July, 1955, he, along with a friend, actress Ann Russell, were both killed instantly, after private plane owned by Joe Kirkwood Jr. which he was piloting, crashed. The plane had just ...

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89. Sumner Williams

Writer | An Eye for an Eye

Sumner Williams was born on January 21, 1930 in Evanston, Illinois, USA as Sumner Albert Williams. He is known for his work on An Eye for an Eye (1966), Operation Dames (1959) and King of Kings (1961). He was married to Donna Anderson. He died on July 23, 1994 in Lakeland, Florida, USA.

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90. Anne Francis

Actress | Forbidden Planet

Anne Francis got into show business quite early in life. She was born on September 16, 1930 in Ossining, New York (which is near Sing Sing prison), the only child of Phillip Francis, a businessman/salesman, and the former Edith Albertson. A natural little beauty, she became a John Robert Powers ...

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91. Lutz Moik

Actor | Das kalte Herz

Lutz Moik was born on November 10, 1930 in Berlin, Germany. He was an actor, known for Heart of Stone (1950), The Grapes Are Ripe (1952) and Slatin Pascha (1967). He was married to Anna Moik-Stötzer and Edith Hancke. He died on July 4, 2002 in Berlin.

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92. Eva Probst

Actress | Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren

Eva Probst was born on April 21, 1930 in Berlin, Germany. She was an actress, known for Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren (1952), Kryo (2016) and Solange noch die Rosen blüh'n (1956). She was married to Gerhard Riedmann. She died on November 25, 2018 in Berlin.

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93. Iris Mann

Actress | Room for One More

Iris Mann was born on May 2, 1939 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She is an actress, known for Room for One More (1952), The Ford Theatre Hour (1948) and Studio One in Hollywood (1948).

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94. Clifford Tatum Jr.

Actor | Room for One More

Clifford "Cliff" Tatum Jr. was born Charles Clifford Tatum II circa 1938 in Florida, the son of Renee and Charles Clifford Tatum. His father was a Florida native, and his mother was from New York. They settled in New York City, where his father had an office position with the Long Island Railroad. ...

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95. Larry Olsen

Actor | Curley

Larry Olsen was born on May 16, 1938 in Marshalltown, Iowa, USA. He was an actor, known for Curley (1947), Room for One More (1952) and Casanova Brown (1944). He died on November 24, 2015.

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96. Patsy Parsons

Actress | Yankee Doodle Dandy

Patsy Parsons was born on June 9, 1931 in Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA. She was an actress, known for Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942), Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (1954) and The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine (1942). She was married to Solon Soteras and William Powell Jr. She died on October 26, 2006 in ...

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97. Luana Patten

Actress | Fun & Fancy Free

One of the first two contract players for Walt Disney Studios, she made her debut in Song of the South (1946) as a poor white child fascinated by the stories told by Uncle Remus. She made several more films as a child star, then left film for 8 years. She returned as an ingénue in Rock, Pretty Baby!...

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98. Donn Gift

Actor | The Happy Years

Donn Gift was born on December 14, 1933 in Danville, Illinois, USA as Donald Eugene Gift. He was an actor, known for The Happy Years (1950), Fighting Father Dunne (1948) and The Enchanted Valley (1948). He died on July 8, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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99. Dorothy Tutin

Actress | The Importance of Being Earnest

Dame Dorothy Tutin's esteemed company of peers included other remarkable dames, including Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. Unlike these others, Dorothy had limited screen time over the years and would develop the respect but not the stardom afforded the other two outside the realm of the theatre. ...

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100. Anne Bancroft

Actress | The Graduate

Anne Bancroft was born on September 17, 1931 in the Bronx, the daughter of Michael Italiano (1905-2001), a dress pattern maker, and Mildred DiNapoli (1908-2010), a telephone operator. She made her cinema debut in Don't Bother to Knock (1952) in 1952 and over the next five years appeared in a lot of...

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