German Language Directors

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1. Oliver Hirschbiegel

Director | Das Experiment

Born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1957. In his teens he left high school and worked as a cooker in a boat.

Then he studied painting and graphism in the Academy of arts in Hamburg where he also started experimenting with video and photography. Those experimental movies attracted the attention of some ...

Tha Fall 13 Minutes

2. Michael Haneke

Writer | Caché

A true master of his craft, Michael Haneke is one of the greatest film artists working today and one who challenges his viewers each year and work goes by, with films that reflect real portions of life in realistic, disturbing and unforgettable ways. One of the most genuine filmmakers of the world ...

La pianiste Le temps du loup Caché The White Ribbon Amour Happy End

3. F.W. Murnau

Director | Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

F.W. Murnau was a German film director. He was greatly influenced by Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Shakespeare and Ibsen plays he had seen at the age of 12, and became a friend of director Max Reinhardt. During World War I he served as a company commander at the eastern front and was in the German air ...

The Last Laugh Sunrise

4. Werner Herzog

Director | Fitzcarraldo

Director. Writer. Producer. Actor. Poet. He studied history, literature and theatre for some time, but didn't finish it and founded instead his own film production company in 1963. Later in his life, Herzog also staged several operas in Bayreuth, Germany, and at the Milan Scala in Italy. Herzog has...

Aguirre Wrath of God The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser Heart of Glass Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

5. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Director | Das Leben der Anderen

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck was born on May 2, 1973 in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany as Florian Maria Georg Christian Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck. He is a director and writer, known for The Lives of Others (2006), The Tourist (2010) and Never Look Away (2018). He is married to ...

The Lives of Others

6. Christian Petzold

Director | Phoenix

Christian Petzold was born in Hilden in 1960. After studying German and Drama at the Freie Universität Berlin, he enrolled in Berlin's German Academy for Film and Television (DFFB). There he studied film direction while at same time working as an assistant director to Harun Farocki and Hartmut ...

The State I am In Barbara

7. Jessica Hausner

Writer | Little Joe

Jessica Hausner was born on October 6, 1972 in Vienna, Austria. She is a writer and director, known for Little Joe (2019), Lourdes (2009) and Lovely Rita (2001).

Lourdes Amour Fou Little Joe

8. Ulrich Seidl

Director | Paradies: Liebe

Ulrich Seidl was born on November 24, 1952 in Vienna, Austria. He is a director and producer, known for Paradise: Love (2012), Paradise: Faith (2012) and Goodnight Mommy (2014). He is married to Veronika Franz.

Import/Export Paradise Love Paradise Faith Paradise Hope

9. Wim Wenders

Director | Der Himmel über Berlin

Wim Wenders is an Oscar-nominated German filmmaker who was born Ernst Wilhelm Wenders on August 14, 1945 in Düsseldorf, which then was located in the British Occupation Zone of what became the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany, known colloquially as West Germany until ...

Alice in the Cities Wrong Move Kings of the Road The American Friend Paris, Texas Wings of Desire Pina The Salt of the Earth

10. Max Ophüls

Director | La ronde

Director Max Ophüls was born Max Oppenheimer in Saarbrücken, Germany. He began his career as a stage actor and director in the golden twenties. He worked in cities such as Stuttgart, Dortmund, Wuppertal, Vienna, Frankfurt, Breslau and Berlin. In 1929 his son Marcel Ophüls was born in Frankfurt, ...

La Ronde Madame de... Lola Montés

11. Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Writer | Faustrecht der Freiheit

Above all, Rainer Werner Fassbinder was a rebel whose life and art was marked by gross contradiction. Openly homosexual, he married twice; one of his wives acted in his films and the other served as his editor. Accused variously by detractors of being anticommunist, male chauvinist, antiSemitic and...

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul The Marriage of Maria Braun Querelle

12. Fritz Lang

Actor | Le mépris

Fritz Lang was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1890. His father managed a construction company. His mother, Pauline Schlesinger, was Jewish but converted to Catholicism when Lang was ten. After high school, he enrolled briefly at the Technische Hochschule Wien and then started to train as a painter. ...

