Sydney Indie Film Festival - Official Selections 2018

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The Sydney Indie Film Festival features some of the best of independent cinema from around the world, including a mix of award winning films and outstanding emerging talent in the film industry. The Festival program screens all genres of films: action, adventure, comedy, family movies, chick flicks, science fiction, thrillers, true stories, animations, documentaries, there is something for everybody! Join us for exclusive red carpet events, watch the movies, meet the filmmakers and participate in the Q&A sessions to find out how they made all the magic happen! The fourth edition Sydney Indie Film Festival (SIFF) will take place from the 22nd of October till the 1st of November 2018 Screening locations: Event Cinemas George St - Festival Space and Lane Cove Libraries. The Sydney Indie Film Festival mission is to unite, inspire & entertain, bringing opportunities for artists & great cultural events for the community.

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1. Point Man (2018)

Not Rated | 107 min | Action

Set in Vietnam in April 1968 - three months after the tide-turning Tet Offensive and one month after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. - Point Man is the story of a U.S. Army fire... See full summary »

Director: Phil Blattenberger | Stars: Joshua Dela Cruz, Acorye' White, Matthew Ewald, Chase Gutzmore

Votes: 330

2. Bernadette (2018)


In the summer of 1994, an awkward 15 year-old boy enlists the help of the Park District's least valuable employee--a local lothario and suburban legend-- to win the heart of Bernadette, an ... See full summary »

Director: John Psathas | Stars: Sam Straley, Johnny Lim, James Guyton, Marilyn Bass

Votes: 17

3. Followed (II) (2018)

R | 96 min | Horror

To gain more subscribers, a controversial social media influencer stays at a cursed hotel to terrifying results.

Director: Antoine Le | Stars: John Savage, Blanca Blanco, Sam Valentine, Kelsey Griswold

Votes: 32

4. 12 Round Gun (2017)

TV-MA | 92 min | Drama, Sport

A washed up, alcoholic ex-prizefighter makes a comeback to boxing after his top heavyweight contender son is wrongfully blinded in the ring.

Director: Sam Upton | Stars: Mark Boone Junior, Kate Vernon, Jared Abrahamson, Cassi Thomson

Votes: 187

5. Hippopotamus (2020)

77 min | Thriller | Completed

Ruby wakes from a bad dream to find herself in a real life nightmare. She's trapped in a basement, her legs are broken and she can't remember who she is or how she got there. Her kidnapper,... See full summary »

Director: Edward A. Palmer | Stars: Ingvild Deila, Tom Lincoln, Stuart Mortimer, Jonathan Cobb

6. I May Regret (2018)

100 min | Thriller

An older woman suffering from dementia is convinced that her young live-in nurse out to kill her and take her life's fortune. But people are not always who we think they are. And dementia ... See full summary »

Director: Graham Streeter | Stars: Brittney Powell, Mark Elias, Darryl Stephens, Denise Dorado

Votes: 41

7. Robin: Watch for Wishes (2018)

80 min | Drama

A man of words is forced to become a man of action as John discovers the secret bucket list of his ill son Robin. The two abscond from the hospital to fulfill the boy's greatest wishes - as the police pursue John for kidnapping.

Directors: Kevin Schmutzler, Tobias Schmutzler | Stars: Jeff Burrell, Aiden Flowers, Clayton Nemrow, Leni Speidel

Votes: 950

9. The Decadent and Depraved (2018)

Action, Adventure, Comedy

In a remote and dark place in the outback of Western Australia, the wanted man Leon Murphey (Ben Mortley) leaves his family in a bid to ensure their safety. While being transported by ... See full summary »

Directors: Axel August, Jordon Prince-Wright | Stars: Michael Muntz, Ben Mortley, Steve Turner, Clarence Ryan

Votes: 62

10. Ultra Low (2018)

117 min | Drama

A meta drama described as a cross between Clerks and Entourage, following a real-life filmmaking team in an unfiltered look behind the scenes as they struggle to break down the doors of Hollywood.

