The Eternals- Marvel/ MCU (fan-casting/ plot ideas) Stage 4

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(Inspiration- visual and tone: GoTG: vol 1 & 2, Thor: Ragnorak— also Star Wars/ Blade Runner 2049 influence) (I’m not a fan of the Sprite/Piper character or storyline so they won’t be included) (want movie to be set primarily in space- as opposed to Neil Gaiman's run on Earth) (as Druig is an extremely unpopular character [from what I saw on Ranker website] I’ve decided to combine him with another superhero ‘Sentry’ and whilst trying to erase his own memories- as he was manifesting the void unknowingly- he also erased the memories of the Eternals he had recently Uni-minded with- with help from Sersi) (think the real movie's focus will be more on Greek/ Olympian mythos/ more similar to Wonder Woman than GoTG) (this list was created just for fun)

***(new idea: starts off 10,000 years ago with the Builders council [Aleph (robots), gardeners, caretakers) deciding to attack Earth with Abyss(i) and Gorr the God Butcher- (they decide to attack Earth after being contacted by former Atlantean/Oceanian Zhered-Na who is a seer and had a vision/prophecy about the destruction of the galaxy because one of the Eternals will contact the Void) they plan to attack the three kingdoms of the Eternals that have remained on Earth: the Olympians, the Atlanteans (still above water/ alternate name: Oceanians) and the Scandinavian kingdom: Atlantis is quickly sunk (a brief scene of a man racing to the top of a tower to grab the ‘Staff of One’ and slam it into ground and a sort of barrier emerging from it), the Scandinavian kingdom is badly attacked and the queen has her brother Glorian summon a rainbow bridge (part of his powers) when they are surrounded and he saves her teenage son Buri by transporting Buri and himself to Asgard (which is a simple place at this time) Glorian dies of his injuries leaving Buri there alone (Glorian told Buri that earth is probably destroyed and they can’t go back to help his mother and that this place is his home now- camera pans out when Glorian dies to show where he is and Buri looks around upset and frightened and ‘Asgard’ appears on bottom of screen). The Olympian’s are successful in driving the Builders back but their numbers are significantly reduced

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