Der müde Tod Metropolis The Big Heat

13. Maren Ade

Producer | Toni Erdmann

Maren Ade was born in Karlsruhe on 12 December 1976 to a couple of teachers.She studied cinema at Munich's Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film. As of 2001 she co-founded, together with Janine Jackowski, a fellow graduate from HFF, the "Komplizen" film company. It is through Komplizen that Maren would...

Toni Erdman

14. Jan Gassmann

Director | Europe, She Loves

Jan Gassmann (1983) is a director based in Zürich. His first feature documentary CHRIGU premiered at the 57. Berlinale and won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. The movie traveled the world and among others, won the «Filmcritics Switzerland Prize». In 2011 followed his first feature fiction film ...

Europe, She Loves

15. Christoph Hochhäusler

Writer | Dreileben

Christoph Hochhäusler was born on July 10, 1972 in Munich, Germany. He is a writer and director, known for Dreileben (2011), Unter dir die Stadt (2010) and I Am Guilty (2005).

The City Below

16. Ernst Lubitsch

Director | To Be or Not to Be

From Ernst Lubitsch's experiences in Sophien Gymnasium (high school) theater, he decided to leave school at the age of 16 and pursue a career on the stage. He had to compromise with his father and keep the account books for the family tailor business while he acted in cabarets and music halls at ...

The Oyster Princess, I Don't Want to Be a Man, The Doll Trouble in Paradise

17. Fatih Akin

Director | Gegen die Wand

Fatih Akin was born in 1973 in Hamburg of Turkish parentage. He began studying Visual Communications at Hamburg's College of Fine Arts in 1994. His collaboration with Wueste Film also dates from this time. In 1995, he wrote and directed his first short feature, "Sensin - You're The One!" ("Sensin -...

Head-on Soul Kitchen The Cut In the Fade

18. Leni Riefenstahl

Producer | Das blaue Licht - Eine Berglegende aus den Dolomiten

Leni Riefenstahl's show-biz experience began with an experiment: she wanted to know what it felt like to dance on the stage. Success as a dancer gave way to film acting when she attracted the attention of film director Arnold Fanck, subsequently starring in some of his mountaineering pictures. With...

Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty

19. Julian Radlmaier

Writer | Ein proletarisches Wintermärchen

Julian Radlmaier is a writer and editor, known for A Proletarian Winter's Tale (2014), Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog (2017) and Blutsauger.

A Spectre is Haunting Europe A Proletarian Winter's Tale Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog

20. Heinz Emigholz

Director | Streetscapes

Heinz Emigholz was born on January 22, 1948 in Achim, Lower Saxony, Germany. He is a director and cinematographer, known for Streetscapes (2017), The Basis of Make-Up II (2001) and Sense of Architecture (2009).

Sullivan's Banks Maillart's Bridges

21. Michael Glawogger

Writer | Workingman's Death

Michael Glawogger was born on December 3, 1959 in Graz, Austria. He was a writer and director, known for Workingman's Death (2005), Untitled (2017) and Whores' Glory (2011). He died on April 23, 2014 in Liberia.


22. Monika Willi

Editor | Das weiße Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte

Monika Willi is known for her work on The White Ribbon (2009), Untitled (2017) and Amour (2012).


23. Thomas Arslan

Director | Dealer

Thomas Arslan was born on July 16, 1962 in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany. He is a director and writer, known for Dealer (1999), Gold (2013) and Bright Nights (2017).

Bright Nights

24. Valeska Grisebach

Director | Western

Valeska Grisebach was born on January 4, 1968 in Bremen, West Germany. She is a director and writer, known for Western (2017), Longing (2006) and Be My Star (2001).


25. Angela Schanelec

Director | Ich war zuhause, aber

Angela Schanelec was born on February 14, 1962 in Aalen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. She is an actress and director, known for I Was at Home, But (2019), The Dreamed Path (2016) and Das Glück meiner Schwester (1995).