Director: Nicholas Gyeney | Stars: Lauren Holly, Yuji Okumoto, Nicholas Gyeney, Tami Stronach

Votes: 325

11. Veneno (I) (2018)

TV-14 | 96 min | Action, Drama, Sport

The origin and rise of the most famous Dominican wrestler of all time, Rafael Sánchez aka Jack Veneno, and his arch-nemesis, José Manuel Guzmán aka Relámpago Hernández.

Director: Tabaré Blanchard | Stars: Manny Perez, Pepe Sierra, Richard Douglas, Yamile Scheker

Votes: 373

12. Dog's Best Friend (2017)

78 min | Documentary

Profile of Jacob Leezak's Canine Behaviour Expert Dog Psychology Centre, located in outer Sydney, a place where traumatised dogs and traumatised humans can heal one another.

Director: Eryn Wilson | Stars: Jacob Leezak, Jennah Leezak

Votes: 6

13. Fish Out of Water (I) (2019)

75 min | Documentary, Adventure, Drama

Two burnt out businessmen with no experience at sea attempt to rekindle their inner fire with one life altering mission - Crossing the North Atlantic Ocean, alone in a little wooden row boat.

Director: Israel Cannan

14. The True North Project (2018)

50 min | Documentary

The True North Project is a celebration of Canada's multiethnic society and its ongoing process of reconciliation with the indigenous community. In this celebration of diversity, artists ... See full summary »

Director: Emil Agopian

15. Sylvia (V) (2018)

17 min | Short, Drama

A loving family set off in their car on what seems like a carefree family outing. They sing, stop for ice- creams and play eye-spy. However, it becomes clear that this isn't a happy outing ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Prendergast | Stars: Jolie Lennon, Benjamin Hartley, Gaynor Fraser, Mick Fryer-Kelsey

Votes: 77

16. Apex (III) (2018)

4 min | Short, Horror, Sci-Fi

"Emergence of a hybrid human-alien consciousness from the void" APEX explores the emergence of a higher life form, the convergence of intelligence and higher consciousness in the primordial... See full summary »

Director: Stuart Birchall | Star: Pixie Le Knot

17. A Thousand Kisses (2017)

15 min | Animation, Short

Separated by the fear of prosecution in the Nazi Germany of 1933, a young Jewish couple in Berlin make loose plans to reunite on the safe tropical shores of Brazil.

Director: Richard Goldgewicht | Stars: Christian Oliver, Elke Sommer

Votes: 9

18. Absolutes (2018)

19 min | Short, Drama

Ten years after a tragic accident, two cousins must mend a rift in their relationship before their past robs their future.

Director: Jordan Devitre | Stars: Anthony Thomas, Terrell Carden-Reynolds, Anthony Darvall, Damian Hempstead

19. Alfred J Hemlock (2017)

14 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

When Emily's boyfriend abandons her in the night, her only way home is through an alleyway where she is terrorised by the mysterious entity Alfred J Hemlock.

Director: Edward Lyons | Stars: Renaye Loryman, Tristan McKinnon, Christian Charisiou

Votes: 146

20. Astroknot (2018)

Animation, Short, Sci-Fi

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Director: Joel Erkkinen

Votes: 7

21. Audition (II) (2018)

17 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

AUDITION is a short film about the punishment and the rewards of being an actress in Hollywood from a mother's point of view.

Director: Sarah Kruchowski | Stars: Marie Laurin, Desi Ivanova, Zoran Radanovich, Maria Bobeva

Votes: 103

22. Baby Won't You Please Come Home (2018)

22 min | Short, Drama, Music

Pearl Simmons (Michelle Hurst, 'Orange is the New Black'), an aging jazz singer in brownstone Brooklyn, fights the early stages of Alzheimer's. While she presents a strong front to her ... See full summary »

Director: Christopher Piazza | Stars: Isa Anderson, Sara Ruth Blake, Molly Camp, Frank De Julio

Votes: 18

23. Beats (2018)

8 min | Short, Drama

Gil makes an unplanned trip home to see his fading Pa, who lays motionless in bed. As the past and present begin to blur the saddened reality of the situation must be faced. What happens next is mystical- something bigger than us.

Director: Jenna Sutch | Stars: Tony Bonner, Gabriel Govinda Gilbert-Dey

24. Being Good (2017)

Animation, Short

A teenage girl and her two guardians, the angel Ava and the demon Mal who act as her conscience. While these two struggle to keep the stubborn punk girl that can't see them safe they are ... See full summary »

Director: Jenny Harder

Votes: 32

25. Benny (2018)


Benny, a Bipolar suffering hitman, seeks therapy to get his life back on track. As he begins to recount memories about his love-life, things begin to take an unlikely turn.

Director: Mandella Saaid | Stars: Michael Lee, Brionny Fagan, Alia Lievore

26. Bracatus (2018)

12 min | Short, Sci-Fi

A stranger from a strange land lands on planet Earth. Questions are asked and answers must be delivered.

Director: Jordan Sanfrancesco | Stars: Deb Foyster, Jordan Sanfrancesco

Votes: 7

27. Broken (II) (2018)

11 min | Short, Drama

A controlling father struggles to accept the fact that many things in life are out of our control.

Director: Alper Kasap | Stars: Tatiana Kotsimbos, Milijana Cancar, Sal Galofaro, Lucas Spaleta

Votes: 5

28. Bullies (2018)

28 min | Short, Action, Adventure

Eugene, a shy 10-year-old boy, is bullied every day until he discovers a secret underneath the school that keeps him safe, but there is a price to pay...

Director: Daniel Bydlowski | Stars: Nick Alvarez, Conrad Bluth, Michael Edwin, Marguerite Gonder

Votes: 14

29. Buy the Dip (2018)

5 min | Short, Comedy

Two friends are introduced to the mad world of cryptocurrency when a homeless man offers them some unsolicited investment advice.

Director: Sam Lucas Smith | Stars: Florence Ordesh, Sam Lucas Smith, John Colleary, Sean Flood

30. By Any Other Name (II) (2018)

12 min | Short, Musical

A whimsical take on an old man's life with Alzheimer's Disease, and how his daughter copes with his demise , by singing a musical theatre song!

Director: Lisa Bluthal | Stars: Caitlin Berry, John Bluthal, Lisa Bluthal, Lilly Boyd

31. Cells (II) (2017)

12 min | Short, Thriller

When a reputable doctor finds himself being held captive by a group of masked intruders, he struggles to understand their motives while being forced to answer why billions of dollars go wasted each year in the name of medical research.

Director: Raymond Wood | Stars: Mark Ashworth, Ben Owen, Tanya Boniface, Harold Blizzard

32. Colony (2018)

15 min | Short, Sci-Fi

Struggling to survive life in a colony on a foreign planet, a young woman is drawn to the ocean by a sinister creature that promises to help her, but at a terrifying cost.

Director: Catherine Bonny | Stars: Emma Burnside, Alicia Hellingman, Grace Liu, Ben Leyden

Votes: 31

33. Compatible (II) (2018)

15 min | Short, Drama, Horror

In the immediate future, where technology increasingly invades human existence, the Renewed® company offers personality and interest updates to live connected to the rest of the society.

Director: Pau Bacardit | Stars: Hugo Alejo, Gisela Arnao, Carlus Fàbrega, Berta García-Lacht

Votes: 16

34. Compulsion (I) (2017)

15 min | Short, Drama

Whilst working late one night, the archetypal office underling 'Felix' stumbles upon the managerial bathroom. Before him is the JX2000, a pristine slice of far eastern technology. Its ... See full summary »

Director: Ryan Davey | Stars: Josh Kieser, Darrell Plumridge, Jacqui Erbel, Robert Leslie

Votes: 12

35. Cool Fashion Girls (2018)

Short, Family

Lucy dreams of going to Paris in her Summer holidays but with bad news from the Doctor she can not travel. Her best friends decide if Lucy can't go to Paris they will bring Paris to her and make her dream come true.