Passing Summer Marseille Afternoon Orly The Dreamed Path

26. Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Director | Komödianten

Georg Wilhelm Pabst is considered by many to be the greatest director of German cinema, in his era. He was especially appreciated by actors and actresses for the humane way in which he treated them. This was in contrast to some of his contemporaries, such as Arnold Fanck, who have been ...

The 3 Penny Opera

27. Gustav Deutsch

Director | Shirley: Visions of Reality

Born Vienna 1952, Drawings since 1962, Music since 1964, Photography since 1967, Architecture since 1970, Videos since 1977, Films since 1981, Sounds since 1981, Performances since 1983 in Austria, France, Germany, Luxemburg, England, Marocco, Greece and Turkey

Shirley: Visions of Reality

28. Lotte Reiniger

Director | Silhouetten

Lotte Reiniger was born on June 2, 1899 in Berlin, Germany as Charlotte Reiniger. She is known for her work on Silhouetten (1936), The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) and Here and There (1949). She was married to Carl Koch. She died on June 19, 1981 in Dettenhausen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Harlekin Papageno The Stolen Heart

29. Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Producer | Unser täglich Brot

Nikolaus Geyrhalter was born in 1972 in Vienna, Austria. He is a producer and director, known for Our Daily Bread (2005), Earth (2019) and The Year After Dayton (1997).

Homo Sapiens

Closing Time

31. Ruth Beckermann

Director | Die Geträumten

Ruth Beckermann was born in 1952 in Vienna, Austria. She is a director and writer, known for The Dreamed Ones (2016), Those Who Go Those Who Stay (2013) and East of War (1996).

Arena Squatted Wien Retour The Paper Bridge Nach Jerusalem A Fleeting Passage to the Orient Homemad(e) Zorros Bar Mizwa American Passages Those Who Go Those Who Stay The Dreamed Ones The Waldheim Waltz

32. Volker Schlöndorff

Director | Die Blechtrommel

Has studied economy and political sciences as well as at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Cinematographique (IDHEC) in Paris, France. Worked as an assistant director with Louis Malle, Jean-Pierre Melville and Alain Resnais. Founded his own production company Bioskop Film together with Reinhard Hauff ...


33. Oskar Fischinger

Cinematographer | Frau im Mond

Most of Fischinger's filmmaking attempts in America suffered difficulties. He composed An Optical Poem (1937) to Franz Liszt's Second Hungarian Rhapsody for MGM, but received no profits due to studio bookkeeping systems. He designed the J. S. Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor sequence for Walt ...

An Optical Poem

34. Robert Siodmak

Director | Nachts, wenn der Teufel kam

The director Robert Siodmak (which he insisted, be pronounced 'See-odd-mack') was a masterful film maker who successfully blended the techniques of German Expressionism with contemporary styles of American film, particularly film noir, in the process creating a handful of moody, sometimes chilling,...

The Killers

35. Christian Frei

Producer | War Photographer

Christian Frei was born in 1959 in Schönenwerd, Switzerland. He is a producer and director, known for War Photographer (2001), The Giant Buddhas (2005) and Space Tourists (2009).

War Photographer The Giant Buddhas Sleepless in New York Space Tourists

36. Cyril Schäublin

Director | Dene wos guet geit

Cyril Schäublin was born on November 16, 1984 in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a director and writer, known for Those Who Are Fine (2017), Lenny (2009) and Kropotkin (2018).

Those Who Are Fine

37. Richard Oswald

Director | Die Reise um die Erde in 80 Tagen

Director and producer of many German as well as a few American, British and French films, Richard Oswald started making films in 1914 and shortly formed his own production company. After making many successful films and discovering several important performers, he fled his homeland after the Nazi ...

Different from Others

38. Thomas Heise

Director | Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit

Thomas Heise was born on August 22, 1955 in East Berlin, East Germany. He is a director and writer, known for Heimat is a Space in Time (2019), Fatherland (2002) and Barluschke (1997).

Heimat is a Space in Time

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