Director: Arun Ketsirat | Stars: Ruby Grace Barker, Alison Bullock, Nykiyah Bullock, Zarlia Chisholm

36. Coping Mechanism (2017)

10 min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi

Ben and Mikaela find themselves on a date. But there's a secret to Ben's lonely existence that only exacerbates his self-sabotaging desperation and threatens to forever prevent him from connecting with another human being.

Director: Sean Leonard Roberts | Stars: Bonnie Ferguson, Michael Pisciuneri, Ryan Sobolski

Votes: 10

37. Creak (2017)

Short, Horror, Thriller

Never assume it's just the house settling.

Director: Elizabeth Dean | Stars: Sarah Navratil, Elizabeth Dean, Bill R. Dean, Todd Knapp

38. Cut Off (2017)

1 min | Short, Horror

A young woman's morning is thrown into turmoil, when she awakes to find a vital appendage, missing from her body.

Director: Ryan Cauchi | Star: Jessica Bell

39. Danse de voyage (2018)

4 min | Short, Adventure

Three young friends from France travelling the world with the help of their passion to dance. Getting inspired by people around them, end up finding peace on the streets of Australia while entertaining public.

Director: Akshay Mahendrakar | Stars: Lauvige Marius, Mir Milio, Shao

40. Dead End (IV) (2017)

19 min | Short, Action, Crime

A contract killer is sent from London to Hong Kong on an assignment with a young hitman, but their plans are derailed when the seasoned killers past leaves both men questioning their motives.

Director: Carter Ferguson | Stars: Bryan Larkin, Julian Gaertner, Jason Tobin, Mark Griffin

Votes: 9

41. Death of an Umbrella Salesman (2018)

19 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Stanley Grimp, a door-to-door umbrella salesman, attempts to make a sale, avoid his alimony-hungry Ex and reconcile how his life turned out this way.

Director: Steve Herold | Stars: Kevin Kolack, Sabrina Gennarino, Robert Casiello, Ronelle Thomas

Votes: 21

42. Der Dunkle Reigen (2017)

30 min | Short, Drama, History

Shortly after the First World War, the forbidden love between two young women leads to a witch-hunt in an Austrian mountain village.

Director: Dominik Bücheler | Stars: Anne Gleich, Wolfgang Hundegger, Hannah Jaitner, Isabella Jeschke

43. Dinner with Friends (2018)


Glamorous housewife Karen hosts a dinner party for her husband's friends and their wives, Willow and Laura, at their beautiful home. After dinner the men step outside for a cigarette, ... See full summary »

Director: Kate Ryerson | Stars: Ryan Bown, Elly Hiraani Clapin, Michael Kotsohilis, Robyn Makhoul

44. Earthy Encounters (2018)

25 min | Short, Action, Adventure

15-year-old Kyle believes he can save his dying older brother with a plant he's found at the back of a garden centre. Problem is, there's a shadowy government agency out to destroy it first.

Director: Sam Johnson | Stars: Nathalie Armin, Manpreet Bachu, Jessica Barden, Luke Baverstock

Votes: 52

46. Eudaemonia (2018)

Short, Drama

A fated mistake leads to a fleeting, chance encounter between a traveler and a reclusive New Yorker. When life takes them in opposite directions, each carries the significance of their shared moment into the future.

Director: Julia Ngeow | Stars: Amy Everson, Alexandra Nell

47. Flowers (I) (2018)


...they came for the love of Rose.

Director: Mina Maniska | Stars: Sassy Soupidis, Adam Hedditch, Caroline McQuade, Natalie Rose

48. Fractured (VI) (2017)

Short, Drama